CNA classes in Colorado

For some time now, Colorado has been considered one of the best places in America to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The cost of living is low compared to other states and the quality of life is higher compared to the national average. Moreover, with some experience under your belt, you can expect a bump in your annual salary from $26,000 to over $32,000. But before you get that experience, you have to start by enrolling in one of the many CNA classes in Colorado.

At times we tend to wonder where the healthcare experts that we have in our communities come from. Well, judging by the look of things we can say that they are from the best schools in town. CNA classes in Colorado can be gained from a number of institutions but this does not mean that you should settle for any institution that comes your way. It is worthwhile to take time before you can decide on the best school for your ideal CNA program. Below are some of the schools that are singled out for you.

Individuals planning to become a Certified Nursing Aide or CNA in the state of Colorado should consider taking CNA classes in Colorado. Officially recognized CNA training programs here lasts 75 hours or more, although most of these can extend up to 80 hours. CNA programs in Colorado are usually divided into two parts. The first consists of classroom-based lectures which focus on critical subjects such as basic nursing skills, emergency care, and personal care, to name a few. Meanwhile, the second part consists of clinical training in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Clinical training is performed in a supervised environment guided by a registered nurse instructor.

School Requirements

Admission to any of CNA programs in Colorado does not require a diploma in high school or your GED. The state of Colorado has likewise not set any minimum age requirement for entry into any CNA training session. For nursing students who want to work as a CNA, completion of at least 5 semester credit hours in nursing fundamentals is required. For foreign-trained nurses, meanwhile, an official transcript indicating completion of at least 5 semester credit hours in nursing fundamentals must be sent to the nursing board for review. Some employers, meanwhile, particularly nursing homes, may require the prospective employee trainee to undergo physical examination and a few blood tests before they can take part in any training program for nursing assistants.

CNA Training in Colorado

Before you can work as a CNA in Colorado, you have to meet no less than 107 hours of required training. 16 of these hours are devoted to practical application or hands-on training in accredited healthcare facilities. Typical CNA coverage includes emergency aid, safety, infection control, effective interaction with patients and feeding. Pearson Vue handles the competency test.

The duration of CNA training in Colorado varies, usually depending on coverage. For example, Arapahoe Community College’s program takes a semester to complete. Pikes Peak Community College, on the other hand, offers a nursing assistant certificate after just 10 weeks.

Some of the training programs offer credit hours. These courses are recommended to those who are looking for entry-level employment but lack the practical hours to meet eligibility requirements.

Adams City High School

Adams City High School caters for students’ right from the basic high school education to later college and degree programs. This means that you can enroll for the classes early enough as you graduate with time. They have a science and technology academy that you can also join. They take time to impart knowledge to their students that they can make use of in their daily lives considering the fact that the world is now IT based. Thus, apart from CNA classes in Colorado, you will be getting other lessons as well. Some of the requirements that they specify are:

  • 16 years of age or above
  • A CPR certification
  • You should pass a drug test

Ann Rose School of Nursing Arts, Inc

Another ideal institution that you should mull over to joining is theAnn Rose School of Nursing Arts, Inc. In this institution, you will meet highly qualified staff who will be taking you through nursing lessons. By the end of your program, you should be able to take temperatures, monitor blood pressure and many more skills that you would gain within the period of training. One thing that is certain is that you will get a good job once you hit the market with a degree from this institution. Thus, nothing should stop you in getting CNA classes in Colorado from this school. For more details on examinations dates and application forms, you can get all these by visiting their website.

Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College also stands out as a school that offers CNA classes in the best way possible. With the affordable education that they offer, you can rest assured that you will be completing CNA training classes without hustling too much for the fee price. There are a variety of programs that you can also apply for i.e. accounting programs, math, mortuary science and criminal justice lessons. This means that you will not only get CNA training classes from this institution. As long as you apply for a certain course, all you need to do is to confirm the timings of the classes.

Stillwater College

Stillwater College offers some of the most popular CNA classes in Colorado because of their convenience and central location. Students can choose from day, evening, or weekend studies to complete their CNA certification in only 5-8 weeks.

