CNA classes in Greensboro NC

If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will find out that almost all states are scrambling to get nursing assistants certified and trained. This is due to the anticipated shortage of healthcare providers on the horizon, which can be a good career for anyone who has the suitable personality and skills. So if you are a resident of Greensboro, North Carolina, considering this field is a good idea because of the ongoing shortage and demand for nursing assistants.

Greensboro is a charming and pleasant city with a rich culture, picturesque scenery, and several educational facilities. The place also offers a lot of opportunities to anyone who works in the healthcare field. Apparently, the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program is the fastest and easiest pathway to start a career in the nursing industry. With many schools, institutions, and healthcare facilities offering such kind of training, it is probably not difficult to become one of the CNAs in the state of North Carolina.

Getting a CNA Training Program

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant will give you a lot of opportunity in making a huge difference in the lives of individuals who require care on a day to day basis. Those in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities depend on the fantastic services that a CNA can provide. As per job description, Certified Nursing Assistants provide patients with a variety of services including feeding, bathing, and grooming, changing IVs, record-keeping and more. They are often the primary healthcare providers who will ensure the patient’s safety and welfare while being admitted or housed in a specific medical facility.

But before getting into the actual CNA practice, it is essential for every aspiring healthcare professional to enroll in a CNA training program. In North Carolina, becoming a CNA means enrolling in an accredited school or facility administered by the Board of Nursing and North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program must have at least 75 hours of instruction which is split into 59 hours of traditional classroom lectures, and 16 hours of hands-on clinical rotations. Schools can offer more than the required number of hours, but they cannot provide a CNA program with less than 75 hours of instruction. Otherwise, graduates will not become eligible for the state certification exam.

The state certification exam is a mandatory test for all CNA graduates. Passing the exam is necessary to become listed in the Nursing Aide Registry and be qualified to work as a CNA in different healthcare facilities. This test is a summary of all the concepts and skills learned throughout the CNA training program. It is composed of written test and skills demonstration test, and it is a whole day examination. Students who plan to take the certification exam must only have a certificate from their CNA training program, but they also need to pass the criminal background check, test for tuberculosis, and physical exam.

Guilford Technical Community College

Training at Guilford provides students hands-on instruction covering one semester of time. Once the coursework has been completed, students must complete the North Carolina state exam to receive their license. The CNA program requires a $203 registration fee as well as additional money for books and other supplies such as TB vaccine, scrubs and blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. To attend the nursing assistant program at GTCC, you must submit high school transcripts, negative TB results and any prior college credits that you may have.

Guilford Technical Community College offers a comprehensive CNA training program in Greensboro, North Carolina that prepares students for the certification and potential employment in various healthcare facilities. Every participant in the course has to attend the classes regularly without absences or lateness. The program is rigorous and requires a full-time commitment. Thus, it is essential to keep the focus and take this healthcare course seriously.

Guilford Technical Community College only accepts few students in the CNA training to facilitate a personalized instruction for aspiring healthcare professionals. The clinical instructors are all Registered Nurses who have years of experience in providing care to a diverse group of patients. These teachers will also ensure that their CNA students are equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience in the healthcare field. Among the concepts and skills taught in the program are anatomy and physiology, common medical terminologies, fundamentals in nursing, CPR, first aid, AED usage, nutrition, infection control, and many others. The college also provides review classes to graduates of the program thereby enhancing their chances of passing the certification exam.

Mongolia’s Training Academy

Mongolia’s Training Academy is a state-approved facility offering an 8-week CNA training program. Students who are enrolled in this healthcare course will undergo hours of classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice which will equip them with knowledge, skills, and experience. Since the CNA training is a short healthcare program, students are advised not to commit any absences as it can hamper their chances of getting a certificate at the end of the program. They also have to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing to become eligible for the state certification exam.

The two-month CNA training program of Mongolia’s Training Academy includes a discussion and skills training on various nursing concepts. Among the topics tackled are anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, fundaments in nursing, necessary emergency procedures, first aid training, and many others. Upon completing the classroom instruction, students are exposed in a healthcare facility where they experience providing care to patients or residents. At this point, they will be supervised by a clinical instructor who has years of experience in the medical field.

The cost of the CNA training program is around $540. This includes the tuition, registration fee, books, and testing exam fee. Students are responsible for their uniforms, medical supplies, transportation, and living costs. Although Magnolia’s Training Academy offers scholarships and grants, it is best to prepare some amount of money for the CNA training program.

Caring Hands Home Health, Inc.

If you want to get into the healthcare industry, the best program to take is the CNA training of Caring Hands Home Health, Inc. The school offers a fast-paced CNA class which starts with 40 hours of classroom instruction then followed by in-depth laboratory sessions. Once these aspects are completed, students experience two weeks of intense hands-on clinical rotations in one of the premier nursing facilities in Greensboro.

The best thing about Caring Hands Home Health, Inc. is they have very cohesive and effective clinical instructors. These individuals are highly experienced professionals who will ensure that every student enrolled in the CNA training program will become prepared for the state certification exam and future employment. They will guide them in the skills training, particularly in the hands-on clinical rotations so that students can provide a high quality of care to their patients.

The CNA training program of Caring Hands Home Health is offered all year round. Students who wish to apply have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Applicants who have a criminal history or communicable disease will not be admitted in the program.

The CNA class has a limited class size. Only a few enrollees are accepted into the training program to facilitate a personalized instruction. Graduates of the CNA training program in the Caring Hands Home Health, Inc. will have better employability in the state. Aside from the comprehensive training, they also provide review classes for students who completed the CNA training.

ForsythTech Community College

ForsythTech Community College has a Basic Nursing Assistant 2 training program which is a 160-hour healthcare course that allows graduates to learn a lot of invasive nursing procedures. This program is only available to students who completed a Nursing Assistant 1. It is also rigorous training that involves classroom instruction, laboratory training, and clinical learning experiences, but the topics are more advanced than the previous CNA 1 training. Students in this program will learn several procedures like oxygen therapy, sterile dressing changes, ostomy care, suctioning, IV fluid assistive activities, urinary catheterization, gastrostomy and nasogastric feedings, and many more. This healthcare course also emphasizes in sterile procedures, infection, and patient safety. Upon completing the Nursing Assistant 2 training program, graduates can apply for a listing as Nurse Aide 2 in the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

Prospective students of the Nursing Assistant 2 training of ForsythTech Community College have to meet the requirements of the program before they gain an admission. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is necessary to apply, along with a high school or college transcripts, social security card, and picture ID. The school also encourages them to undergo and pass a drug screening and criminal background check. Since the program is for CNA 1 professionals, they need to provide a certificate of completion or school transcripts from an NAI state-approved program and a letter of recommendation signed by a supervising Registered Nurse. This letter serves as proof that the student worked as a Nursing Assistant 1 for three months. Other requirements of the program are CPR certification and successful completion of Reading and Math placement tests.

The total cost of the Nursing Assistant 2 training program at ForsyhTech Community College is $238. This includes the registration fee, lab costs, liability insurance, and parking permit. Students will shoulder the expenses for their books, medical supplies, uniforms, and testing exam fee. Those who wish to avail a scholarship or grant can visit the school’s Financial Aid Office to know how to qualify for one.

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