CNA classes in Charleston

Charleston is popularly known to be scenic and historic to travelers, retirees and students. It can be found in South Carolina and it is the ideal working place for medical professionals and the like.  Statistically, it is a small city which you can find 116 thousand inhabitants and it continues to grow up to this moment. In addition to that, it is known to have a pleasant environment and a thriving job market for medical professionals like CNAs. Due to the increase in demand of CNAs, there have been many institutions that offer CNA classes in Charleston.

CNA classes in Charleston

Those who plan to have CNA classes in Charleston should have educational training and licensing prior to landing on the job. You need to successfully finish the CNA training course program which should be approved and accredited by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Before you enroll, you need to meet the regulations of the South Carolina Board of Nursing.The regulations and requirements include that the person should be 18 years old and above with GED or high school diploma to prove it. He or she should also submit a health exam which includes TB testing and drug screening as well as have a criminal background check.

In addition to that, there should be 80 hours minimum for classroom lecture and 70 hours minimum for clinical training. When you complete it, you can then take the examination for nurse aide.When you pass; your name will appear in the nurse aid registry in South Carolina.

Free CNA classes in Charleston

You can acquire assistance for you to have Free CNA classes in Charleston. You can get it via scholarship or loan grant. There are institutions which offer you such. You can ask around or do your own research. You can also browse through South Carolina Department of Health.

Aside from that, you can have the opportunity to get hired by key employers in South Carolina. These employers will aid you in having Free CNA classes in Charleston with a contract that state that you need to work for them after you pass and gotten your certification and license. Some of the famous medical facilities which you can find in Charleston include Bon Secours-St. Francis Hospital, Medical University of South Carolina,and Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital.

CNA courses in Charleston

When you plan on enrolling in an institution that offers CNA courses in Charleston, you need to be assured that it is accredited and produce the best kinds of CNA professionals. You can look it up to the South Carolina Board of Nursing. The following are some of the institutions which are known to have the best CNA courses in Charleston:

  • P.A.T.C.H

It is an abbreviation which means people advocating to change humanity. It is known to provide the best training education course for CNA living in Charleston.

  • Trident Technical College Continuing Education

It is an institution famous for CNA training programs. Its curriculum is based on the regulations that the South Carolina Board of Nursing have stated.

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