CNA classes in Fresno CA

CNA classes in Fresno, CA are offered through some different facilities, helping you earn a certificate and be on your way to a rewarding career. As a CNA your job duties will include assisting patients with daily bathing and grooming; helping with medications; feeding and so much more. The job is perfect for men and women who care about their fellow humans and helping in any way they can. Each day as a CNA brings many new and exciting possibilities and can pave the way for additional healthcare opportunities.

If you wish to get your foot in the door to an exciting career the first step is to find CNA classes in Fresno, CA. The best schools should be sought, as your education depends on a quality instruction being given to you. Luckily Fresno is packed with schools offering quality CNA classes. Here are some of the very best CNA training programs available in the area.

San Joaquin Gardens

San Joaquin Gardens Nursing Aide program is available to men and women interested in finding the rewards of helping those who need it the most. The assisted living facility currently employs around 39 CNAs, and with the 6-week program, you could be the next to find employment within the facility. A four-star rated assisted living facility; you can expect to receive nothing less but the best in training from highly qualified personnel eager to see you become the CNA everyone loves. Programs start regularly, so it is best to contact the assisted living facility as quickly as possible so that you can begin training without delay.

Applicants of the CNA training program of San Joaquin Gardens should submit the following requirements like high school diploma or equivalent, complete immunization record, and negative results on TB testing, drug screening, and criminal background check. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview and will be screened based on the program criteria. Those who successfully pass will be offered a free CNA training within the facility. San Joaquin Gardens provides a state-approved training to prospective nursing assistants. Graduates of the program will be qualified to take the state certification exam. They will also secure a CNA position in the facility after passing the exam.

Hy-Pana House Convalescent Hospital

Hy-Pana House Convalescent Hospital is located at 3510 Shields Avenue in Fresno and offers a fantastic CNA program for adults 18 years of age and older. No prior healthcare experience is needed to enroll in the full-time classes. However, interested applicants will have to go through a screening process. Just like applying for a full-time job, candidates have to meet the program requirements like high school diploma or equivalent, criminal background check, drug screening, proof of immunization, and TB testing. They should also be willing to work in the hospital after becoming certified as a nursing assistant.

The CNA training can be completed in four weeks. It is a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training, allowing every student to acquire the knowledge and skills of a Certified Nursing Assistant. There will be a supervised clinical training in the different areas of the hospital, but students are guided in providing nursing services to patients with various healthcare needs. Once the 4-week CNA training is completed, graduates can take the certification exam and will be offered a full-time employment in the facility after having their names listed on the CNA registry.

Duncan Polytechnical High School

For students who wish to go out of high school into the workforce in healthcare, the CNA program is available from this school. The program enables all individuals to learn what it takes to become a certified nurse assistant and prepare for the state exam.  All instruction is taught by certified teachers who make it their mission to see all with the desire to succeed do so. Since the CNA training program is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice, students will acquire the knowledge and skills of a nursing assistant. They also need to attend the program without absences to receive a certificate of completion and to become eligible for the state certification exam.

The CNA training program of Duncan Polytechnical High School is an excellent opportunity for high school seniors and graduates to receive a personalized instruction that will make them a healthcare professional. The cost is free, but students are expected to pay for other miscellaneous expenses like uniforms, state exam, and many others. Individuals who pass the certification exam successfully become employed in various healthcare settings where Certified Nursing Assistants are needed.

Golden Living Centers

Golden Living Centers offers a CNA training course to those who are interested. Located on South Cedar Street, this program consists of hands-on and classroom instruction taking place over a period of a few weeks. Classes are full-time, 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., five days per week. Once training has been completed students can then take the state exam and earn their license. Many positions are available for CNAs within the hospital, all of which are available to you once certification has been received.

The Golden Living Centers will ensure to provide quality CNA training that will equip every student for the certification exam. A small class size is implemented to promote a more personalized instruction. All instructors are licensed and well-experience healthcare professionals who are readily available for meeting the student’s needs. Aside from that, the institution is equipped with state of the art tools, classrooms, and simulation lab to facilitate learning. Graduates of the CNA program will be prepared to embark a healthcare career, especially that Golden Living Centers will guide them all throughout the training.

