CNA classes in Huntington Park

Huntington Park is one of the cities in California that provides a lot of job opportunities for individuals wanting to start a career in the healthcare sector. This place has a modest population of fewer than 195 thousand inhabitants, and it continues to become a better place for healthcare professionals like Certified Nursing Assistants. These days, several facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and much more are hiring CNAs who can provide quality nursing care to their clients. Such demand is continually happening due to the increasing elderly population in the city. This is the reason why individuals who are looking for a job that is not affected by recession should consider the healthcare field. Undergoing a CNA training will just take a couple of weeks, and there are even scholarships or grants available.

In Huntington Park, CNA training programs are regulated by the California Department of Health. They made a mandate that CNA courses should have 50 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of hands-on clinical practice. People who are interested in this program should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check clearance, CPR certification, and appropriate health screenings. They also need to pass the certification exam to be listed in the California Nursing Assistant Registry.

CNA training programs are often rigorous and short. Schools offering this course have varying requirements and starting dates, but most of them follow the criteria or standards made by the Department of Health and Board of Nursing. Students have to make a full-time commitment to finish the CNA training and become a nursing assistant right away. They also have to learn and acquire adequate knowledge and skills to prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment.


You can avail of the Free CNA classes in Huntington Park via scholarship grants or loan grants. Some academic institution can provide you with such privilege. You can check out the California Board of Nursing. The free CNA classes offered by various schools in the city are made possible to invite more people to consider entering the healthcare industry. Interested individuals have to apply through the institution’s Financial Aid Office and submit the requirements to gain a slot in the scholarship or grant. Most tuition assistance programs are limited and can be availed by qualified applicants only. So if you want to avail a free CNA class, check the school first and know the availability of their tuition assistance programs.

Another source of free CNA classes in Huntington Park is the medical institutions located within the city. These facilities could be Hoag Memorial HospitalChildren’s Hospital of Orange County and the University of California, Irvine Medical Center. Know when these healthcare institutions are in need of nursing assistants and apply right away if they offer a sponsored or paid training. Take note that the free CNA class comes with a return service, so you have to be willing to work for them after becoming certified. You might be obliged to work for a specified period, but it can be a good start for a career in the healthcare field.


It is essential that you look keenly on the institutions that offer CNA courses in Huntington ParkYou have to make sure that they are accredited by the California Department of Health. For a listing of the right institutions that is highly approved, you can check out their website. The following are some of the best schools that you can find in Huntington Park:

QBICS Career College

QBICS Career College is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program wherein students learn the essential skills approved and designed by the state Department of Public Health. The program has 50 hours of classroom lectures and another 100 hours of clinical practice. Graduates can sit for the State Certified Nursing Assistant certification exam to become a licensed healthcare provider. QBICS Career College provides CNA training program that lasts for five weeks. Program availability is several times a year, and interested students can enroll in the training as soon as they ready.

To gain admission in the CNA training program, prospective students have to prepare a non-refundable registration fee of $75 and must submit their high school diploma or GED equivalent, valid picture ID, Social Security card, TB test or Chest X-ray clearance, and criminal background check clearance. Interested individuals have to be friendly, optimistic, and passionate about caring other people. The CNA training program of QBICS Career College aims to produce nursing assistants who are not only competent in delivering quality nursing services but are also driven to serve and care for others. Students should expect a comprehensive and fast-paced training and must avoid absences or lateness to receive a certificate of completion and become eligible for the state certification exam. They also have to meet the minimum grade requirement for graduation.

Scholarships and grants may be available at their Financial Aid Office, and students can apply for tuition assistance programs to lessen the cost of the training.

American Red Cross – Los Angeles

A Certified Nursing Assistant training program can also be obtained at the American Red Cross in Los Angeles. People who want to start a career in the medical field can enroll in this program and have their skills, knowledge, and confidence developed. The CNA training is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. It emphasizes on essential nursing topics such as the art of caregiving, excellent communication, emergency procedures, nursing fundamentals, and many others. The program also teaches the students to take vital signs, perform various nursing procedures, and assist doctors and other members of the healthcare team.

