CNA classes in Harlem NY

Harlem NY is a large neighborhood which is located in the northern part of New York City. It is home to African and American Inhabitants or a mixture of both races. It is a city that is known for a boom in the medical arena. There have been significant demands for CNA professionals lately. Statistically, CNA classes in Harlem NY have increased in number since then.  More and more are enrolling themselves in CNA classes because there are significant benefits at hand.


When you have CNA classes in Harlem NY, you are expected to finish around 14 weeks-maximum number of weeks. According to the New York Department of Health, the approved number of classes is 130 hours which is divided into clinical hours and classroom lecture hours. A combination of the two is essential in this kind of profession.

When you finish, you need to take the examination which is into two parts including multiple choice questions and skills testing. Your name will automatically be registered in the Nurse Aide Registry New York. Most of the CNA classes in Harlem, New York takes place several times a year. Prospective students can enroll any time as long as they meet the program requirements.


The Free CNA classes in Harlem NY can be achieved in two ways. You can be employed and ask the employer to back you up financially in your academic expenses. There are a lot of employers who own medical facilities who are willing to assist you towards your dream of becoming a CNA professional. You can also check out leading medical institutions in Harlem NY like Elder Resource Center, Future Care Inc and Elmhurst Care Center.

Due to the increasing demand for nursing assistants in the state, many healthcare facilities are now offering sponsored, free, or paid CNA training program. These opportunities are only available to applicants who are willing to work in the healthcare facility after becoming certified. Applying for a free CNA training program is like getting a permanent job as well. Candidates have to demonstrate the best of their abilities to have higher chances of getting into the program. They have to meet the employer’s criteria to be able to receive free training and employment after becoming certified.

Nonetheless, you can apply for scholarship grant or loan grant from reputable colleges or universities in the state. Some institution will allow you such privilege. You need just to submit the requirements specified by the school per se. You can check out the listings at New York Board of Nursing.


The CNA courses in Harlem NY are the best thing you can do to make your dreams into reality. There are a lot of option to choose from which offers you the right education and proper training that you need. However, you must be keen enough to distinguish the approved institutions which are listed by the New York Department of Health. Some of the most famous and trusted organizations which offer you CNA courses in Harlem NY are as follows:

Lincoln Tech Nursing

Lincoln Tech offers a CNA training program that meets the standards of the state Board of Nursing. The program allows the graduates to sit for the certification exam and become listed in the Nurse Aide Registry. The course has a classroom instruction combined with hands-on clinical practice. Students go through this kind of training to give them the needed expertise, skills and technology which are vital in succeeding in this type of profession.

Lincoln Tech only admits few students per program to promote a more personalized instruction. Students will have a better understanding of the profession and will get a first-hand experience of the best clinical instructors. They will receive assistance during the program and after they graduate. The school has been creating an excellent reputation for producing qualified and highly skilled nursing assistants. Thus, every student in the program is trained well especially in preparing the state certification exam.

Lincoln Tech is also a source of free CNA class, but this does not happen all the time. Students can visit the school’s Financial Aid Office and know more about the possible scholarships or grants available to anyone pursuing a CNA training program. Take note; there are also requirements needed to get a scholarship or grant. Therefore, applicants have to inquire first and know the criteria to have a better chance of studying a CNA course for free or at a lesser amount.

Broome Community College

Broome Community College will allow you to become the best CNA professional in Harlem NY. They have the best teachers who are skilled, knowledgeable and willing to teach you with the thing that you need to have to make your aspirations into reality. The college also has the best training facilities and conducive learning environment for students to use and practice. Graduates of the CNA training program at Broome Community College will not only be prepared for the certification exam, but they will also be equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience to provide the best quality of care to patients or residents.

The healthcare course can be completed in as little as one month. It starts with a classroom instruction and skills training, which will be facilitated by a licensed instructor who uses different learning strategies. Upon completing the first part of the program, students are then exposed in a healthcare facility with direct supervision from a Registered Nurse. At this point, these aspiring nursing assistants will have an experience on what it is like to care for a resident in a skilled nursing facility. Although they will be guided throughout the hands-on clinical practice, these individuals will learn and practice the nursing skills taught during the classroom instruction.

Manhattan Institute

If you are a caring and hardworking individual who enjoy helping other people, the CNA training program of Manhattan Institute is the best way to start a healthcare career. The school has a two-part Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training program in their NYC Medical Career Institute. Students are trained in preparation for their certification exam and potential employment in various healthcare settings. The first part of the program is a classroom instruction wherein students learn all aspects and principles of patient care through practical demonstrations, lectures, and video presentations. Among the topics taught in the classroom are anatomy and physiology, disease process, infection control, nutrition, common medical terminologies, nutrition, and many others.

Upon completing the classroom training, students start their clinical practice in one of the affiliated medical facilities of Manhattan Institute. During this second part of the program, students work directly with patients under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Each instructor will not train more than ten students to assure a personalized instruction. They will also help their students pass the training and the certification exam.

Manhattan Institute has been providing a popular CNA training program in the state of New York over the years. With their highly qualified clinical instructors, fully-equipped classrooms, and state of the art simulation lab, students are assured of getting the best training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum education requirement of the program. However, students have to meet the health requirements of the course and pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center

Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center is licensed and approved by the New York State Education Department and Department of Health to offer a CNA training program to qualified individuals who wish to start a career in nursing. The plan is open to persons who are 17 years old or older, with the clean criminal record and negative test results in drugs and TB screening.

The CNA training program of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center provides 125 hours of classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students will be taught in a conducive classroom environment equipped with modern facilities and state of the art simulation lab. Several topics are discussed in the program to help the students prepare the certification exam and possible employment. These topics are not limited to anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, patient’s rights, fundamentals in nursing and many others.

Upon completion of the classroom instruction which is consist of lectures, video presentations, lab work, and computer drills, students are then exposed in an actual clinical setting. This is made together with a licensed clinical instructor who will guide every student in caring the patients and providing safe and effective nursing services. The CNA training program of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center is offered in three different schedules. Students can choose to study during the day, evening, or weekend.

Moreover, the institution is also offering an affordable CNA course in the state of New York. Students can even seek for a flexible installment payment, especially if they do not qualify for grants or scholarships. Nonetheless, the tuition usually includes textbooks, medical supplies, lectures, and supervised clinical training.

TIA School of Allied Health

Anyone who wishes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of New York must attend and complete a CNA training program that is approved and licensed by the NYS Education Department and NYS Department of Health. TIA School of Allied Health is one of the recognized schools in New York that offers a state-approved CNA training program. There is no high school diploma or GED equivalent required in gaining admission to the program, but applicants have to pass the entrance exam and its health requirements.

Undergoing a CNA training program at TIA School of Allied Health is a perfect opportunity to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field. The school offers an affordable CNA tuition at an excellent quality of training. Aside from that, every student enrolled in the course will become prepared to challenge the state certification exam. The CNA training program integrates theoretical learning with hands-on clinical practice. Participants will learn several nursing topics that are essential in the CNA practice. Plus, they will be trained in a fully-equipped simulation lab wherein various nursing skills are developed.

TIA School of Allied Health provides a small class size in their 125-hour CNA training program, which also promotes a personalized instruction among its students. They also employ excellent clinical instructors who are licensed and experts in the healthcare field. Most importantly, job placement assistance is available for the institution. Graduates of the program who passed the certification exam will be guided in seeking a potential employment in different healthcare facilities of the state.

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