CNA Certification in Utah

Utah is one of the states in America that needs a lot of healthcare workers. This is primarily because of the increasing ageing population and decreasing number of people to embark a career in the medical field. A lot of people connote this as a dirty job but they actually do not know that being in the medical field provides a stable career. One of the efficient ways to be in this field without spending much on time and money is becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA certification Utah County offers several opportunities. In fact, many successful healthcare workers start from being a CNA.

CNA Certification Utah County

Training programs for nursing assistants in Utah is usually at least 75 hours. In order to become eligible in taking the certification exam, you have to attend the program in a state approved facility only. The Nurse Aide Registry of Utah regulates all the CNA training programs and these courses will cover classroom and practical trainings in healthcare facilities.

Courses for CNA Certification Utah County are designed to make you knowledgeable on the basic nursing fundamentals. It will also enhance your communication skills and your attitude to handle stress and pressure. Overall, the training course will make you equipped on the common duties of nursing assistants in hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes.

CNA Certification Utah Test

Once you are done with the training program, a CNA certification Utah test will follow. Prior to the test, you have to receive a voucher from the mail sent by the Utah Nurse Aide Registry. The test will consist of two parts; the written and skills test.

The written test will be administered in Davis Applied Technology College Assessment Center and you have to present a voucher and your picture ID like school ID, State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport. The skills test on the other hand, will be administered by appointment. Make sure to wear scrubs, a watch having a second hand, voucher, and a picture ID. Be able to arrive in the testing room 10 minutes before the appointment. Late comers or those who cancelled the appointment will have to pay $15.00 for the rescheduling fee.

CNA Certification Utah Online

Taking the CNA Certification Utah can be done even when you are working. There are courses for CNA Certification Utah online offered to working students and these are specially designed to meet their needs despite their busy schedules.

  • South University – Online programs of South University have similar curriculum, quality of instruction, learning options, and services to those being offered at several campus locations.
  • Allied Health Institute – As a post-secondary vocational school, Allied Health Institute offers Diploma as well as Associate Degree programs for healthcare courses. Students taking the online program can enjoy a very flexible time on their education. The virtual classrooms allow them to attend classes and at the same time, communicate their classmates and instructors.
  • Everest College  – Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Utah can be done through the online programs offered by Everest College. The institution prepares the students in this highly competitive environment.

As soon as you are done with the training program, you can now take the certification exam. If you successfully pass, your name will be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. Similar to other states, you have to keep your CNA certification Utah active. Renewal of the license is necessary every 24 months so make sure that you are employed as a nursing assistant within that time frame. The federal government requires a minimum of 8 hours paid experience and a continuing education credits for the renewal process.