CNA Classes In Indiana

In the next 4 years, experts believe that Indiana will need 17 percent more professionals and providers in the health care industry. In other words, more facilities such as rehab centers and long-term care homes will hire Certified Nursing Assistants. Before being hired, however, it’s important that you get the proper accreditation, and that starts by enlisting in one of the many CNA classes in Indiana State.

For individuals contemplating a career as a certified nurse aide or CNA in Indiana, enrolling and completing one of the state-approved CNA classes in Indiana is naturally the first logical step. As of 2010, about 13 percent of the population in Indiana is made up of people who are 65 years old and above. Individuals from the 55 to 59-year-old age bracket are set to join the ranks in a few more years, further increasing the number of elderly people living in Indiana. Thus, numerous job opportunities abound in these parts, indicating a generally bright future for present and upcoming CNAs.

Certification Requirements

CNAs taking part in state-accredited training courses are normally under the supervision of a registered nurse. Meanwhile, the Indiana State Department of Health serves as the approving and regulatory body for CNA training programs. Standard CNA training in Indiana is composed of 30 hours of classroom-based instruction and 75 hours of clinical training conducted either in a nursing home or in a retirement facility.

Indiana recognizes two types of certified nurse aides. The first provides assistance to nursing home residents while the second type is known as a Qualified Medication Aide or QMA. QMAs are trained to dispense medications, and CNAs who want to specialize in this particular field are required to render about 1,000 hours of service as a nursing assistant and enroll in a separate training course comprising 60 hours of classroom-based lectures and 40 hours of supervised clinical service.

CNA Training in Indiana

The state of Indiana doesn’t require a CNA student to be a high school graduate or a GED certificate holder. However, candidates do require background checks, drug screening, and physical testing, especially for tuberculosis.

The required number of hours for the program is 105 hours. Seventy-five hours should be dedicated to patient contact in various health care settings and 30 hours must be for classroom instruction and lab skills.

Tuition fees vary depending on the institution providing the program, though the range is usually from a little over $500 to over $1,000. Most of these costs, though, cover all the materials you need for the training, such as medical supplies, uniforms, and books. Some schools also offer assistance in CNA exam and in the job search.

Schools also give you plenty of options when it comes to schedules. CNA Healthcare, for one, has regular 3-weekday classes, weekends-only classes, and evening classes that are good for four hours.

What does it take to be a nurse in Indiana or anywhere for that matter? The nursing profession foists a lot of responsibility on the practitioner to be competent and well attuned to his or her trade. That is why you will find that the system for CNA classes in Indiana has a slight disparity as far as the teaching systems in the rest of the country are concerned. You will find that a lot of emphases is placed on the need to have a clear and competent educational background. If you are thinking about enrolling to become a nurse in Indiana, there are a lot of things that you should have.

CNA classes in Fort Wayne Indiana

In order for you to be a certified nursing assistant, you must make sure that you fulfill the mandatory 105 hours of training. 75 hours of this chunk of time will be dedicated solely to practical work and the remaining 30 hours are purely for class work. The duration tends to vary from time to time in that it tends to take longer if you are taking the course part time and shorter if you are taking the course full time.

As for the academic requirements for this course, you should make sure that you have a high school diploma, a GED or a certificate. Other conditions that you must fill include a pass when your federal background check is conducted. You must also have a social security number, a form of valid identification like a driver’s license or an ID card. Finally, you must make sure that you pass a physical examination.

J Everett Light Career Center

Adults and high school students both benefit from enrolling in the health occupations program at the J Everett Light Career Center. The course work provides instruction on 48 different patient care skills through both literature and hands-on approach. The program also focuses on different health care careers so that students can get a better understanding of what specific field they’d like to enter. Upon completion, students are prepared to take the CNA competency exam for an entry-level CNA opportunity or to qualify for further schooling.

Indiana Health Career Training

The Indiana Health Career Training center offers a wide variety of certification programs including an extensive CNA course. Students benefit from a flexible schedule and a relaxed learning approach. Full and part-time CNA classes in Indiana are available in a split of classroom education and clinical work to fully prepare the student to enter the field. Students can fully expect their State approved license in under 2 weeks from completion of the course and successful passing of the board exam.

University of Indianapolis

Students can enjoy the full college atmosphere in this 4-year private school with a sprawling suburban campus. Taking CNA classes in Indiana at the Indiana Health Career Training entitles students to pursue an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree at the undergraduate level. For those who want an advanced nursing education, specialized programs are available at the graduate level in the fields of midwifery, nursing education, nursing leadership, family nursing or sexual assault nursing examination.

CNA classes in Ivy Tech

CNA classes in Ivy Tech are conducted in their career schools or high schools instead of community colleges. As was mentioned earlier, the demand for CNA classes in Indiana tends to be radically different from those in other parts of the US, hence leading to a different certification in the state.

