CNA Classes in Idaho

The demand for orderlies and nursing assistants is predicted to grow at no less than 15 percent seven years from now. Aside from hospitals and clinics, these nursing assistants will be required to work in rehab centers, nursing homes, hospices, and long-term care facilities. Your journey starts with enrolling in one of the many CNA classes in Idaho state.


Unlike other states, certified nursing assistants are not regulated in Idaho. Therefore, a CNA graduate is not required to take an examination and pass to obtain a certification. Nevertheless, a certificate is an excellent tool for a CNA as it allows him or her to apply for such job in other states where reciprocity is recognized.

A CNA program should allocate a total of 120 hours for training, 80 hours of which are meant for classroom and the rest of clinical experience. During on-site practice, the nurse aide or assistant should be adequately guided or facilitated by a registered nurse with an active license.

Though most training is conducted offline, some programs provide an online CNA course such as North Idaho College Workforce Training and Community Education. Some colleges like Odessa College have less than 120 hours, but you can still use the credit hours if you want to pursue another health course where a CNA course is a prerequisite.

Among the schools and institutions offering CNA training program in Idaho are as follows;

College of Western Idaho

If you want to begin a career in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you can enroll at the College of Western Idaho. The college believes that through the CNA training program, students can get into a rewarding and fulfilling career in as little as one month. The course has two different pathways, the classroom, and hybrid methods. Students who are enrolled in a classroom setting receive 88 hours of theoretical instruction and 32 hours of clinical experience. Meanwhile, students who are in a hybrid pathway receive 12 weeks of online lessons, another 4 hours per week of on-site skills training, and 32 hours of clinical experience. Once the preferred method is completed, graduates can take the state certification exam to earn a Certified Nursing Assistant status which healthcare employers are looking.

The College of Western Idaho has specific requirements that have to be met by every prospective student. The minimum age requirement of the program is 16 years old, and those who are older than 18 should submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also have a clean criminal background check and undergo random 10-panel drug urinalysis as well as vaccinations and TB screening. Current CPR and BLS training for healthcare providers are also needed.

All students have to attend and complete an orientation session before the start of the class. The CNA training program costs $825, and students have to pay for their books, uniforms, medical supplies, immunizations, background check, clinical skills test, drug test, and Idaho Nurse Aide Test. Moreover, several scholarship opportunities are also available in the college to cover some or the entire cost of the CNA training program.

College of Eastern Idaho

The College of Eastern Idaho is also a provider of state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant course. The program is designed to prepare students for entering the healthcare profession through rigorous classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Individuals who are pursuing a non-credit CNA can complete the program in eight weeks, but those who prefer to obtain a credit CNA has to commit a full semester of study.

The CNA training program of the College of Eastern Idaho starts with a classroom instruction that discusses several nursing concepts surrounding a CNA practice. Among the subjects covered are anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, essential nutrition, infection control, and many others. The classroom instruction also includes various skills training to enable students to know how to take vital signs, assist patients in their activities of daily living, provide the necessary nursing care, and collaborate with other members of the healthcare team.

Upon completing the classroom and lab hours, students undergo 32 hours of clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility. The hands-on clinical method helps the students experience an actual CNA training with supervision from a licensed instructor. Completing the CNA course without absences is imperative. The school also encourages every student to obtain at least 70% of grades in all aspects of the CNA training program.

Prospective CNA students of the College of Eastern Idaho have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to pass the criminal background investigation and submit a complete record of vaccinations, drug screening, and TB testing.

North Idaho College

The CNA Training program of  North Idaho College can be obtained through the Workforce Training Center. The course is designed to prepare aspiring CNAs for their certification exam and potential employment in different healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and many others. Students enrolled in this program will undergo a combined classroom instruction, simulation lab training, and clinical practice. They will be supervised by the best clinical instructors who have an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry and who are licensed to train aspiring nursing assistants.

Few students are accepted in the CNA training program of North Idaho College. The small class size allows a more personalized instruction, enabling the students to gain adequate knowledge and skills for the profession. Aside from that, the college has modern facilities and state of the art simulation lab wherein students are trained on various nursing skills needed to function as certified nursing assistants.

