CNA classes in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a city found in Florida, and this place is becoming a hot spot for people who want to retire and have a job opportunity particularly in the medical field. Nowadays, trained medical professionals like Certified Nursing Assistants are increasing in popularity due to the number of elderly population in the city. Several healthcare facilities are currently hiring CNAs to provide primary nursing care to their clients and ensure to maintain the quality of services they offer. Individuals who are seeking a stable and rewarding career in Fort Lauderdale should consider becoming a CNA. The training program for this kind of healthcare professionals will just take weeks of completion and graduates can sit right away for the licensing exam.

In Fort Lauderdale, several institutions offer CNA classes. However, such program should be approved and accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing. Otherwise, graduates in the program will not be allowed to take the certification exam. The state Board of Nursing requires all potential nursing assistants to finish at least 120 hours of CNA educational training. This should be divided into hands-on clinical training experience and the traditional lecture classroom instruction. Prospective students should also pass a criminal background check and provide a current immunization record and CPR certification to get into the CNA program and certification exam.

Once the program is completed, individuals are scheduled for the Prometric examination for nurse aide.  Those who passed the test will have their names listed automatically in the CNA registry. They can also apply for CNA positions in various medical facilities in Fort Lauderdale.


There are several sources of free CNA classes in Fort Lauderdale. First are the schools in the city offering CNA training programs. These institutions have various scholarships and grants for their students completing a CNA training. Some of them are given to those who excel academically while other programs are granted to those who have below minimum income in the state of Florida. You just have to apply for these programs in their Financial Aid Office and check whether you are suitable for the scholarship or grant.

The second source of free CNA class is the healthcare employers. Among these facilities are Cleveland Clinic FloridaMemorial Hospital West and Holy Cross Hospital where you can submit an application and undergo a free training. Take note, these institutions may or may not have a no-cost CNA training, but it can be good to try to check whether they are offering one. If you have secured a spot for a free CNA class, be prepared to agree on the terms and conditions of the program. You might be required to work for the facility for a specified period, but it can be a perfect way to secure a CNA job also. Check the contract first before you apply for a free CNA training. By this way, you will know what to expect from the program and the certification exam.


There are a variety of facilities that have CNA courses in Fort Lauderdale.  The Florida Department of Health usually approves institutions which provide CNA courses in Fort Lauderdale. Check out some of the listed schools below.

Center for Career Training

The Center for Career Training is a great place for aspiring healthcare professionals who like to become Certified Nursing Assistants. This institution offers a CNA training program which trains individuals to provide care to clients in nursing homes, hospitals, and other retirement facilities. It also introduces the students to various nursing concepts and skills like an introduction to healthcare, medical terminology, personal care skills, common disorders and care procedures, taking vital signs, geriatric care, intellectual disabilities, and many more. The CNA training program is provided through lectures, classroom discussion, clinical lab experience, and hands-on practice. This also includes review classes in preparation for the certification exam.

The Center for Career Training has consistently garnered 90% in the state board exam passing rate. Students in the program graduate with competence, knowledge, and skills because of the school’s expert clinical instructors who are directly involved in the training. Classes are available on weekdays or weekends, and students receive personalized instruction. Classrooms and simulation labs are also fully-equipped with modern facilities. Hence, individuals who completed the CNA training are privileged to receive a quality education for this healthcare profession.

The CNA classes of the Center for Career Training has a limited class size. Interested students have to meet the program requirements such as high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, drug screening, TB testing, and proof of immunizations. Prospective applicants should also attend a mandatory orientation session before the start of the class. Anyone with health issues or criminal liabilities will not be admitted to the program.

Marlene’s Training Center

Marlene’s Training Center is also offering a CNA training program which is designed to train students who want to start a career in the medical field as nursing assistants. The course is taught in a low stress and friendly environment, and participants are supplied with textbooks and medical supplies to practice the essential nursing skills. The CNA training program will give an opportunity for aspiring healthcare professionals to understand the profession and become a competent and qualified caregiver. Students undergo hours of classroom instruction, simulation lab training, and hands-on clinical practice with supervision from instructors who are knowledgeable and experts in this field. They will also gain a good experience in the clinical setting which allows them to apply the skills and knowledge learned in school.

Prospective students in this program should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They are also required to undergo a criminal background check, TB test, and drug screening. Only a few applicants will be accepted in the CNA class, but those who failed to enroll earlier can apply for the next training schedule. Marlene’s Training Center provides personalized instruction through a small class size. Thus, individuals who are interested in getting into the program should apply as early as possible to reserve a seat.

