CNA Classes in Kansas

CNA training in Kansas is offered regularly at community colleges and vocational schools. They can be used as the first step to becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Education Requirements for CNAs in Kansas

In line with federal and state laws, aspiring CNAs are required to successfully complete an accredited CNA training program in Kansas. If the candidates have however already completed the required coursework elsewhere (e.g. while training to be a registered nurse_, they may apply for the state test without enrolling for additional CNA courses.

The admission requirements for CNA schools in Kansas varies but most program require that students be in possession of a high school diploma before applying. Students are also expected to meet certain health requirements such as providing proof of vaccination and a negative tuberculosis screen. Fluency in written and oral English is also recommended.

CNA training and certification is monitored by Kansas Department of Health and Health Occupations Credentialing of Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.

To be eligible to take the state examination, you should have spent 90 hours of more in training. Half of the time is used for clinical experience, particularly in different health care locations, and the other half is intended for classroom discussions and laboratory work.

The state also has mandatory requirements before you apply for a training. One, you need to be at least 18 years old with no criminal record in Kansas or anywhere else in the country. You may also be subjected to drug screening and physical tests. Kansas also places a huge importance on proficiency in writing and speaking in English. If you’re poor in this area, you can look for schools that also provide academic training. The CNA training can last for a couple of weeks to a few months. Some tuition fees are expensive, but they can be paid in installments.

Accredited CNA Schools in Kansas:

Kansas City Kansas Community College

The Kansas City Kansas Community College offers a 2-course program that prepares students for all they’ll need to become a CNA. This includes class work and the requisite hours of clinical practice. Students gain important skill such as how to use medical equipment, how to measure a patient’s vitals and the different medical terminologies used around health care facilities. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to write the Kansas state CNA test.

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) offers both entry level and refresher CNA certificate programs. The CNA refresher certificate is for students who have not worked as CNAs in any capacity over 24 months. Like other CNA classes in Kansas, students applying for this CNA class are expected to present proof of their identity and a negative TB screening. The CNA training program involves 96 hours of combined class work, lab and clinical sessions. Students may choose to handle the class work online. Topics covered during the JCC program includes coursework on

  • Nutrition
  • Infection Control
  • Physiology
  • Core Nursing Practices
  • Patient Care and Safety
  • Reading vital sign

Students who successfully complete their CNA classes in Kansas, with a minimum of a ‘C’ grade will be eligible to apply for the state run CNA test.

Kansas College of Nursing

The Kansas College of Nursing offers an intensive CNA training program for students. The course carefully follows the CNA training guidelines outlined by the Kansas State Department health. It involves over 96 hours of lectures, lab work and clinical practice in a nursing home.

To enroll for the CNA program, students are expected to have a means of identification and a copy of their chest X-ray. The college offers day, evening and weekend CAN classes. During the program, students cover topics such as infection guidelines, medical ethics, patient rights and the anatomy. Students are also trained in post-op care procedures and patient care. Upon completion of the course, students must attempt the state test within the next 12 months. A maximum of three attempts are allowed during this period.

Job Expectation

The average annual income for CNAs in Kansas is $23,000. The exact figure varies depending on a CNA’s position, experience and the area that the CNA works. Experienced CNAs living in urban areas may earn as high an annual income as high as $31,000 while less experienced aides earn $19,000. The state of Kansas is ranked 26th based on its population of certified nursing assistants with over 19,800 employed within the state. The number of CNAs is expected to increase by 20% over the next decade in line with forecasts by the U.S bureau of labor.

In Kansas, a Certified Nursing Assistant has the potential to earn more than $20,000 in an entry-level position. Proper training, good experience, and excellent track record allow you to get more in just a short amount of time. CNA classes in Kansas state have never been more accessible, as the demand for skilled staff continues to rise year over year.

Free CNA Classes in Kansas

In Kansas, multiple health care facilities help their staff obtain more education or certification so they can serve their clients better. When it comes to CNA training, nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, among others, normally finance the education, paying for the student’s tuition and miscellaneous expenses like uniforms and books. In turn, the student remains their employee over a period of years. Some of the facilities you can inquire to are The Heritage, Eudora Nursing Center, Andover Health Care Center, Elk Manor Home, The Cedars, and Emporia Rehabilitation Center.

You can also take the chance and apply as a volunteer at the University of Kansas Hospital. This reputable health care institution is staffed by some of the best doctors and nurses in the state. Working closely alongside them, you can gain great inputs that can be helpful in your CNA job later on.

If you have obtained your certification and found a job less than a year after it was given, you are entitled to reimbursement from the company that hired you, though how much you will receive is subject to a lot of factors. Further, if you have been unemployed for around 6 months, the total refund may not be more than 50 percent.

The Urban League of Kansas has been busy helping men and women of all status and ages acquire the right CNA training through their partnerships with different high schools and colleges. This is called PCA (Patient Care Assistant) program. It provides the student with 9 credit hours after graduation.

You can also apply for a financial aid from the state through the Department of Education. Make sure that you do so at least a month before the classes start.

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