CNA Classes In Hampton Roads

The city of Hampton is located out of the way of two major metropolitan hubs which are Norfolk and Virginia. With its small population of 144,000, this place is also becoming a perfect location for individuals seeking a stable and rewarding career. Apparently, in the healthcare sector, the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants is increasing. This kind of healthcare professionals is widely needed in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Apart from the stability of the job it provides, Certified Nursing Assistants receive good pay and employee benefits. Thus, if you are looking after for a well-compensating job that offers excellent benefits and a sense of fulfillment, becoming a CNA might be the one you are looking for.

Individuals who aspire to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Hampton Roads, Virginia should enroll for a state-approved CNA training program. There are a lot of schools in the city that provide such training, but it is important to check its accreditation from Virginia Board of Nursing and Virginia Department of Health. Students who graduated from institutions which are not approved by these governing bodies will not be recognized by the state. This would mean that they are not allowed to take the licensing exam and will be unable to work as a CNA in any healthcare facilities.

The CNA training programs usually run for a couple of weeks and it covers classroom instruction, skills training, and clinical rotations. Participants in this healthcare course will learn the essential concepts and skills included in a CNA scope of practice. This will also prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment in various medical settings. Nowadays, CNA training programs are offered in different class schedules. The flexibility of time allows working students to continue the course without sacrificing their prior commitments. However, they have to take the program seriously as most CNA training have attendance and grade requirements for graduation.

Free CNA Courses in Hampton Roads

Although it does not cost a lot to undergo a CNA training program, there are still some competent people who cannot afford it because of a weak financial condition. Fortunately, there are several free CNA courses available in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and these training can be obtained from schools, community-based organizations, public agencies, and healthcare facilities. If you are eager to secure a free CNA training, you can have it as long as you keep on applying.

Schools have Financial Aid Offices wherein you can inquire about tuition assistance programs. Whether it is a scholarship, loan, or grant, you can have a look at these programs and apply which suits your credentials and needs. Other than these institutions, there are also Workforce Investment Act (WIA), job corps center, and community-based organizations which provide free CNA training to economically disadvantaged residents. There are certain criteria for this program but if you qualify, you will have the privilege to undergo a training without paying anything.

Lastly, healthcare facilities on Hampton Roads are also reliable sources of free CNA training. They offer this kind of opportunity because they need more people to work for them. This means that if you apply for their paid or sponsored CNA training, you will be obliged to do a return service for a certain period of time. You might not be able to look for other employers after becoming certified, but you can still earn and receive excellent employee benefits while working as a CNA in any of these healthcare facilities.

CNA Classes and Licensing in Hampton Roads

There are requirements to get into a CNA training program in Hampton Roads. The least educational attainment for every interested applicant is a high school graduate, but if one does not have a diploma, he or she must secure a GED equivalent. In addition to this, prospective students have to undergo a criminal background check and full medical exam prior to the start of the class.

CNA training programs in Hampton Roads must meet the mandatory number of hours in the classroom and clinical setting. Schools should provide 120 hours of instruction by which 75 hours is dedicated to classroom lectures and the rest are for clinical rotations. Upon completing the course, graduates can then take the Virginia certification exam for nursing assistants and will be listed in the CNA registry upon passing the test.

Here are some of the reliable schools where you can enroll in a CNA training program in Hampton Roads.

Riverside Regional Medical System

Riverside Regional Medical System is one of the potential employers in Virginia that provides free CNA classes. If you are passionate about caring an older adult and you look forward to a rewarding career in the healthcare field, this facility offers free training to their prospective nursing assistants. The program covers four weeks of instruction wherein participants are taught various nursing topics and skills about the profession. The first two weeks of the class is held in one of their classrooms and the last two weeks is a clinical training in one of the areas of this medical facility. Students expect a comprehensive training that requires full-time commitment and participation. Absences or tardiness are not allowed. Otherwise, the institution will exclude the participant in the program.

Although the Certified Nursing Assistant training is not available at all times, interested applicants can still submit and inquire about this opportunity through their office or website. The qualifications for the program includes at least 18 years of age, high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, appropriate immunizations, and TB testing. Riverside Regional Medical System will screen all potential applicants. Most of the time, they accept candidates who demonstrate a willingness to work in the facility for a specified period and a desire to make a positive impact towards other people. The CNA training usually includes the necessary materials and supplies that participants needs. Immediate employment may take place after passing the state certification exam for nursing assistants.

Virginia Health Services

Another great choice for individuals interested in becoming a CNA is the four-week program offered through Virginia Health Services. Classes are offered at six different locations in the Hampton Roads area, all of which are taught by qualified instructors who care about your success. Once the program is complete, graduates can take the state exam and may be offered a position with Virginia Health Services. The CNA training program is available four times a year and interested individuals can apply as soon as they are ready. This healthcare course is similar to other nursing assistant training programs wherein students experience a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Class size is also small and prospective students have to apply as early as possible to reserve a seat.

Individuals who are interested in getting into the CNA class should be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent and clean criminal background check. They also have to pass the health screenings as part of the program pre-requisites. Undergoing a CNA class with Virginia Health Services is also an excellent opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors. Although the program is rigorous and requires a full-time commitment, students are trained to become competent healthcare providers in their facility. They will receive assistance especially before the certification exam. Aside from that, a potential employer in Virginia Health Services is also possible after becoming certified as a nursing assistant.

Tidewater Medical Training

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is possible through Tidewater Medical Training. This institution provides a state-approved CNA training program which is developed specifically for individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The program combines classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice, which enables the students to learn adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in preparation for the certification exam. Tidewater Medical Training provides quality training through their state of the art classroom and skills lab which are fully-equipped with life-like mannequins, hospital beds, medical supplies, modern projection equipment, and many more. Participants in this healthcare course will have a learning experience in the real-world and will understand the profession through engaging lectures, lively discussions, on-screen presentations, and informative videos.

The CNA training program of Tidewater Medical Training has 137 hours of instruction which is divided into 97 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical practice. Interested students have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a current CPR certification and Hepatitis B vaccination record. They also have to undergo a TB test and criminal background check to apply for the program. The tuition cost of the program is $880. This includes a non-refundable registration, books, material, and criminal history check. Students are responsible for other related costs of the program. Scholarships and grants may be available and it can be obtained through their Financial Aid Office. These tuition assistance programs are also limited depending on the availability of funding.

Thomas Nelson Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which can be an excellent opportunity for students to work in the healthcare field. The program runs for a couple of weeks and it gives adequate knowledge and skills for aspiring nursing assistants to work in a long-term care setting. It also prepares them for the certification exam which can be a stepping stone to work in various healthcare settings. Thomas Nelson Community College offers a low student to instructor ratio, which provides an individualized instruction and personalized training. The program also features a 40-hour internship in Williamsburg Landing with supervision from a licensed instructor.

To gain admission to the Certified Nursing Assistant training program, prospective students have to meet the pre-requisites. They have to be at least 18 years old and must be able to lift at least 50lbs. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is also required in the program as well as a passing score for the literacy test and clearance from the criminal background investigation. Students will be responsible for providing their white scrubs, tennis shoes, and current TB test. They should also find ways to avail a scholarship or grant if they wish to study at a low cost or free of charge. Thomas Nelson Community College does provide tuition assistance programs through their Financial Aid Office. However, these programs are limited and usually given to applicants who meet their criteria.

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