CNA classes in Jackson MS

Have you always wanted to work in healthcare but hated the thought of spending years in school? A job as a Certified Nursing Assistant could be precisely what you’ve been dreaming. A CNA works hands-on with patients, providing daily care and ensuring their welfare. This healthcare professional also works under the supervision of Registered Nurses, with collaboration among other members of the team. On top of that, nursing assistants are in-demand these days and employers often provide them with good pay and employment benefits. So training to become a CNA is the best option to start a fulfilling and rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Getting a Free CNA Training Program

A lot of the state-approved CNA training programs in Mississippi are offered by community colleges and vocational schools. However, there are also a good number of skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and healthcare agencies that provide free CNA training programs to qualified individuals. These institutions are offering a sponsored or paid CNA training because they need several nursing assistants who can potentially work for them. Individuals who are interested in this kind of deal can visit one of the nursing facilities and apply for a paid CNA training. Such opportunity does not only provide a free healthcare course but a permanent employment as well.

Meanwhile, the state of Mississippi has always been providing financial assistance programs to unemployed residents and those who wish to start a new career. The local income assistance administrative center offers support for individuals seeking financial assistance. Job Corps is also sponsoring qualified individuals who are willing to be trained as a CNA, and the Mississippi State Board of Nursing is providing help to interested people seeking for a no-cost CNA training program. They usually have a list of possible agencies and facilities that sponsor a nurse assistant training course with a corresponding return service that can become an opportunity to start a fulfilling career in the healthcare field.

The scarcity of Certified Nursing Assistants in the state has pushed several nursing employers to offer paid, sponsored, or free training to their prospective staffs. However, it is essential to understand the conditions set by the company. Some of the employers will pay all the training expenses while others prefer to refund, but most of these companies will require a fixed time-period of working for them.

CNA Schools in Jackson, Mississippi


The CNA Training Center has been in Jackson since 2006, offering a six-week training program for caring individuals who want to step into the exciting world of healthcare. Their program consists of 130 hours of training, both classroom and in a clinical setting. The cost of the program is $2800, and this fee includes books, supplies, tuition and other miscellaneous expenses. If you qualify, financial aid is accepted at the school.

Students in the program will undergo a classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. They will learn several nursing topics including anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, the range of motion exercises, nursing procedures, and many others. Upon completion of the classroom instruction, students experience a hands-on clinical training in an affiliated healthcare facility. A licensed clinical instructor will guide the students during the clinical experience, and this healthcare professional will assist them in providing quality care to their assigned patients or residents.


Another excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a CNA degree, Meridian Community College has a program for one semester, or 16 credit hours, available. Individuals who have attained their high school diploma and wanted to work in healthcare are eligible to participate in the program. The state-approved program offers classroom, clinical and lab training preparing students to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment to gain their certificate. Fall and spring classes are provided, and financial aid is accepted. Cost of the course is $1200 plus a $25 registration fee.

Meridian Community College has produced several CNAs who have excelled in the healthcare field. The program is often rigorous due to its short and fast-paced curriculum. However, students are fully prepared for the certification exam and potential employment. The program has a small class size which promotes a personalized instruction. Student’s needs are often met because the clinical instructors are available at all times to support and assist them with their CNA certification.


A Health Care Assistant certificate can be obtained at Mississippi Delta Community College through one of three locations- GHEH in Greenville, the Drew Center in Drew and at the Golden Age Nursing Home in Greenwood. The CNA course is a one-semester program that provides all of the training needed to become a fantastic CNA in only a few weeks of time. Clinical and lab practice is presented in a nursing home or hospital setting. Programs are offered both day and afternoon, with classes starting each spring and fall. Cost of the program varies. However, you can expect the price to be around $1000.

Once you complete the CNA classes in Jackson, MS offered at one of the above schools you are eligible to take the state exam to earn your certificate. This certificate allows you to work as a CNA in the state of Mississippi. Depending on where you choose to work, the experience you have and other factors, a CNA position can offer a pay of about $11.00 per hour.

Along with a better than average pay, those who attend the CNA schools and earn their certificate can expect a lifetime of rewards to come their way. If you are a compassionate individual who strives to help others and make a difference in the world, training to become a CNA is something that you should consider. And, with all of the excellent schools offering a program you cannot go wrong.

