CNA Classes by Red Cross

A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a trained professional health care worker who can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities caring for patient’s needs.

Because CNAs are intimately and frequently around patients, they are often the first to notice changes in a patient’s condition that require emergency assistance or a change in therapy to provide the best possible care for the patient.

A CNA has a highly responsible position and is required to take and complete a course in CNA training and certification. The American Red Cross has a CNA training and certification program that is one of the best known and most highly regarded certification programs in the country.

The advantages of the American Red Cross CNA program are ready availability, course schedules that can fit most students time frames even if they are working another job, acceptance by all states, thoroughness, and completeness of instruction, and recognition of the American Red Cross CNA training and certification program nationally and internationally.

The American Red Cross offers CNA training programs in largest cities. You can find the local Red Cross on line or by phone and sign up for the training courses. Many of the Red Cross training courses have classes scheduled at night and during the day so you can fit your schedule around the course requirements.

The Red Cross CNA program consists of two or more weeks of classroom training depending on state requirements for the CNA exam and a month or longer of practical hands on experience that allows the student to become adapted to the work, situations, stress, and responsibilities involved in being a CNA.

Due to their years of experience in emergency medical treatment, the American Red Cross is recognized worldwide as a knowledgeable and professional health care organization. Training as a CNA by the Red Cross adds a certain amount of gravitas to a student’s resume. The Red Cross training is highly professional, and trained working professionals do all instruction.

While requirements for the written, oral, and personal skills assessment may vary from state to state, a Red Cross CNA training certificate is an advantage in many ways. Most states recognize the Red Cross CNA training as one of if not the best that a person can have.

CNA training through the Red Cross training program has another definite advantage, and that is cost. The training by the Red Cross is meager cost compared to colleges, online training, and other training programs. Some Red Cross branches in larger cities are well funded enough to offer CNA training at no cost.

The American Red Cross CNA program is recognized one of the least expensive most complete training programs available for people who want to become a CNA.

Course Components

The CNA training of Red Cross was designed to prepare its students to deliver the quality of care to patients in need of healthcare services. The classroom instruction will help aspiring nursing assistants to understand and learn the appropriate ways of providing patient care. Such component of the CNA training program includes lectures as well as hands-on in-class practice. Also, the program features small class sizes, licensed instructors with years of professional experiences, and classes that have accessible public transportation.

Once the in-class lectures are completed successfully, students proceed to clinical work which allows them to care directly for patients in a particular healthcare facility under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The Licensed Nurse is recognized and registered by the State as a Nurse Assistant training instructor, and usually, has a significant experience in the clinical field. Students can expect to finish all the classroom instruction and clinical training for four to eight weeks, and they will be prepared to take the state certification exams.


The Certified Nurse Assistant training program of the American Red Cross can help the students develop the essential skills which are applicable in a wide range of healthcare settings. Through this way, these individuals can build a sound basis of relevant information and excellent habits before advancing one’s career and taking an additional training. The curriculum of the CNA training includes instruction on;

  • Taking vital signs
  • Infection control
  • CPR, AED usage, and First Aid
  • Range of motion exercises
  • The Art of Caregiving
  • Special care instructions
  • Teamwork, communication, and diversity skills
  • Safety promotion
  • Becoming an adaptable and valuable employee
  • Transitioning from student to employee

Online CNA Training by American Red Cross

The demand for certified nursing assistants has tremendously increased that even American Red Cross is affiliated in providing a training program. Becoming a CNA provides numerous job opportunities considering that hospitals, nursing homes, and long term care facilities are urgently needing them. In fact, this profession is among the stable and rewarding career in this period of recession. More and more people are searching for American Red Cross training online in the hopes of availing the most competitive program in the country. That is why you have to be prepared for you to take the training program at Red Cross with ease.

Although there have been several institutions offering online CNA class, the American Red Cross does not provide this type of program. That is because the curriculum was made in a way that students can ask questions quickly and practice different hands-on skills inside the classroom before starting the clinical rotations.