The CNA training program requires all prospective students to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A clean criminal background check is also needed, along with a negative drug test and TB test. The job of a Certified Nursing Assistant is demanding that is why students have to be physically fit to lift, move, or transfer patients or residents with a minimum weight of 50lbs. Graduates of this program will become eligible to take the certification exam to work as a CNA in the state of Idaho.

Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College has a CNA training program delivered through the Workforce Training. Individuals who have been seeking for a stable and rewarding career can apply in this program and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in one month. The program can be completed in a short period, but students expect a rigorous training all throughout. The CNA course combines classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Individuals who get into the program have to commit a full-time study to graduate and become qualified for the certification exam. Absences or tardiness are not acceptable since make-up classes or training are not available. Other than that, the school has a particular grade requirement for graduation. Thus, students should take the CNA course seriously.

The CNA training program of Lewis-Clark State College accepts few students only. Applicants have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the drug screening, TB testing, and criminal background check. Interviews are also conducted during the admission process. Successful candidates can start the CNA training program and will be trained by expert clinical instructors. Graduates receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible for the certification exam.

Finishing a CNA training course at Lewis-Clark State College will open a lot of opportunities in the healthcare field. It can also be a perfect start to a BSN program in this institution, considering the demand for nurses in the state.

Boundary Community Hospital

Boundary Community Hospital conducts a Certified Nursing Assistant training program through their institution and North Idaho College. Classes take place several times a year, and interested students can visit the facility for enrolment. The course runs for 120 hours, with 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical experience. Prospective students will go through a lot of lectures, video presentation, and skills demonstration on different nursing subjects like anatomy and physiology, infection control, duties and responsibilities of nursing assistants, nursing procedures, nutrition, medical terminology, and many others. Once the classroom instruction is done, students proceed to a hands-on clinical practice which will be at their hospital.

The CNA training program of Boundary Community Hospital has no maximum age limit. Individuals can apply as early as 16, provided that they submit a proof of high school enrolment or a GED equivalent. Applicants should also pass the criminal background investigation which is made before the start of the class. They have to go through a physical examination which includes drug screening and TB testing. Individuals who meet the program requirements will be considered for the course. They will be invited to study a comprehensive CNA training program which is given by the best clinical instructors in the facility.

Scholarship programs may be available. Prospective nursing assistants who wish to study at lesser cost can seek for these opportunities. They also have to make sure that they follow the terms and conditions of the scholarship program obtained.

Gritman Medical Center

Gritman Medical Center offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program every month. The program is designed to prepare the students for a certification exam and employment in different healthcare facilities. It is considered to be an intensive training program which can be completed in two months. Students go through a combined classroom instruction, online learning, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. This kind of training allows the aspiring nursing assistants to become prepared for the demands of the profession. The medical center provides high-quality training through their clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They will also be exposed in one of the areas of the facility with supervision from their instructors.

Moreover, the CNA training program of Gritman Medical Center comes with First Aid, CPR, and Basic Life Support classes. These classes allow the student to become equipped with the profession, especially with skills necessary in providing care to patients or residents. The best thing about the CNA training program of Gritman Medical Center is it gives a lot of employment opportunities in the institution. Some of their graduates who passed the certification exam successfully are offered a full-time or part-time CNA position.


CNA students can get a lot of financial support from the different healthcare facilities in the state. Many nursing homes are willing to provide free CNA training to their present employees. Others, on the other hand, reimburse school expenses partially or entirely once you are already hired. Some of the nursing homes you can check out our Discovery Care Center of Salmon, Boise Samaritan Village, Idaho Falls Care Center, Nampa Care Center, Bingham Extended Care Facility, and Valley View Retirement Community.

Also, keep in mind that based on the federal rules, if you are hired by a facility under Medicare/Medicaid within a year after you have completed your Idaho CNA classes, you can take advantage of reimbursement.

Try to visit the Department of Health and Welfare if you need additional information. Those who have graduated high school but have no means to proceed to college or earn a certificate can apply in Idaho Job Corps. It offers both academic and career training, as well free accommodation and food. The organization, further, assists CNA graduates when looking for a job. Furthermore, try applying for work-study programs sponsored by the state, the federal government, or the school itself.