CNA Classes in Colorado Springs CO

The first step to becoming a certified nursing assistant in Colorado is to enroll for CNA classes in Colorado Springs. Individuals who successfully complete accredited CNA programs can go on to apply for the certification exam administered by the state nursing board. With the training and experience gained during CNA training, students can go on to work in several entry-level caregiving jobs such as health assistants, orderlies, and nurse aides.

If you are planning to enroll for CNA classes in Colorado, you should take time to choose the best schools for this. This article singles out some of the best schools that you can depend on. Take a look below:

Skills Needed to Become a CNA:

Colorado CNAs are often employed at healthcare facilities such as hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. CNAs are expected to be able to:

• Monitor a patient’s vitals
• Administer first aid
• Care of the patient
• Work closely with nurses and doctors
• Move the patient around

Front Range Community College (FRCC)

The Front Range Community College (FRCC) offers an intensive Nurse Aide training program that prepares candidates for the state certification examination and life as a nursing assistant. The college is located in Westminster and boasts a 91% pass rate for graduates. In addition to its Nurse Aide Certificate, the college also collaborates with high schools, offering programs that students can use in pursuing associate degrees before they graduate.

Admission Requirements: Applicants are encouraged to be in possession of a least a high school diploma as well as being properly immunized. Students are also expected to be fluent in both written and oral English. Applicants will be required to pass a criminal background test. Individuals who are discovered to have a criminal history connected to theft, physical abuse or the illegal use of weapons may be considered ineligible for certification.

The Front Range Nurse Aide program is made up of over 87 hours of intensive coursework. This is broken down as:

• 21 hours on clinical instructions
• 25 hours’ lab training
• 32 hours’ classroom work
• 6 hours’ test

The FRCC Nurse Aid program is made up of two courses. The first course is designed to cover core nursing subjects such as patient care, emergency care, safety issues and basic nursing. The second course involves clinical training under supervision at a healthcare facility. Training involves the use of printed handouts, role-playing, discussions, lectures and the models.

Stillwater College

Around Colorado, one of the best schools that you can find is the Stillwater College. They normally offer training to their students in just eight weeks. The best thing is that you will be gaining a competitive advantage from the lessons that they specialize in. the lessons are normally offered at convenient places where a student can easily get to. You also get a chance to schedule for lessons that have been set accordingly. If you are free during the day, you can enroll for morning classes that run up to 2 pm. Those that prefer evening lessons can also make use of classes that run until 9 pm. Please take time to visit their site for more details at

Emily Griffith Technical College

CNA classes in Colorado Springs can also be obtained from Emily Griffith Technical College. The good thing about this institution is that it offers degrees that are recognized by OBRA regulatory body. This means that you will be highly accepted once you hit the market with the skills that you would have gained within a period of 8 weeks. The pay after graduating from this institution would range from 10-11 dollars in just an hour. Therefore, if you are in dire need for CNA nursing qualifications, you should try out Emily Griffith Technical College. They have a lot in store for you. You can visit their site for more information on this at

Lamar Community College

Another college where you can get a rewarding degree certification is the Lamar Community College. They also offer certifications that are recognized all over and thus you would be taking your degree from office to office without worrying about its eligibility. You also have an opportunity to work for the government once you complete your CNA classes in Colorado Springs. This is mainly because you will be able to do the nurse examinations that qualify you for this. This institution offers a good learning environment for you to enjoy the nursing lessons and other degree programs that are offered. For more details on payments and entry dates, you can visit their website at

Nurse Nancy CNA training Colorado Springs

Meanwhile, the Nurse Nancy CNA training Colorado Springs is the most sought program in the state. Nurse Nancy LLC  is also approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing and remains to provide the best training program that will prepare the aspiring CNA’s for their certification exam and their great career in the future. Licensed nurses will train and supervise the students on their classroom instruction and clinical training. Several aspects of instruction will be provided including lectures, return demonstration, role-playing, discussions, anatomical models, intermittent testing, and many others. If you wished to avail this CNA training Colorado Springs program, you can click the link Nurse Nancy LLC.

CNA Certification

CNA certification follows right after the completion of the training program.  The Pearson Vue will administer the exam and they will provide information regarding the testing centers, time and requirements needed. Just make sure to review all the lessons learned from the training in order for you to pass the certification exam. The Colorado State Board of Nursing will regulate all the CNA licenses and your name will be listed on their site once you pass the exam. A background check and fingerprinting are done prior to certification.

A lot of healthcare institutions will hire you as you get certified. However, it is important to take note that the license is valid for two years and renewal should be done prior to its expiration. The CNA training Colorado Springs will be a big help to you. Hence, take it seriously and aim big for this career.

Red Cross CNA Training in Colorado Springs

The Red Cross CNA training Colorado Springs will give you both classroom and clinical experience. It will teach you the basic nursing topics such as human anatomy, physiology, biology, medical terminologies, safety precautions, and skills that a Certified Nursing Assistant should possess. The entire training program will take 3 to 6 weeks or 120 to 250 hours of classroom and clinical exposure and the fee is $500 to $1,500.

If you choose the American Red Cross of Colorado training program, you will be properly trained to become a competent and excellent CNA. The institution requires the students to be 18 years old and above, with no communicable disease and expected pregnancy. The American Red Cross of Colorado is nationally recognized and approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing.

Job Expectations

The job expectancy for CNAs in Colorado is high with attractive income prospects. Experienced CNAs can earn as much $36,000. The average annual income for employed CNAs in the state is $27,370. Hourly wages range from $9.84 to $17.30. There are currently approximately 18,200 nursing assistants in the state (the 30th highest number in the country). The demand for CNAs is expected to rise by as much as 20% in the next decade, with more jobs being offered at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living homes around the state.



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