The tuition for the CNA training program is $440 which includes a $50 registration fee and textbook. This also consists of a CPR and HIV/AIDS/OSHA training. Graduates of the program have to provide for their testing exam fee and other related costs which might be needed.

Abba Healthcare Training

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Abba Healthcare Training is a perfect venue to enter in the healthcare field. Individuals who are fed up with their current jobs or who wished to make an impact towards others can consider this training program and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in a few weeks. Classes are available in the morning or evening, as well as during the weekends. People who choose to undergo the CNA training program will be trained by well-experienced instructors who are experts and highly qualified. They will have an in-depth understanding of the profession, especially that they will go through a combined classroom instruction, lab training, and hands-on clinical practice.

The good thing about the CNA training program of Abba Healthcare Training is their small class size and individualized attention. Students get full attention during the classroom and clinical training, allowing them to acquire adequate knowledge, skills, and experience. Apart from that, the facilities are also fully-equipped and conducive to learning, which provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to become competent healthcare providers. Nevertheless, students who are interested in getting into the CNA class should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check clearance, and appropriate health screenings like drug test and TB test.

The cost of the CNA training program is only $397 which includes registration fee and testing exam fee. Students will be responsible for their books, uniforms, medical supplies, transportation, and living cost allowance. They can also apply for scholarship and grant to cover the cost of the CNA class in Abba Healthcare Training.

American Red Cross – Florida

When it comes to a popular CNA training program, the American Red Cross in Florida can be a good source. Apparently, this health care institution is providing CNA classes which allow graduates to take the certification exam and work as a nursing assistant in various facilities. The courses in this course is designed as small and more personalized. Instructors are licensed with excellent professional nursing experience. In addition to that, students gain a hands-on experience in a clinical setting after completing the classroom instruction. This will help them understand and be exposed in the world of a Certified Nursing Assistants.

Furthermore, the CNA training in the American Red Cross provides a solid foundation in the healthcare profession. Students receive quality instruction from different nursing topics like emergency procedures, the art of caregiving, fundamentals of nursing, patient care, communication skills, activities of daily living and many others. They will also be prepared for the certification exam as the program includes simulation lab training and one-on-one instruction on several nursing skills. To get into the program, prospective students have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and submit a complete immunization record, criminal background check clearance, drug screening, and TB testing.

The American Red Cross may have scholarship and grants for their CNA training. Although this is not available at all times, students can inquire about these opportunities before the start of the class.

Beacon Hill Career Training

Beacon Hill Career Training provides a Certified Nurse Assistant training program which enables students to learn the concepts and skills of the profession and gain a solid foundation in passing the state certification exam. The program is a combination of classroom instruction, simulation lab training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students go through a comprehensive training and will learn the 21 clinical skills for a CNA in the state of Florida. Beacon Hill Career Training has an excellent reputation for producing competent nursing assistants. The school has several clinical instructors who are experts in the medical field. They also take pride in having fully-equipped facilities and modern equipment, which facilitates every student’s learning process.

The CNA training program at Beacon Hill has a limited class size. Individuals who are interested in getting into this healthcare course should have a high school diploma at hand or at least a GED equivalent. They also have to pass a criminal background check and undergo a health screening which includes drug testing and TB testing. Enrollees with a criminal conviction or communicable disease will not be accepted in the CNA training program.

Furthermore, tuition assistance programs are also available for those who are qualified to obtain a scholarship or grant. Students can inquire it through their Financial Aid office and apply as early as possible.

Atlantic Technical College

Atlantic Technical College offers a Nursing Assistant program which can be completed in almost two months. This healthcare course has 165 hours of instruction which contains 90 hours of healthcare worker training and 75 hours of Nurse Aide Orderly training. The Nursing Assistant program provides students with essential knowledge and skills required to perform nursing care services in various healthcare settings like nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Certified Nursing Assistants provide care under direct supervision of a nursing or medical staff. Thus, taking the CNA training program is an excellent healthcare course for those who have no medical experience or those who wish to enter in the healthcare field.

Among the topics and skills taught are anatomy and physiology, blood-borne diseases, computer literacy, communication and interpersonal skills, emergency procedures, nutrition principles, organizational skills, medical terminology, and many more. Individuals who want to get into the training program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check clearance, drug screening, and TB test results. Enrollees should also attend a mandatory orientation session before the start of the program to understand more about the CNA course and the benefits of taking it.

Atlantic Technical College does provide scholarships and grants to qualified students. These programs have varying requirements so whether an applicant has average or excellent academic grades, he or she can apply for a scholarship or grant suitable for his or her needs. Take note, these tuition assistance programs are also limited. Hence, applying as soon as possible is recommended.

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