CNA classes in Durham NC

Becoming a nursing assistant is the rave of the moment. More and more people are delving into this healthcare profession because of the increasing demand for CNAs in various medical settings like hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, rehab centers, and many others. However, the state of North Carolina, particularly in the city of Durham, has specific requirements to follow to complete a CNA training program. Every individual who wishes to enroll should make sure that they take the training in a state-approved school with credit hours that meet the federal standards.

Taking a CNA Class

As mentioned, there are a lot of fantastic schools, colleges, and healthcare institutions that offer CNA training programs, but you need to ensure that such course fulfills specific standards. The North Carolina Board of Nursing often has jurisdiction over these approved CNA training programs, so you can check it online or visit their office to know more about it.

The CNA classes usually run in a couple of weeks. Students are expected to fully commit to the training because there are no make-up classes or practices for any missed discussion. Due to its short duration and personalized instruction, it is essential to set aside other commitments like work, family, vacation, and many others. However, because some individuals cannot sacrifice their jobs, there are many schools nowadays that are offering flexible class schedules. Check out some of the state-approved CNA classes in Durham, North Carolina.

Watts School of Nursing

The Watts School of Nursing is one of the leading institutions offering CNA classes in Durham NC. It is a great and credible institution with adequate learning resources that make it outstanding, providing exceptional educational facilities and opportunities. There are opportunities for grants and low-cost loans and the procedures for these grants are usually handled by the financial aid counselor of the olive college’s RTP campus.

The duration of the nursing program usually lasts for about two years with two payments of approximately $6,775 per semester (usually two/year) which brings the total of the fees to $27,100 for the two years. It is a known fact that about 88% of all admitted students eventually have access to scholarships or financial aids. The courses offered include anatomy, history, religion, introduction to sociology, human growth and development and other relevant courses for associate degrees.

Enrolling at Watts School of Nursing allows students to take the Nurse Aide I certification exam. This kind of test is administered by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) and has two components which are the written examination and skills evaluation. Prospective participants should have at least finished the first semester of the course to be able to sit for the certification. Upon passing the test, they will become a Certified Nursing Assistant and will be qualified to accept CNA jobs while finishing a nursing program.

Moreover, students who completed the second-semester course of the nursing program will be eligible for a Nurse Aide II certification. This can only be achieved if the candidate has passed the Nurse Aide 1 Certification Test. Watts School of Nursing will assist their students to complete the training and become a qualified CNA in North Carolina.

Care One Health Training Institution

Care One Health Training Institution offers a wide range of programs including; nurse aide 1 & 2, phlebotomy, clinical assistance to Pharmacy technician, medical billing and coding and basic EKG. The programs are structured in ways and manners to meet the many demands of the nursing profession, and there are several payment plans in place for the various applications in the institution.

The Nurse Aide 1 program teaches students to be competent nursing assistants who can perform various skills like personal care, interpersonal skills, vital signs, rehabilitative care, emergency procedures, safety protocols, and mental health and social needs. Day, evening and weekend class schedules are available, with a course length of four to nine weeks. The cost of this program is $650 including the tuition, books, and registration. The CNA students will shoulder other miscellaneous expenses like uniforms, supplies, and testing fees.

Moreover, Care One Health Training Institution is also offering a Nurse Aide 2 program which trains the students on invasive nursing procedures. These procedures are oxygen therapy, tracheostomy, sterile dressing change, suctioning, wound irrigation, elimination procedures, removal of fecal impaction, nutritional activities, urinary catheters, and the role of a CNA II in a healthcare team. This course is more advanced, and students cannot gain admission without completing the CNA 1 training program. Day and evening classes are available, and participants can finish the program in 12 to 18 weeks. The program costs around $925 including tuition, books, and registration.

Students who wish to avail a scholarship or grant can check it with the admission’s office of Care One Health Training Institution. The program provides many opportunities in clinical field and students are expected to attend the classes without absences or lateness.

Durham Technical Community College

Durham Technical Community College offers several types of Nurse Aide training programs to prospective students. The traditional Nurse Aide I program is intended for individuals with no healthcare experience or previous nursing education. It covers several nursing subjects which allow the graduates to understand the profession and become prepared for future employment in hospitals and other healthcare settings. On the other hand, the hybrid CNA course is offered to independent learners who can manage their time while studying. Most of the classes are held online, but the rest of the clinical rotations are held in an actual medical facility.