Nursing Assistant Training Academy

The CNA training program of Nursing Assistant Training Academy aims to provide students with hands-on training and quality classroom instruction to make them equipped in providing care to patients in all age groups. The program is divided between classroom instruction, laboratory training, and clinical experience. Students learn the concepts of the CNA profession through classroom lectures and will be trained in a simulated laboratory before going into a supervised clinical practice. Individuals who completed the course successfully will be eligible to sit for the California State certification exam.

Moreover, applicants of the CNA training program must be at least 16 years old to apply. Although a high school diploma or GED is preferred, those who do not have it are still welcome to undergo the course. Prospective students must present a social security card and a California ID along with their live scan, TB skin test result, and physical examination. Attending an orientation before the program starts is mandatory, and students are expected to read and write in English.

The CNA training program of Nursing Assistant Training Academy costs $850 which does not include a non-refundable application fee of $50. Students who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the training can apply for financial aid programs to lessen the expenses and finish the course at an affordable rate. The Academy welcomes students who are under a loan, scholarship, or grant, as long as they meet the requirements and ensure to maintain their grades.

WestMed College

WestMed College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that runs for six weeks and has a total of 16 unit modules. The program equips students for entry-level work in various healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and long-term facilities. It also prepares them to meet the eligibility requirements of the State of California Health and Human Services Agency for the California Certification Examination.

Individuals who are taking the CNA training program at WestMed College must be prepared for the combined classroom training and hands-on clinical practice. They will be learning several concepts and skills which prepare them for the demands of the CNA profession, and they will handle actual patients during the clinical training. Every CNA students will learn to respond to emergency situations, communicate effectively, and manage critical nursing concerns. Although they will be supervised, mentored, and guided by a clinical instructor, students will become independent and competent healthcare providers after completing the program at WestMed College.

A high school graduate or equivalent is the minimum education requirement of the program. However, interested applicants should also pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They also have to be admitted to the college before they can apply for admission in the CNA training program. There will be a limited number of students accepted in the CNA class. Thus, interested students need to apply before the start of the training. They also have to attend the CNA training without absences to graduate and receive a certificate of completion.

Reedley College

Reedley College offers a nursing assistant training program which can be completed in one semester. It is an intensive program that combines theoretical instruction and clinical practice, allowing graduates to become equipped in the CNA profession. Completing the CNA training program makes students eligible for the state certification exam.

Reedley College has been producing several nursing assistants over the past years who pass the certification exam successfully and who were able to secure various positions in the different clinical setting. Admission is process is selective due to the limited class size. However, students who get into the program are rigorously trained to make them competent professionals who can provide quality nursing services to patients in different age groups. The theoretical aspect of the program covers some concepts like fundamentals of patient care, basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, and many others. Upon completing the lectures, students attend a clinical training with supervision from a licensed and professional instruction. In this part of the program, they will be handling an actual patient and will be able to apply the skills learned from the classroom. The clinical training will take place at Palm Village which is a retirement community located a few miles away from Reedley College.

The good thing about taking the CNA training program in this institution is the amount of support coming from their instructors. Due to the personalized instruction and small class size, students become successful in the healthcare field, particularly when taking the certification exam. Nevertheless, Reedley College provides financial assistance to students who cannot cover the cost of the training.

Central Learning Adult School Site

Central Learning Adult School Site offers a six-week Nursing Assistant Training Program which prepares the students for the state board exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Since it can be completed in as little as two months, students spend two weeks of classroom instruction and another four weeks of hands-on clinical practice. They will need to complete 100 hours of clinical hours mandated by the California Department of Public Health.

The CNA training program of Central Learning Adult School Site is a rigorous program that requires total attendance. An excessive number of absences will result in a dropout from the program. Various concepts and skills will be acquired from the training. Among the concepts taught are fundamentals of patient care, nutrition, manual handling, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, disease process, basic pharmacology, and many others. Once these concepts are taught, students proceed to a guided clinical training in a healthcare facility. They will be handling actual patients or residents with supervision from a clinical instructor.

Admission to the CNA training program takes place several times a year. Prospective students can enroll at the end of the program, making sure that they meet the requirements. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the minimum educational attainment, but applicants need to undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They should also provide a proof of complete immunization to be considered for the program. Selected applicants will be trained to become nursing assistants, and they will go through personalized instructors to equip them with knowledge and skills for the profession.

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