CNA classes in Long Beach

Long Beach is found in California, United States of America. It is known to have a robust healthcare system with a range of medical centers and hospitals which can be found in the city. Those who are aiming to have a start in the medical field can opt to become a CNA professional in Long Beach California. In fact, there are CNA classes in Long Beach which offers you the kind of training education which you need to jump start your future in this kind of professional career.

Undergoing a CNA training program will open a lot of opportunities in the healthcare field. However, individuals who are planning to enroll should make sure that they take the program in a state-approved school. As mandated by the California Department of Health, the CNA classes in Long Beach should be 175 hours long which is split into classroom hours and clinical training hours. A CNA school must have the appropriate accreditations and registration from the Department of Health. Otherwise, students will not be able to sit for the certification exam for nursing assistants.

In Long Beach, California, several institutions are offering state-approved CNA classes. The hours of instruction may vary, including its corresponding requirements, but it leads to a certification exam which happens after completion of the training. Individuals who pass the exam will be listed in the Nurse Aide Registry and can practice their profession in different healthcare facilities. They can also pursue advanced studies in nursing, which are available in various schools. License renewal is also done in the CNA registry, and anyone who forgets to renew their license or those who failed to pass the exam three times should pursue review classes before they are allowed to take the test.


Free CNA classes in Long Beach are always available to those who wish to become a Certified Nursing Assistant but have no means to pay for the program costs. Apparently, the California Department of Health also monitors these classes to ensure that graduates receive a quality education even if they pay nothing.

Schools are often the best sources of free CNA classes. They have various scholarships, loans, grants, and other tuition assistance programs which can be a great help to individuals who are unemployed or those who belong to a low-income family. People who are interested in this type of opportunity should enroll in a CNA school and inquire about their free CNA class. It is also important to meet the requirements of their program to be considered for a tuition assistance.

Furthermore, you can also opt to be employed by key employers. Key employers will offer you free CNA classes in Long Beach in return for you providing services for them. The medical facilities which you can find here include Community Hospital Long BeachSt Mary’s Medical Center and Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. You can try to inquire about these institutions and submit an application if they offer free CNA classes. Most of their training programs are offered to their potential employees so you must be prepared to work after passing the certification. Nevertheless, you might be obliged to work in return for the said employer, but it can be a privilege to receive a CNA certificate for free and to be employed right away.

Free CNA classes are just around the corner. All you have to do is to be persistent in looking and applying for one. Do your research well and be amazed by the opportunities that Long Beach has to offer.


The CNA courses in Long Beach deals with the key skills which you will learn and hone during the CNA training course which include first aid, medical care, wound care, interoffice communication and the bathing and grooming of patients.

Education and training are vital which is an important consideration one must deal when you decide to enroll in such institutions here. The following are some of the trusted institutions that offer CNA classes in Long Beach, California.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross in California offers a CNA training in Long Beach. This program is offered several times a year and is designed by industry experts who utilize the latest educational technologies to their prospective students. The course is also developed and reviewed by the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council which ensures that students receive an accurate and updated training. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of the American Red Cross runs for four to eight weeks and includes an in-class instruction and clinical rotations. Students are provided with course materials, and other resources can be accessed through their library. They also receive an individualized instruction to equip them with knowledge, skills, and experience in the healthcare field.

Before signing up for a CNA training in American Red Cross in Long Beach, interested individuals have to submit a high school diploma or GED certification, attend a local orientation information session, pass the reading and math assessment, complete a physical form or TB test, and pass a criminal background check. They may also have to meet other criteria of the program which will be provided by the Red Cross CNA counselor. Moreover, only a few participants will be accepted into the training and students have to avoid committing absences to receive a certificate and graduate.

Upon completing the entire course, graduates can sit for the state licensing exam which is hosted at any Red Cross training facilities. Test day requirements may be different from other locations but will the facility will inform their test takers before its scheduled date of exam.

Trident School of Nursing

Trident School of Nursing offers a Certified Nurse Assistant certificate program which enables graduates to sit for the licensing exam. The program is approved by the California State Board of Nursing, and it can be completed for five weeks. Students undergo a rigorous training that includes a combined classroom instruction, simulation lab practice, and hands-on clinical rotation. They will be trained by a licensed instructor who will guide and help them succeed in this healthcare profession. Since the class size in the CNA class is small, participants receive individualized instruction. They can easily ask for assistance or help whenever they need it.

The Certified Nurse Assistant certificate program of Trident School of Nursing is offered several times in a year. Interested students can apply when training finishes, but they also have to meet and complete the requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, valid identification, tuberculosis (TB) clearance, social security card, flu shot record, and criminal background check. Classes are held from Monday through Friday, and clinical rotations are usually conducted every Saturday and Sunday. Absences or tardiness are not allowed in training, and every student has to meet the average grade required for graduation.

The cost of the CNA training is approximately $1,700 which needs to be paid in full on the first day of the program. However, Trident School of Nursing also offers payment plans for their students. They require at least half of the program cost on the first day of the CNA training, with the remainder of the paid on the last day of the class. Scholarships and grants may be available, but it is best to check with the school’s Financial Aid Office for its availability. Expenses for the CNA training includes tuition fees, books, equipment, CPR training, registration fee, live scan, and another miscellaneous cost of the program.

Goodwill SOLAC

SOLAC is the first organization of Goodwill to become a state-approved CNA Training Academy in California. If you want to work in the healthcare field as an entry-level professional, the CNA training is a good start. The Certified Nurse Assistant training program provides hands-on clinical practice and classroom instruction to equip students for the CNA examination. Since the class can be completed in a few weeks, participants of the program have to make a full-time commitment to passing the exams and training.

To become eligible for the CNA training, prospective applicants must have low or no income and be at least 18 years old. They also have to pass the criminal background check, educational assessment of 9th grade in reading and math levels, and the nurse entrance interview. There is a nominal eligibility fee in the program, but above all, the tuition cost is free. Goodwill SOLAC usually helps those who are in need of a stable and well-compensating job, particularly unemployed adults and high school graduates. The free CNA training program aims to provide opportunities to fewer privileged residents of Long Beach, California who are driven towards obtaining a successful career in the healthcare field. It is offered several times a year, but seats are often limited.

Nevertheless, participants in the CNA class will be assisted throughout the training and even before they take the licensing exam. Review classes are provided to graduates, and those who earn their license successfully can even take advantage of the school’s job assistance programs.

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