CNA classes in Cleveland

A wealth of career opportunities is what you can expect in Cleveland especially those in the medical industry like CNA professionals and the like. CNA professionals here in Cleveland make out a decent salary and can have the potential to grow and move up the ladder. It is the starting point for one’s medical profession. Here, the CNA classes in Cleveland have become booming as this business is currently in demand. When you opt to enroll in your CNA classes in Cleveland, you can never go wrong with it.


Those who will take CNA classes in Cleveland should know the rules and regulation imposed by the Ohio Board of Nursing. The state requires you to complete the state approved CNA training programs and pass the board examination for nurse aide by which your name will appear in the registry section of the nurse aide in Ohio Department of Health.

The CNA training program should be at least 75 hours of training which is a combination of classroom lecture and training experience. Then the nurse aide exam follows which is divided into two parts which include skills assessment and multiple choice questions. There are 79 various choice questions, and you need to have 80% and above grade for you to qualify and be given the license for CNA. Another requirement for CNA professions is to have a full background check and clean TB testing.


For you to be able to have Free CNA classes in Cleveland, you can get a scholarship or loan grant or perhaps have an employer shoulder your academic expenses. Either of the two is a known opportunity and privilege. For those who are interested in applying for scholarship or loan grants, you must ask around for institutions which are willing to sponsor your expenses. You can also check it out at the Ohio Department of Health.

For those who are willing to be employed and have their employers shoulder their academic finances, there are a lot of key employers who are eager to do that. The following are some of the medical facilities owned by critical employers which include Hillcrest HospitalSt. Vincent Charity Medical Center and University Hospitals.


When you plan to have CNA courses in Cleveland, you need to have the right training and education that is approved by the Ohio Department of Health which may include the following:

Phoenix Healthcare Institute

Phoenix Healthcare Institute is one of the best rated CNA training programs which you can find in Cleveland. It has flexible class schedules to be to your needs. You can find their classroom lectures held in Parma Heights and Euclid Hospitals. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Phoenix Healthcare Institute can be completed in two to four weeks. Students expect 75 hours of training, with 55 hours dedicated to classroom instruction and 16 hours of clinical practice in a long-term care facility.

The CNA training program of Phoenix Healthcare Institute includes a CPR training, blood-borne pathogens certificate, first aid certification, extensive reviews, and a state exam on-site. Among the topics discussed in the course are infection control, personal care skills, resident’s rights, essential restorative services, fundamental nursing skills, communication and interpersonal skills, emergency and safety procedures, mental health, and social service needs. Upon completing the classroom instruction, participants will then undergo a hands-on clinical practice with supervision from a licensed instructor.

The CNA training program is approved by the state Department of Health and Board of Nursing, allowing the graduates to sit for the certification exam. Individuals who are interested in this healthcare course should apply to reserve a seat in the class. Due to the limited number of students accepted per program, enrollees should make sure to meet the requirements. The school often encourages all prospective students to submit their high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and health screening are also necessary to apply. If Phoenix Healthcare Institute finds out that an applicant has a criminal record or is positive for drugs or communicable disease, the school will immediately deny his or her application.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross in Cleveland is one of the most reputable sources of a CNA training program. Individuals who wish to undergo a program that is provided by expert clinical instructors can visit the American Red Cross and inquire about their upcoming training. The CNA healthcare course is a short and rigorous training that includes 96 hours of classroom instruction, skills development, and hands-on clinical rotations in a local nursing facility. Students will know more about the profession and will have a better understanding on various nursing topics like infection control, anatomy and physiology, the art of caregiving, useful medical terminologies, importance of nutrition, and many others. They will also be trained to take vital signs, perform CPR, first aid, use AED, assist in activities of daily living, execute a range of motion exercises, and even deliver emergency procedures.

The good thing about the American Red Cross is their advanced facilities and tools for skills training. Students can make use of several mannequins and medical equipment to perform different nursing procedures. They are also guided by their clinical instructors who will help them succeed in the training and upcoming certification test. Once the students completed the course, the facility will provide review courses and simulation lab training to equip them for the test. The state certification exam for nursing assistants is composed of two different portions which are the written and skills demonstration tests. Most graduates of the American Red Cross passed the test and became a CNA in the state. Thus, undergoing a CNA training with them is an excellent opportunity.

Moreover, scholarships and grants may be available in the American Red Cross. However, these opportunities are also limited. Interested individuals can check it at their admissions office or financial aid office.

Larock Healthcare Academy

Larock Healthcare Academy in Cleveland offers a Nurse Aide training program that is approved by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Ohio Department of Health. The program can be completed in two to four weeks, depending on the commitment made by the student. The full-time and part-time study is available. Thus, working students can still undergo the program at their own pace and schedule.

