CNA classes in Louisiana

Louisiana CNAs enjoy a yearly salary of around $25,000 and a positive job outlook. The state is looking forward to hiring more CNAs in the coming years, in order to meet the ever rising demand for nursing assistant staff. This makes now a better time than ever to consider enrolling in one of the many CNA classes in Louisiana state.

CNA Training in Louisiana

A Certified Nursing Assistant in Louisiana has to go through an intensive state-approved CNA program before applying for certification. After taking the exam, the student then needs to enter their credentials in the state registry. CNAs are under the guidance and regulations of the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Further, the state requires all CNA students to garner at least 80 hours of training, of which 50 percent is spent on hands-on work and 50 percent is for lectures and lab skills. It also gives importance on prior education, so you have to be a GED certificate holder or a high school graduate. You also need to be at least 18 years old. If you want to fast-track the CNA certification, you can attend the class provided by Louisiana Delta Community College. It allows you to prepare for the GED as well as train for a certification in an allied health course such as CNA.

An important thing to remember about certification: it’s extremely important you don’t lose the competency certificate especially if you don’t have any work experience yet; otherwise, you have to repeat the CNA training.

Louisiana is a state located in the south region in the United States of America. It is considered to be as the 25th most populous in the 50 states of the United States. Aside from that, it has a growing demand for medical professionals like CNAs. Due to the demand, more and more institutions are opening up CNA classes in Louisiana. When you are here and you become a CNA professional, life gets pretty exciting. You get to enjoy the advantages of being a CNA professional in Louisiana.

CNA classes in Louisiana

The CNA courses in Louisiana are the best in the state. You will never go wrong in choosing where to spend your effort, time and money when chasing your dream, which is being a CNA professional. You need to find the right institution which will provide you with the right education and proper training that will equip you in this kind of professional field. You can check out the listings of schools or training centers in Louisiana Department of Health.

The CNA classes in Louisiana have to have 75 hours of educational training to become CNA professionals. You need the right form of training and education to be able to be a CNA professional. This is clearly stipulated in the Louisiana Department of Health.

The educational training that you will encounter in the CNA classes in Louisiana will cover recognition of personality types, infection control, proper hand washing, bedside manner and many more. When you finish the educational training course, you need to take the CNA examination.

Prior to taking the examination, aside from course completion, you also need to have TB testing, health status check and passing of the criminal background check, social security number and photo ID. The examination has a fee of $100. It is made up of skills examination and multiple choice questions. It is expected that you need to have to know about 25 skills when you are undergoing your training course. Amongst the 25 skills, 5 of it will be randomly tested in the licensure examination. When you pass, your name will appear in the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.

Free CNA classes in Louisiana

When you are struggling in the financial aspect, you can acquire about the Free CNA classes in Louisiana in some training institution. There are training institutions who provides loan or scholarship grants to students who will provide and meet the necessary requirement that they would impose. You can also go to the Louisiana Board of Nursing.

You can also get hired in medical facilities that are known to have key employers which you can find in Louisiana.  You can find in the Louisiana Nursing Home Association some of the listings of the best medical facilities which you can find in this state. Some of these employers would not mind that they will shoulder your academic expenses in return for providing services in their medical facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, clinical center and many others.

You can begin looking for free CNA classes in Louisiana at various health care facilities. As a way of attracting more applicants and inviting good health care professionals, a number of them are willing to provide free CNA training. Sometimes the facility itself conducts it. Often, it works alongside vocational schools and colleges, which already have a reliable CNA program. Then the health care facility takes care of a huge portion or all of your expenses.

Some of the places you can check out are the following:

  • Eunice Manor
  • Olive Branch Senior Care
  • Eden Gardens Nursing Center
  • Baptist Retirement Center
  • Louisiana Guest House of Baton
  • Ormond Nursing and Care Center
  • Lutheran Home of New Orlean

Red Cross actually has a quite expensive CNA program. Usually, you spend more than a thousand dollars for a training that is good for several weeks. The advantage is Red Cross definitely exposes you to the realities of the health care profession. You can also learn a lot from working with different providers. Moreover, from time to time, Red Cross comes up with free CNA classes, though you have a much higher chance of joining one created by your local or community chapter.

Teens or those who are fresh out of high school can visit Carville Job Corps Center. This is the only location that provides free career trainings for potential certified nursing assistants. The program offers allowances, free tuition fees, food, and lodging to successful applicants.

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