For more than a century, the American Red Cross has helped and trained thousands of individuals for work in the field of nursing. Even if the course does not have an online option, the CNA training program emphasizes theoretical instruction and hands-on skills training which fully prepare the students for the state licensing exams. The time-tested use of didactic lectures, hands-on or on-site and audio video training allows the institution to be one of the best providers of CNA programs in the country.

The Certified Nurse Assistant training program of the American Red Cross has been designed through the efforts and input of educators, caregivers, as well as long-term industry representatives coming from the different parts of the United States. They have utilized and developed a curriculum that exceeds the state standards and equips every student for their healthcare career. The curriculum even helps the students to receive relevant information needed to pass the exams and provide compassionate and quality care for individuals in the healthcare system.

Nevertheless, enrollment requirements of the CNA class may vary by state. To ensure of meeting the program requirements, applicants are encouraged to contact the nearest Red Cross office or browse through their website for more information.

American Red Cross CNA Training Program

The Red Cross CNA training program is usually a 4-week long course approved by the Department of Education. Although this varies per state, most CNA training programs conducted by American Red Cross has a ratio of one instructor for ten students. All nursing supplies needed for the training will be provided except the uniforms. Students should also bring a wrist watch having a second hand during the training because this is highly required in taking vital signs. The pay for the Red Cross CNA training online is $1,000 or more, depending on the state in which a person is taking it. Skills learned during the training are patient grooming, feeding, toileting, bathing, vital signs taking, lifting, transferring and assisting patients with disabilities, patient assessment, charting, CPR, basic life support, infection control and many others. Classroom lectures and hands-on training are provided to enhance the students’ knowledge and practice their skills.

Red Cross CNA Program

The Red Cross CNA program is an excellent opportunity to become equipped in the medical field. Since the certification exam follows after the training program, students should be acquainted with the skills of a nursing assistant. The certification exam has two parts, written and skills demonstration test. This is administered through Prometric under the regulation of the State Department of Health. Even if a Red Cross CNA training online is availed, it is important to renew the license every two years in order to remain active as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA Preparation

Undergoing a CNA training program with the American Red Cross allows students to know what it takes to give quality care to clients, residents, and patients in long-term care facilities, hospice settings, home health care, and hospitals. Although it takes months to learn various concepts in the classroom and hone the skills for clinical rotations, one cannot be hired as a Certified Nursing Assistant if the written and skills test in the licensing exam is not passed successfully.

The certification exam can be stressful especially when the testing date approaches. Test takers have to be equipped to have higher chances of passing and becoming certified. Here are some tips that the American Red Cross have prepared to ease the anxiety and make you confident in taking the exam.

  • Gather the required documentation including state application, approval letter, valid photo ID, and a copy of social security card. These requirements may vary per location.
  • Wear an appropriate uniform such as scrubs, non-skid shoes, and a watch with a second hand.
  • Bring snacks, lunch, water, pencils, pens with blue or black ink and any prescribed medications that you need during the day.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment at the testing site. Make sure that you do not have any appointments on that day because it is not possible for the facility to cater any special needs.

Test results are often available on the day of the exams. However, this may vary from the testing facility. Be sure to inquire at your facility before the examination day, so you will not be surprised if results are available after some time.

Continuing Education

At the end of the CNA preparation course, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start a career in healthcare. However, these individuals are encouraged to embark additional training to help them provide quality care outside of their job duties. The American Red Cross offers various courses and continuing education units (CEUs) in Preparedness and Health and Safety Services which can help the CNAs grow and learn as a healthcare provider. These courses include swimming and water safety, CPR, basic First Aid, AED, lifeguarding, and many others.

Certification Made Simple

The American Red Cross makes it sure that you can have access to Digital certificates anytime. When an individual becomes certified in the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and other essential skills, he or she can print, share or download the certificates quickly. Each certificate has a QR code and unique ID which meets employment requirements and enable them to confirm the validity of the document.