The American Red Cross has an excellent reputation when it comes to their healthcare programs such as the CNA training. Classes are taught in their facility with classrooms that are fully-equipped with medical tools and equipment. Instructors are also reliable and licensed healthcare professionals who have years of experience in the medical field. The small class size of the program enables every participant to receive an individualized attention and full support. Review classes are even available to those who graduated from the program and who needs more time to prepare for the certification exam.

Moreover, individuals who are planning to enroll at the American Red Cross for a CNA training must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and physical test are also required as pre-requisites of the program. Applicants with criminal record or abuse may not be admitted in the CNA class.

West Los Angeles College

West Los Angeles College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant course which makes graduates eligible for the state certification exam and potential employment in long-term care facilities, home care, and acute care settings. The program takes nine weeks to complete, and it covers 54 hours of theoretical learning and 108 hours of clinical practice. The combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical rotations enable the students to have a better understanding of the profession while acquiring the essential nursing skills. It is taught by expert clinical instructors who have years of work experience in the medical field, and particular emphasis is given to infection control, safety principles, emotional and social support, as well as providing physical care.

The CNA class of West Los Angeles College has a small class size. Interested students have to gain admission to the college before they can enroll in any nursing programs such as the CNA training. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the minimum educational attainment for this kind of healthcare course, but enrollees have to provide a criminal background check clearance, drug screening, CPR certification from the American Heart Association, and proof of immunizations. Prospective students are also required to submit a malpractice insurance, valid photo ID, driver’s license, and a social security card.

A+ Healthcare Training

A+ Healthcare Training is another institution in Huntington Park that offers a Certified Nursing Assistant course. Those who wish to begin a career in the medical field can enroll in this program and undergo five to twelve weeks of training. The CNA course covers a lot of nursing topics which are essential to their practice. Among these topics are fundamentals of nursing, anatomy and physiology, the art of caregiving, care for the elderly, emergency procedures, and standard nursing procedures. It will also include a skills training in a simulation lab and a hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated healthcare facility.

Currently, the CNA course has three class schedules. Students can enroll in weekday, weekend, or evening classes. The weekday class can be completed in five weeks, while the evening class can be completed in nine weeks. Individuals who choose to undergo the program with a weekend schedule can complete the training in twelve weeks. Furthermore, all applicants of the CNA course have to meet the pre-requisites to be considered. Aside from a high school diploma or GED equivalent, enrollees should pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test. There are only a few students accepted in the program due to its limited class size. Thus, enrolling early is recommended to get into the CNA course.

The good thing about A+ Healthcare Training is they offer weekly and bi-weekly payment plans. Students are required to pay a registration fee of $200 and submit a copy of their Social Security and State ID or driver’s license.

Angeles College

Angeles College offers a Nurse Assistant program that prepares the students to function as an entry-level professional in a healthcare team. The primary focus of the program is to make these aspiring nursing assistants equipped in providing care to patients or residents, while promoting comfort measures, and collecting, recording, or reporting data to authorized personnel. Individuals who are enrolled in this healthcare course will learn the principles of team membership, communications, cultural sensitivity, critical thinking, ethics, and caring. They will also have an opportunity to be exposed in an actual clinical setting but with supervision from a licensed instructor. The Nurse Assistant training program of Angeles College runs for 164 hours, with 50 hours dedicated to theoretical learning, and 114 hours for laboratory or clinical practice. Students have to commit full-time and should avoid creating absences to stay in the program.

Angeles College has an excellent reputation for providing quality Nurse Assistant program in the city. Prospective students have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. The class size in this kind of healthcare program is small that is why applicants have to apply as early as possible. Training costs are around $1,900, and this includes registration fee, books, equipment, and tuition. Students seeking for tuition assistance can visit the school’s Financial Aid office for availability of scholarships or grants. These programs are also limited and require specific criteria for application.

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