CNA Classes in Atlanta

Pursuing a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Atlanta requires equipping yourself with the right skills and knowledge plus passing the necessary examinations. Indeed, the road towards acquiring the title and profession involves investing in CNA classes in Atlanta, either through hands-on training programs often offered in nursing homes or through classes in community colleges or technical schools.

Certification Requirements in Georgia

In general, state-approved CNA classes have to meet a minimum training hour duration of 85 hours, plus 16 hours of clinical training under the supervision of the necessary medical authorities. After completing the required formal training, you have to pass the competency exam, which shall provide you the eligibility to start your CNA career. From herein, all you have to do is to maintain an annual continuing education of 12 hours training program in order to maintain your certification.

School Requirements for Admission

Each school may also have its own set of specific requirements that you have to comply with in order to get accepted. Most schools, however, would generally require you to submit the following documents: your high school diploma, fingerprint cards, passport size photos and a Photo ID. Most schools, too, would require you to pass an English proficiency test that they shall administer.

Atlanta authorities also require its potential CNAs to pass proofs for immunization for Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis.  Aside from these specific requirements, you would also be expected to pass the mandatory criminal background check in order to get certified.

Other Options to Find CNA Training

The first option basically involves training under the direct supervision of a nursing facility, like a nursing home or a hospital. Often, this is in the form of an ‘on-the-job training’ under a Registered Nurse. Some facilities would let you get the training program for free, often under agreements that you will work for them after getting certified by the state authorities.

Your second option in getting CNA training in Atlanta, on the other hand, is more like a classroom setting where you will be trained on the basics of being a nursing assistant through scheduled lectures, discussions and workshops. This option would be easier to handle if you want to flex your class schedules to match up with your own time. There are currently more than 40 schools in Georgia offering training programs for nursing assistants.

Aside from the nursing facilities and community colleges, though, some medical institutes (like the Red Cross) and local high schools will let you get free training programs and CNA certification, albeit there are certain requirements that you have to meet.

After completing your CNA training in Atlanta, Georgia you can expect to earn an average annual income of $29,000. This is definitely higher than mean incomes earned by Certified Nursing Assistants in other states. Other standard benefits offered include bonuses, pensions, health/life insurance and earned days off. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing major cities in the US, and with a growing population comes a growing need for people requiring healthcare. As a result, job prospects in this field are quite promising. This makes enrolling in one of the many offered CNA classes in Atlanta an excellent investment in your future.

CNA Training in Atlanta

CNAs in Atlanta need to go through intense training before they can take the exam and be included in the Nurse Aide Registry. Moreover, the program they have to choose should be registered and recognized by the state.

A number of schools give more than 100 hours of training, but based on the guidelines of the Nursing Board only 85 hours have to be completed. These already include the clinical rotation, which is a preparation for the practical exam and the actual profession.

The city also acknowledges CNA license transfer. This means CNAs who have already taken and passed the exam in another state need not enroll in an Atlanta CNA school and retake the test. The reciprocity eligibility still has to be checked by the nursing board, however. It is essential that the out-of-state CNA should be in good standing and doesn’t have any criminal record.

As to the schools, they provide various class schedules, including weekdays, mornings, and evenings. They normally last for only 1 to 5 hours per session. Some have accelerated classes, which may last the entire day but are only conducted every weekend, usually on a Saturday.

There are so many CNA schools in Atlanta from which to choose, so it may help to narrow the choices by finding courses that adhere to what you find important.

Covenant CNA School

Covenant CNA School is a reputable institution in the Atlanta area, which has provided the school lasting relationships with area healthcare facilities where students are able to complete clinical training and rotations. The school’s state-approved Nursing Assistant Program has affordable tuition at $600, and the program’s graduates have a 99.5 percent passing rate on the state exam. The school’s first aid and CPR training programs are also approved by the American Heart Association. You can’t get much better than choosing a program with a stellar reputation, affordable tuition and high success rate on the state exam.

Atlanta Career Institute

At Atlanta Career Institute students can graduate from the CNA training program in just 17 days, making this program a very convenient way for students to prepare for an exciting career. With payment plans available for tuition and fees, and grants for military spouses, the Institute allows students to receive an education that is convenient yet powerful.

Faks Allied Health Education Center

Located just southwest of Atlanta, Faks Allied Health Education Center offers premium educational services in healthcare professions. At the school’s inception, CNA training was its only program, however, the center has expanded to include other programs such as pharmacy, phlebotomy and patient care technician. Since the school’s opening in 1997, it has placed more than 200 students with healthcare employers. Classes in Atlanta through Faks last between 4 ½ weeks and 6 ½ weeks.

Other CNA Classes in Atlanta:

Georgia State University
33 Gilmer Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Atlanta Technical College
1560 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest
Atlanta, Georgia 3031

Murray Career Institute
233 Mitchell Street Southwest
5th Floor Suite 550
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mercer University-Piedmont Healthcare
3001 Mercer University Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(678) 547-6111

Free CNA Classes in Atlanta

Atlanta CNA students can now enroll in a good training program without spending too much money. The Covenant CNA School is just one of the institutions that work closely with the federal and state governments in the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Students as young as 18 years old and high school graduates can already apply for financial aid, though the amount depends on a number of factors such as the actual cost of the tuition and family income.

If they don’t get accepted into the WIA program, they can apply for inclusion in the career training program under the Atlanta Job Corps. Besides the comprehensive training, successful candidates also receive other benefits such as allowance and accommodation.

Various institutions are very supportive to the troops, providing financial aid options to them and to their immediate families. These include tuition assistance that is ideal for those who are still in active service. The school requires for the advancement settlement of tuition from the office of the student. Veterans and other military personnel can also search for Atlanta schools that are under the Yellow Program, so their entire tuition fee is covered. Those who have suffered disability can also go to school under the vocational rehabilitation program.

It’s common among health care facilities to partner with schools for CNA programs, like Mercer University and Piedmont Healthcare. Employees of the latter can participate in the tuition benefit plan and study in Mercer.

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