CNA Classes in Fontana CA

Fontana is the second most populous city in San Bernadino County with an estimated population of 209,665 (as of 2016). This also makes the city the 19th most populous city in the entire state. But compared to other cities around the country, Fontana has a fairly young population with a median age of 28.7 years old. Only 5.7 percent of the population is aged 65 and older. While 32.9 percent of the population is below 18 years old. This does not mean that there’s no demand for CNAs.

In the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan area, there are about 8,620 nursing assistants. This is for a population of approximately four million people. The state of California actually has the highest employment level for nursing assistants with an estimated 99,000 CNAs employed in the state. But this employment of CNAs is relatively small in comparison to the state’s population. This may actually change soon.

There is no shortage of demand for CNAs in the state. CNA salaries in California are, on average, 7 percent higher compared to posted salaries in other states.  This makes CNA training more valuable at present especially as competition isn’t as tight in Fontana and the surrounding areas.

Agape Vocational Academy (AVA)

AVA is a subsidiary of the Principles of Faith Christian Center. The center has different groups, fellowships, and ministries including an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, Discipleship/Outreach Ministry, and Youth Ministry among others. AVA is the ministry’s education wing, offering CNA and HHA training programs.

The academy has several requirements for admission. Their admission checklist includes a) an initial application for the CNA and/or HHA program, b) sample request for Live Scan Service Form, c) Request for Live Scan Service Form, and d) health exam records. Another application form will be required before students can interact with patients during clinicals. AVA offers a Live Scan Service that applicants need to pay out of pocket. The health exam record, on the other hand, should include a medical history, physical exam results, and TB test. The medical history and physical exam should show that the applicant doesn’t have any medical condition that can prevent them from performing the necessary tasks and/or negatively affect the health of those around them in general.

Aside from these requirements, applicants should present a state-issued ID and an original Social Security card. AVA will also perform an extensive background check. Those who have any of the disqualifying penal codes in their record would be automatically disqualified for certification.

Contact AVA by phone (909-829-2055) or visit their website for more information.

This school is also approved to offer CNA training:

Fontana High School

9453 Citrus Ave, Fontana, CA 92335

Phone: 909-357-5500

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