Also, it is very important to highlight that after graduation from here, professionals are employed in nursing homes, emergency medical training personnel or as a private nursing assistant in private clinic. The prospect for employment is very high. The starting wage is usually around USD 9- USD 16 per hour. The annual salary computes to around USD 19,000 to USD 25,000.

Ivy Tech offers accelerated CNA classes in Indiana so students can quickly enter the workforce. Successful completion of this 1-month course will prepare students to take the certification examination from the State of Indiana. Also, the diverse workload includes a combination of 128 hours of classroom learning and clinicals at a local long-term care facility, and students will be fully prepared to enter the nursing field in a shorter time.

There are a lot of other colleges as well offering CNA in Indiana. Examples include Kaplan College, Daymar College, Beckfield College and Lincoln College of Technology.

What next after completing the CNA classes in Indiana? The next step after you have completed your coursework is to take an examination that is set by the Indiana State Department of Health. The examination consists of basically a written exam and a practical exam which is distributed as 50:50.

After finishing your examination, there are many options available to you. You should make sure that you can go straight to the job market or just move on to a higher certification.

Free CNA Classes in Indiana

Nursing Assistants in Indiana provide care to those unable to care for themselves. Oftentimes positions for CNAs are found inside of long-term care facilities and hospitals, with the individual performing duties including bathing and grooming, feeding and monitoring vital signs. CNAs must first attend training and pass a state exam before they can hold this position.

If you want to be a Nursing Assistant, you can expect a job that you will love day after day! There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are helping another human being, and this is your job every single day! The first step in working as a CNA is taking free CNA classes in Indiana. Whether you are in Lafayette or Indianapolis, Columbus or a city in between, there are plenty of classes being held right now. Some of the best CNA classes in the state include the following schools.

Miller’s Merry Manor

Miller’s Merry Manor is one of the healthcare facilities that provide free CNA training from time to time through Ivy Tech. It normally lasts for 3 weeks. The first week is allocated for classroom and the rest for on-the-job training. It pays for your tuition and materials, as well as provides you with allowance as a trainee. It also spends for your certificate state test. Another health care facility that provides free class is Golden Living Center. To qualify, you should submit yourself to drug screening and background check.

WorkOne Center

WorkOne Center in Indiana is an organization that also offers financial assistance to disadvantaged individuals who like to study, especially CNA. If you are currently out of work, you can try dislocated worker funds through a grant. Some institutions take the risk of providing free CNA training for students who don’t have prior clinical experience and/or education.

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center provides a 105-hour CNA class for those interested in pursuing this career. Those 105-hours include 30 hours of classroom training and 75 hours of clinical training. Classes are taught for a period of seven-weeks, after which time students who have earned an 80% or above can take the state exam.

Indiana Veterans Home

Indiana Veterans Home is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is the only veterans’ home in the state. Because the center is working with some of the most fragile of individuals in the state, the need for more caring CNAs is always there. For this reason, they provide a 105-hour course that teaches the ropes of becoming a CNA, and a very good one at that.

Certified Nurse Assistant Institute of Indiana

Certified Nurse Assistant Institute of Indiana is located in Indianapolis. The CNA program costs $650 but is payable in two $325 installments, first being due upon registration. Apart from paid classes, free classes are also going to be considered. The class is three weeks long, with the first week consisting of classroom education and the second and third weeks taking clinical study. Classes take place during the day, Monday through Friday.

Students enrolled in the CNA program are expected to pass a criminal background check, submit a negative TB screening and must be able to attend all mandatory hours without absence or tardiness.

MJS College

MJS College is located on Virginia Street in Merrillville, Indiana. They offer an exciting CNA program to adults ready to change their lives forever. Students who wish to embark on this life-changing experience must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. and enjoy working with seniors helping with a variety of tasks each day. Their CNA training lasts for a period of five-weeks and covers all of the skills needed to work in a healthcare facility. Tuition for the MJS CNA program is $750 whereas free classes are also held for a limited time period. This fee includes textbooks as well as the costs of the state exam.

Indiana is also one of the states with mandated CNA training reimbursements depending on a number of criteria. If you receive an employment offer no more than 12 months after you’ve completed NATCEP, the state through Medicaid and Medicare needs to refund you of all the expenses you spent including but not limited to tuition fees and textbooks.

It’s also common among long-term facilities or nursing homes to provide CNA training without any cost on the student as a means of adding more staff into their fold. You can inquire about it from Bremen Health Care Center, Davis Gardens Health Center, Bluffton Regional Medical Center, and Longworth Villa.

Job Expectations

CNAs working in the Indiana area earn about $23,000 annually on the average with the hourly rate set at $10.11. This is according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS in 2010 which further show that in the same year, more than 34,000 health care workers can be found in Indiana, and these include nursing assistants or aides.

If you feel that Indiana is a good place to start a career in the nursing assistant field, you will need to enroll in schools that will prepare you well for the job. These Indiana-based training institutions are not that hard to find since many of them are known to provide excellent CNA training courses which normally fall under their program on adult education.

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