CNA classes in Gainesville FL

Gainesville FL is a city found in Florida. It has a population of 117 thousand, and it has loads of appeal. You can either live, work or study here. In addition to that, it also is famous amongst tourists as well as retirees. Due to such, there has been an increase in demand for CNA professionals in Gainesville FL. In fact, there are CNA classes in Gainesville FL which you can enroll. It is anticipated that there will be 3600 needed CAN professionals in Gainesville FL.


The Free CNA classes in Gainesville FL is made possible via the loan or scholarship grant which is provided by academic institutions in Gainesville FL. For more information, you can check out the Florida Board of Nursing.

Aside from that, you can also get a chance to get hired by crucial employers by Gainesville FL. This is a great opportunity and privilege which is a simple way to experience and enhance your training while you have an excellent salary so that you can start living the dream of becoming a CNA professional.  Key employers usually own a clinic or hospital such outstanding medical facilities which you can find in Gainesville FL are Shands Hospital for ChildrenMalcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center and North Florida Regional Medical Center.

Do your research first before applying for a free CNA training program in Gainesville, Florida. Most employers that provide this kind of opportunity would require their applicants to undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They should also be willing to work in the facility for a specified period. Otherwise, they will be asked to pay the cost of the CNA training.

Getting a free CNA course is the best way to start a career in nursing and receive a health-related certificate at the same time. If you wish to apply, always show the best of your abilities as your attitude is also evaluated. Most employers would want someone who demonstrates a compassionate manner for caring others and those who can sustain or meet the demands of the profession.


When you decide to undergo into having CNA classes in Gainesville FL, you do not only have to have skills and knowledge but also attitude such as compassion, patience as well as humor. The training for CNA includes basic CPR, cleaning, bathing and feeding for patients, controlling the infection and safety of the patient as well as knowledge in vital signs, communication, moving and lifting techniques, dressing and toileting a patient and enforcing of the patient’s rights.

The Florida Department of Health has mandated that the program should last for 120 hours which should be divided into classroom lecture and practical hands-on training.  Before enrolling, you need to submit current proof immunizations, CPR certification, and a clean criminal background check. The examination is done via the Prometric Testing Sites. When you finish the educational training, you need to take the Florida Nurse Aide Examination, and when you pass, your name will automatically register in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry.

The CNA courses in Gainesville FL are a good start for those who are dreaming of a brighter future. There are a lot of academic institution that will provide you the opportunity to have the best kind of educational training that you will need. The following are some of the approved schools made by the Florida Department of Health:


Express Training Services, LLC is known to produce the best kind of healthcare professionals which includes CNAs. They have been in the industry of providing education and training CNA aspirants. They offer a 120-hour nursing assistant training program, a CNA prep class, and a weekend warrior CNA exam prep class. If you are still starting a career in the healthcare field, the 120-hour CNA training program is your ticket towards employment and application to nursing schools. This state-approved program equips students for work in nursing homes and the state certification exam in Florida. It can be completed in five weeks, and every individual who wishes to enroll should commit to studying on a full-time basis.

The CNA training program combines classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students are trained in the classroom before they are exposed in an actual clinical setting with supervision from a nursing assistant. Prospective applicants of the program have to submit their high school diploma or GED equivalent, CPR certification, negative TB test, physical examination that documents the absence of lifting limitations, and a proof of rubella immunity. A criminal background investigation is also necessary to gain admission to this program.

The cost of the CNA training program is $1,019 which includes the application fee, exam registration fee, and tuition for all classes. Scholarship and grants may be available, and students can talk to their Financial Aid Office for more information. Nevertheless, Express Training Services, LLC offers money back guarantee to all CNA students. If a student fails the state exam three times within one year, they will refund the entire tuition.

Florida Training Academy

Florida Training Academy offers a CNA preparatory course that is designed for single parents or individuals who cannot leave their work while attending school. The course is also recommended for those who wish to pursue a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, or Physician’s Assistant. The CNA preparatory course of Florida Training Academy is performed and taught by experienced Patient Care Technicians and Nurses. These individuals have years of experience in the clinical field and are licensed to teach aspiring nursing assistants. Students gain an adequate amount of knowledge, skills, and experience to prepare them for the state examination and a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

The good thing about the CNA training program of Florida Training Academy is they provide a hands-on training before the exam and CNA exam preparation manual. They also have free online videos as well as practice wrote examinations which are available 24/7. Moreover, students receive a discounted CPR and BLS training, allowing them to become equipped as soon as they start their job as a nursing assistant.

There is no high school diploma or GED equivalent required. As long as you are at least 18 years old, physically fit, and willing to be trained as a nursing assistant, Florida Training Academy will offer an opportunity to study this program. The healthcare course is affordable, and payment plans are available to all students. A deposit of $92.50 or $112.50 is necessary, and the remaining fees can be paid on the first day of the class.

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College is also offering a CNA training program that runs for 165 hours. Students will be prepared for the state certification exam and employment in nursing homes or extended care facility. Santa Fe College has been providing quality CNA courses to individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The program combines classroom instruction, skills training in a simulation lab, and hands-on clinical practice in a local nursing home. This kind of training will help the students to understand the profession and the responsibilities of Certified Nursing Assistants. It also allows them to become competent as several nursing skills are taught during the course.

Applying for a CNA training program of Santa Fe College is not tricky, but applicants have to take note of the limited class size of the course. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is necessary to apply, and candidates should pass the criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. It is also essential to be capable of lifting at least 50lbs because the job of a CNA involves lifting, transporting, and moving patients and medical equipment.

The CNA training program can be completed in one month. Enrolled students have to attend the classes without absences and must achieve a 75% grades in all exams, quizzes, and skills demonstration. The school’s clinical instructors will guide the aspiring CNAs to become successful in their nurse aide training program and state certification examination. Financial aid programs are also available to students who want to study at a lesser fee. Scholarships, grants, and loans can be obtained at Santa Fe College for anyone who wishes to explore a CNA training course.


GatorCNA offers a CNA training program that prepares students to challenge the state certification exam for nursing assistants in Florida. The course is a 120-hour program that can combine classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students can become a Certified Nursing Assistant in as little as one month, which means that the curriculum is rigorous and requires them to attend the classes without absences. Regardless of the fast-paced curriculum, students get an opportunity to learn and practice the essential patient care skills. These skills include taking vital signs, measuring input and output, feeding, grooming, bathing, moving or transporting patients, and many others.

Students in GatorCNA receive an individual attention throughout the program. The course has a small class size, and their clinical instructors assist everyone who is enrolled. Getting into the program is not that complicated because of the minimal requirements needed by the institution. There is no previous experience required, but prospective students have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening.

The 120-hour CNA training program of GatorCNA can be obtained in three different schedules. Working students can still go to school because the institution has daytime classes, night classes, and weekend classes. Aside from that, GatorCNA provides a money back guarantee. If a student failed three times in the certification exam, he or she could get a 100% refund from the CNA prep course. However, we will assure that students in the program become successful in the exam. We do not only train, but we also tutor aspiring nursing assistants to make them CNAs in a short span of time.

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