Moreover, Durham Technical Community College is also offering a fast-track CNA training program which is designed for students having a previous healthcare experience or those who wish to enter into a nursing or other healthcare education programs. Classes are held four days a week, and students undergo an in-depth instruction about the essential nursing concepts and skills.

Getting into a CNA training program is a perfect opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field and a qualification to study an advanced healthcare course. Interested students have to prepare their high school diploma or GED equivalent, and must pass the criminal background investigation and health screening. Durham Technical Community College offers the best preparation for nursing assistants. Classes are held in a classroom with advanced facilities, and the clinical rotations are placed in a local healthcare facility. Clinical instructors are also expert professionals with years of experience in the medical field. Students can even seek for scholarships, loans, and grants to lessen the cost of the CNA training.

Triangle Nurse Aide Program

If you wish to start a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the best option. There is an increasing demand for nurse aides in North Carolina which will dramatically increase over the years. Thus, taking a CNA training program at Triangle Nurse Aide Program is a good investment.

The program has both daytime and evening classes that can be completed in six to twelve weeks. It is designed to train the students to become eligible for the state certification and become qualified nurse aides. The Triangle Nurse Aide Program keep the class sizes very small to promote a personalized instruction and an optimal learning environment. Instructors will even teach the students one-on-one. These experienced teachers have worked for several years as Registered Nurses in the healthcare industry. Thus, graduates will become competent and highly skilled nursing assistants in the state.

In addition to the traditional nurse aide programs, Triangle Nurse Aide Program offers a refresher course to current nurse aides who are listed in the North Carolina Nurse Aide 1 Registry for a minimum of five years. The refresher course is made to provide nurse aides a review of previously taught medical practices. It also emphasizes on teaching new methods or concepts in the healthcare industry.

The CNA training program of Triangle Nurse Aide Program is affordable. Students can also seek for scholarships or grants to lessen the cost of the training. These financial assistance programs are available at the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Harris Training Institute, Inc.

Harris Training Institute, Inc. offers two different kinds of Nurse Aide training programs. The Nurse Aide 1 Certificate program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level CNA position in various healthcare settings. Individuals who want to be enrolled in this program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal background check, a negative Tuberculin skin test, and a proof of Hepatitis B vaccine or a signed vaccine declination form. On the other hand, the second program which is a fast-track CNA training is a 100-hour healthcare course that is divided into 60 classroom instruction and skills lab training, and another 40 hours of clinical rotations. This fast-paced program is designed for students having a past healthcare experience. Attending the classes regularly without absences or tardiness is necessary to receive a certificate and eligibility to take the state certification exam.

Harris Training Institute, Inc. provides an excellent training program to aspiring healthcare professionals. The course is offered several times a year, and interested students can apply every after the program ends. Moreover, this institute has an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry and has produced several graduates who passed the certification exam successfully. Students who are admitted to the program will receive an opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors with years of experience in healthcare field. Those with financial struggles can still enroll in the program through scholarships and grants. These financial assistance programs may not be available at all times, but it can be a perfect method to study a CNA training at a low cost.

Ideal Health Institute

Ideal Health Institute offers a Nurse Aide 1 Certificate program which allows students to become qualified for the state certification exam and earn an eligibility to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in any healthcare setting in North Carolina. Classes are held at daytime or evening, and students can complete the program in five to eight weeks. The CNA training program combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Students expect a rigorous training that includes various lectures, video presentation, and skills demonstration. Absences are not allowed during the in-class and clinical rotations because of the fast-paced curriculum and short duration of the program.

Moreover, Ideal Health Institute provides a high-quality training for aspiring nursing assistants. Aside from the state of art facilities and fully-equipped simulation lab, students are trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They will receive an individualized attention due to the small class size, and review classes are available to help the graduates pass the state certification exam. Most of the clinical rotations will take place in a long-term care setting, but a licensed instructor will guide the students in performing and providing nursing services to the patients or residents.

Prospective students in the CNA training program have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They should also prepare for the tuition cost of $775. This includes an application fee, tuition, textbooks, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, CPR training, and hand-outs. The state exam fee is not included in the education and payment plan is available.

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