The Nurse Aide classes of Larock Healthcare Academy are small and individualized. Students are assured of getting the best education through an optimal learning environment and highly skilled instructors who have several years of experience in the clinical field. Among the topics discussed in training are anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, the art of caregiving, necessary nursing procedures, common medical terminologies, and many others. Once the classroom instruction is finished, students are then exposed in a clinical setting wherein they receive hands-on training with direct supervision from an education. In this portion of the program, they will be able to experience caring with patients and providing quality nursing services to them.

The cost of the CNA training in Larock Healthcare Academy is $470. This does not include books, uniforms, medical supplies, and testing fees. Scholarships and grants can be obtained but will depend on the availability. Students can check it at the Financial Aid office where these opportunities are provided. Moreover, graduates of Larock Healthcare Academy can have access to the school’s job placement assistance and career services. This will help them get a job right away after becoming certified as nursing assistants.

Cuyahoga Community College

Cuyahoga Community College is offering a state-approved Nurse Aide training program which can launch your career in the healthcare field. The program has 108 hours of instruction that includes first aid, CPR for healthcare providers and 16 hours of clinical rotations. Overall, students can complete the course in six and a half weeks with eligibility to take the state competency exam. Among the program, highlights are infection control, communication skills, patient safety, patient’s rights, personal skills, necessary nursing care skills, and professionalism in the healthcare program.

Cuyahoga Community College has an excellent reputation for training potential nursing assistants in the state. They have consistently garnered a high percentage of passers in the state certification exam. Thus, studying in this institution is a great decision to take. Interested individuals who want to undergo the Nurse Aide training program should prepare an amount of $1500 for the tuition. This cost usually includes textbooks and state testing fee. Nevertheless, Cuyahoga Community College offers financial aid programs like grants, third-party funders, and scholarships to economically disadvantaged students. These opportunities are available in the school’s Financial Aid office.

Getting into the CNA training program of the community college is often challenging due to its small class size. However, if you wish to study in this institution, you have to prepare your high school diploma or GED equivalent. It is also essential to show a proof of background check, two-step TB test, titers for varicella and MMR immunity, and hepatitis B series.

Upon passing the state certification exam for nursing assistants, graduates can seek the school’s job assistance to be able to work in nursing homes, acute care and long-term facilities, hospice agencies, independent living, assisted living, home health agencies, and many others. They will help their graduates seek a job right away so they can start their career in the healthcare field.

Rae-Ann Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Rae-Ann Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has a State Tested Nursing Assistant training program that prepares students to take the Ohio certification test and becomes qualified in working at long-term care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home healthcare, hospitals, and other medical care settings. Participants in the program undergo a comprehensive curriculum which is approved by the state Department of Health. These individuals spend time in the classroom and will have an opportunity to provide bedside care to their assigned patients under the supervision of Rae-Ann’s nursing staff.

The State Tested Nursing Assistant training program has a small class size and individualized attention. Individuals who want to get into the program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and should pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They also have to provide a proof complete immunization and must demonstrate a physical capability to lift, transport, or move a patient with a specific weight.

Most graduates in the CNA training program of Rae-Ann Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center finish the course with competence and confidence to take the state certification exam. The facility’s instructors are all licensed nurses who have years of experience in caring several residents with diverse healthcare needs. Rae-Ann’s also has the best simulation lab wherein students can practice the essential nursing skills.

Moreover, passing the certification exam will provide a lot of employment opportunities in the healthcare field. Rae-Ann Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center often hire those graduates who pass the exam and who excel in academics. Aside from providing a competitive salary, the center also gives several employment benefits which nursing assistants can enjoy.

Med-Cert Training Center

Med-Cert Training Center is also a provider of a Nursing Assistant training program in Cleveland. If you have the desire to care for other people and become a qualified healthcare provider, this short healthcare course will give you an opportunity to sit for the certification exam. The program starts with a classroom instruction on various nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, the art of caregiving, infection control, nutrition, CPR, first aid, AED usage, and many others. After these lectures, students proceed in a skills training. The training is held in one of Med-Cert’s simulation labs wherein participants can practice the essential nursing skills. Among the skills trained are vital signs taking, bed making, feeding, bathing, grooming, the range of motion exercises, proper body mechanics, toileting, and much more.

The hands-on clinical rotation will then follow after the completion of classroom instruction. This component of the program is made possible by the efforts of a licensed instructor who will supervise and train the students to become a competent nursing assistant. The CNA training program of Med-Cert Training Center can be completed in two weeks. Prospective students have to prepare their high school diploma or GED equivalent, school transcripts, and results in a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

The cost of the program is $475 which can be paid in two installments. Students need to pay $250 during the registration and $225 on the second week of the training.

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