Red Cross CNA Training MA

Red Cross CNA training MA is one of the most competent and highly recognized training programs for nursing assistants. Although there are a number of schools and healthcare facilities providing CNA classes, nothing is incomparable with American Red Cross. Students have the chance to undergo hands-on training and classroom lectures about the basic nursing skills needed in the medical field. The short training course will also prepare the students in their certification exam given by the Massachusetts State Board of Nursing. Individuals who cannot afford the training program can avail free CNA classes provided by the American Red Cross itself or through sponsorships coming from healthcare facilities.

Red Cross Home Health Aide training

Red Cross Home Health Aide training will enable the students to learn the necessary knowledge and skills needed to provide quality care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. They will be trained on the proper way of moving the patients, providing personal care, vital signs taking, and emergency procedures. Other topics taught during the training are human anatomy and physiology, medical abbreviation, medical terms, charting, infection control, and many others.

Students can benefit from the Massachusetts Red Cross because the teachers are well trained and small classes are conducted. This enable the students to receive hands-on experience as skills are taught individually and concerns are raised immediately. The CNA training course provided by the Massachusetts Red Cross takes 100 hours or four weeks to complete with a cost of $1,250.  Once the course is complete, students will receive a Home Health Aide Certification allowing them to take the state test of becoming a CNA.

Certified Nursing Assistant training MA

Certified Nursing Assistant training MA is a good start to pass the certification exam and become a nursing assistant in different healthcare facilities. This is just a short investment to make because one can be a CNA in less than a year with a tuition fee not greater than a 4-year college course. In fact, there are schools offering scholarships and grants for those who cannot afford the CNA program. Just make sure that the school or healthcare facility is approved by the Massachusetts State Department of Health. Prior to enrolment, students have to pass a complete physical check-up test. Working as a CNA is physically demanding as it requires lifting, bending and physical contact to patients. Complete immunizations on tuberculosis, hepatitis B, chicken pox, measles and rubella should also be submitted.

Red Cross CNA test MA

Red Cross CNA test MA follows after the training program. All aspiring CNA’s have to pass the Nurse Aide Competency Exam or NACE in the state of Massachusetts. This exam is given by the State Board of Nursing and it will be in two parts; written and clinical skills test. Four chances for the written test and three chances for the clinical test are given to every student taking the NACE. As soon as the certification exam is passed, CNA’s will be listed on the Massachusetts State Nurse Aide Registry and will obtain a state CNA certificate as well as wallet card. Red Cross CNA training MA should be taken seriously in order to pass the exam.