Jackson Medical Mall

Jackson Medical Hall is a provider of a CNA training program in Jackson, Mississippi. Individuals who are planning to work in the healthcare field can pursue the 130-hour CNA training which is provided by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the area. The school will ensure that all graduates are prepared for the state certification exam and future employment in various medical settings. They promote a small class size which enables a more personalized instruction, and the institution is fully equipped with state of the art facilities and simulation lab.

The CNA training program of Jackson Medical Mall provides a lot of flexibility to working students. Daytime, evening, and evening classes are available. The course lasts for six weeks, and graduates can challenge the state certification exam to become Certified Nursing Assistants. However, they have to keep in mind the essential concepts and skills about the profession. The state exam often has two parts which are the written and practical tests. These tests are obtained from the lessons learned from the classroom instruction, simulation lab training, and hands-on clinical practice.

Moreover, students taking the CNA training program at Jackson Medical Mall should set aside $2,500 for the tuition. This includes the state exam fees and books. Uniforms, background check, vaccination, health exam, and medical supplies are not included. Students who are economically challenged can seek for scholarships and grants to lessen the cost of the training or get it for free. They also have to take in mind the possible conditions of the scholarship or grant.

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that provides adequate knowledge and skills to students who wish to become an entry-level healthcare professional. The program is offered every semester with classes that start in summer, spring, or fall. Students go through a combined classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. Such training allows the students to learn more about the profession and the essential nursing procedures that every CNA must know. It can be used as a stepping stone towards a great career in nursing since most health-related programs recognize the CNA certification program.

Moreover, the CNA training program of Hinds Community College has specific requirements to meet. All interested students have to prepare an official high school transcript or a General Education Development (GED) test score, as well as formal college transcripts from all colleges if there is any. They also have to submit an American College Test (ACT) score or an official Accuplacer score including their completed application for admission and use for selection.

Hinds Community College also provides financial assistance programs to students who excel academically and those who cannot meet the costs of the training. Several scholarships, grants, and loans are available in the college to help the students achieve a CNA certificate without the hassles of finding enough funds for the tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is offering a non-credit Certified Nursing Assistant training program that prepares the students for the state certification exam for CNAs. It also makes them prepared for employment in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies. The non-credit CNA training program runs for 100 hours, combining classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. The course allows the students to know more about the profession, primarily that various nursing subjects are taught including anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, medical terminologies, and necessary clinical procedures. Upon completion of the program, graduates can take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination.

The cost of the program is $595, and this does not include the testing fee, books, uniforms, medical supplies, and living expenses. Applicants have to complete a non-credit registration form, register to the online career readiness certification practice test and submit a copy of their high school diploma or GED transcript. The CNA course also has pre-clinical requirements like criminal background check, substance test, hepatitis record, waiver form, and health screening.

The CNA training program of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College takes place several times in a year. Interested individuals can enroll every after the program, but they have to attend the classes regularly and not commit absences. A grade of 70% in all aspects of the training is also necessary to finish the course and receive a certificate of completion.

University of Mississippi Medical Center

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has produced several Certified Nursing Assistants over the years. With its state of the art facilities, expert clinical instructors, and good reputation, students graduate from the university with excellent preparation for the certification exam and employment. The CNA training program of the University of Mississippi is one of the most important healthcare courses in the state. Students learn the basic anatomy and physiology, common disease process, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, patient’s rights, activities of daily living, and many other nursing procedures. After completing the theoretical learning, students are exposed in an actual clinical setting. This is made with supervision from a licensed clinical instructor who will guide and train the students in providing quality nursing services to their patients.

The CNA training program of the University of Mississippi Medical Center can be completed in a few months. Interested students have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background investigation and health screening. Aside from that, prospective nursing assistants have to be physically prepared for the demands of the profession. They have to be capable of lifting at least 50lbs of weight as CNAs may sometimes need to move, transport or carry a patient or a resident.

Nevertheless, scholarship programs are available at the university. Financially challenged students can apply for these assistance programs to finish a CNA course without any burden. However, most scholarships are limited, and applicants have to be academically excellent to have higher chances of getting it.

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