Emily Griffith Technical College

The CNA classes offered by EGTC integrate a perfect mix of classroom work and hands-on clinical assertions. The EGTC nursing program is approved by the state board and features one of the most advanced job placement programs of all CNA classes in Colorado. Upon completion of the 4-8 week program, students will be eligible for employment as a nurses aide, companion aide or work as a home health provider

Lamar Community College

This is one of the longer CNA classes in Colorado but at the end of the 9 weeks students will be fully trained and ready to enter into the working field. Besides standard classroom instruction, potential CNA’s will receive 60 hours of hands-on supervised clinical work. The only prerequisite to enter Lamar is a current CPR card and for students who don’t have one, a training course is now provided as part of the class.

Nurse Nancy CNA Training

Nurse Nancy, LLC offers specialized training in a classroom setting and in the field. The Nurse Nancy coursework is unique because it includes hand on instruction from those with years of experience as RN’s. The clinic is the best classroom and the upfront approach with supervised guidance gives a student the best feel for the typical day on the job.

CNA Academy

Students can earn CNA certification with classes offered year round at all times of the day. After successful completion of the course guide, students can enter into the field working either in hospitals, hospices, schools or other locations needing qualified medical personnel.

Getting Certification

Unlike in other states, the Board of Nursing in Colorado provides that all graduates of state-approved CNA training programs become certified as early as four months after getting hired in any nursing home or health care clinic. In this regard, you will want to settle for Colorado-based schools where the training program for CNAs is geared towards helping them become well-prepared when taking the state certification exam.

These schools should not be too hard to find since many of the courses in Colorado are well-equipped to effectively train you and make it easy for you to become highly knowledgeable in the nursing assistant field. As such, getting to pass the required certification exam in Colorado state should not be too hard to achieve.

Free CNA Classes in Colorado

For those with budget restrictions, there are a couple ways to get access to CNA classes for free. For starters, check out the various training programs offered by colleges and universities and find out if they provide scholarships or grants. Some of them also extend loans that you can pay off a few years after graduation.

– The Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs also provides CNA training, though its schedule can be inconsistent. You can check their website for the latest updates. The main purpose of the program is to help individuals, especially those who are already working, find more options in the healthcare industry. These class sizes are limited so it pays to be diligent.

A number of healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes and hospices, partner with training centers to offer CNA classes. These facilities sponsor their employees to attend the academy and pay for their tuition and learning. In turn, upon graduating the program, students are obliged to render services to their employer usually for a period of at least two years. We recommend you contact the following centers for further information:

  • Four Corners Health Care Center
  • Christian Living Campus
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Fowler Health Care Center
  • Camellia Care Center
  • Mountain Vista Health Center
  • Skyline Ridge
  • North Colorado Medical Center

Another option is to approach your local community center or church. St. Luke’s Ministry, an outreach arm of Savior’s Lutheran Church, extends partial scholarships to men and women – particularly single mothers who cannot afford paid CNA classes. However, since the church is highly dependent on the contributions and donations of its members, the number of sponsored students and the amount of assistance available varies from year to year.

Job Expectations

People attending CNA classes in Colorado are increasing in number due to the demand generated by intermediate care facilities, home health agencies, long-term retirement facilities, and assisted living centers. The Centennial State is home to more than 5 million people, 11 percent (539,000) of which fall under the 65-year-old and above age bracket. In a few more years, the aging population in this particular stare will likely go up once people from the “baby-boomer” population reach the 65+ age category. This presents a viable opportunity for the nursing home and care facility sector since their services will be very much needed.

On the part of nursing assistants, this simply means greater chances of landing a job in their chosen field after graduating from a given CNA training school. It should be pointed out, however, that before you can actually get employed in Colorado as a nursing assistant, you have to take the corresponding certification exam.

Last but not least, CNA classes in Colorado are best when taken from the best schools in town. Make use of the information above to pick your ideal schools for your CNA and other respective courses.


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