CNA Classes In Georgia

Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant provides you an opportunity to earn more than $20,000 a year and stability as the healthcare industry is set to grow to more than 8 percent in the coming years. With such an optimistic outlook, it makes now a better time than ever to consider enrolling in CNA classes in Georgia State.

CNA Training in Georgia

Most states normally require CNA programs to be at least 100 hours. Georgia demands only 85 hours, making it one of the easiest states to apply CNA training in. The number of hours is also divided between classroom and on-site training in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

The training includes first aid training, CPR, vital signs checking, feeding, lifting, and bathing. Some schools like Cobb CNA& Cobb Medical Institute combine CNA training with another such as PCT. Though this type of program is more expensive than CNA only, it also gives you an upper hand over the students enrolled in other institutions.

When it comes to schedules, you can pick one that suits your needs and preferences. New Beginning CNA has day and night schedules. The Atlanta Career Institute, meanwhile, offers a very short but intensive course that lasts less than 20 days. For payments, tuition fees may range from $300 to several thousands of dollars. You can, however, opt for a flexible payment scheme such as weekly plans.

A number of programs do accept high school students who are interested to become a CNA after they graduate. One of these is Life Solutions for Health. The training center accepts higher high school during the summer, provided they can bring along their latest school transcript.

A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) is an important part of a patient’s life. Not only do they provide those in hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare facilities with warmth and companionship, they also perform many needed duties for the patient including feeding, checking vital signs, bathing and grooming and more. CNAs should be caring individuals who desire to make a difference in the lives of others. If this describes you, CNA classes in Georgia are available and the first step in earning a certificate to work in this exciting field.

From Atlanta to Columbus and every city in between, many CNA classes in Georgia are offered to those ready to take the first step towards this exciting career. Here are a few of the very best CNA schools and classes the state has to offer.

For those interested in taking Certified Nursing Aide or CNA classes in Georgia, there are several important facts that you need to consider. First, the Georgia Department of Community Health and Georgia Medical Care Foundation is responsible for ensuring that CNA programs offered by various institutions and organizations in the state are developed and taught in accordance with federal and state guidelines. At present, CNA training programs in these parts can be found in various high schools, community colleges, community centers, as well as in a number of nursing homes, and health facilities.

Requirements for Certification

For certification in Georgia, students are required to have the following: a minimum of 85 hours of combined classroom lectures and clinical hands-on training. The latter must be done either in a nursing home or in any facility having a clinical setting, and should be under the close supervision of an instructor who must be a registered nurse. It is likewise mandated that students spend a minimum of 16 hours in classroom-based lectures before having any direct contact with a patient for their clinical exposure.

Students who successfully complete the training programs are required to pass a state CNA competency examination. The said exam is composed of a written test and an actual skill evaluation portion. Those who pass the examination are eligible to be included in the CNA registry for the state of Georgia.

Mentee Career and Training

Mentee Career and Training is located in Lawrenceville. They offer a four-week, 120-hour Nurse Aide training program for men and women. Applications are accepted online and in person and must be submitted at least one month prior to the date that you wish to enroll. Classes start every few weeks.

Atlanta Career Institute

How does graduation in 17 days sound? The Atlanta Career Institute offers a 17-day CNA course geared toward the working adult. Their affordable day and evening classes provide you with maximum flexibility to pursue CNA certification at your own pace while you work your current job. Additionally, the Atlanta Career Institute specializes in placing graduates in top ranked facilities throughout Georgia in which they can expect to earn competitive wages up to $25,000 a year.

In fact, Atlanta Career Institute has agreements in place with two leading health care facilities for placement of their graduates into top paying jobs. In order to provide hands on experience outside of the classroom, students in this program perform rigorous clinical training at a state of the art assisted living facility in the local community. This exceptional training opens doors to the best job opportunities in the health care industry in Georgia.

If you choose Atlanta Career Institute, you could very well be ready to take the CNA state exam in just over two weeks! This is a top training choice for those interested in earning a CNA degree. They provide all of the training needed to be the best at your new profession.

Day, evening and Saturday classes are available. Weekly payments for tuition costs are accepted with a $100 registration fee due at the time of application. Most schools make you pay in full, but with ACI you do not have to worry about finding hundreds of dollars before you begin.

Village Samaritan Training Institute (VSTI)

With campuses in Carrollton and Newnan, the Village Samaritan Training Institute (VSTI) offers exceptional instruction to aspiring nursing aide students in skills needed to attain certification as a CNA in the state of Georgia. VSTI’s intensive 6-week CNA program requires students to complete 84 hours of combined classroom and clinical hands on training.

During the 6-week program, students are given the tools to assist health care professionals in providing top-notch patient care in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes. Graduates of this program are able to take the state certified examination and then begin work as a certified CNA in the state of Georgia.

Covenant CNA Training

Covenant CNA Training is another Atlanta based school offering CNA training and another top choice in the state. The four-week CNA training costs $600, with a $250 deposit. Those 17 and older can apply for admission, and high school students may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through WIA.

Additional requirements for admission into the CNA School include a negative TB skin test within the past 12 months, Hepatitis B vaccination, MMR vaccination, a state-issued driver’s license or ID card and a current flu shot. Classes begin every few weeks so you can always make the decision to go to school anytime that you want.

Students choose Covenant because they know that they’ll always receive the best training available. The best training means you are sure to pass the state exam when it is time for certification.

Free CNA Classes in Georgia

An interesting aspect of CNA training courses in Georgia is that you can actually start taking this even as you are still trying to complete your high school education. As such, it is not uncommon to find many high schools operating within the state providing CNA training as an elective course for their students.

Given such a set-up, it is highly possible for many students in Georgia to actually graduate from high school and at the same time hold a certificate indicating that he has completed the requirements for a CNA training program. Additionally, this innovative service is extended by the federal government of Georgia is considered to be generally free since students can attend CNA classes in Georgia without really paying anything since the training charges are usually considered part of their regular school fees.

In Georgia, a number of healthcare facilities are willing to shoulder CNA tuition fees as long as you render service over a period of time, which is normally from 1 to 2 years. Some also refund all your expenses once you get accepted in the facility. Paulding Hospital, on the other hand, is said to provide not only free training but also hourly payments. The entire course lasts for more than 15 weeks.

You can also visit the job corps office in Turner, which currently offers a CNA program. This one is intended for youths who are at least 16 years old. Aside from the basic academic training like reading and math, the students can also receive free tuition for CNA, accommodation, and food. Red Cross offers paid CNA classes, which can be worth over a thousand dollars. However, you can still try to inquire from your local chapter if there is an upcoming free training.

The city of Atlanta also has the workforce development program I, which is ideal for those who have graduated high school and are not more than 21 years old. The students undergo a 7-week CNA training at Atlanta Technical College.

Subjects of Study in CNA Program

There are eight core subjects included in a standard Georgia-based CNA training program, namely, communication and interpersonal skills; infection control; safety/emergency; foreign body airway obstruction; body mechanics; promotion of patient independence; respect of patients’ rights; and ethical and legal behavior.

It is expected that more than 10,000 new jobs for CNAs will open in the state of Georgia in the upcoming year. If you choose one of the above schools and begin your training, it could be you to fill one of these positions. What are you waiting for? It is time to make a difference in your life. Get your CNA Classes in Georgia today!

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