CNA classes in Madison, WI

Before you consider a career in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is a great idea to do a lot of research. A thorough investigation will help you know more about the industry, the salary you might receive, the employment benefits, and the career opportunities that it may provide. Once you decide working as a CNA, the next thing to do is to find reliable sources of state-approved nurse aide training programs.

One of the most prominent sources of information about CNA training programs and jobs are Indeed and Craigslist. You might think that these sites are purely for job postings, but you will be surprised with the wealth of information you get for this healthcare course. Moreover, CNA training programs can also be obtained at schools and other healthcare facilities in Madison, Wisconsin. Several nursing schools are offering CNA courses to help aspiring healthcare providers become qualified nursing assistants in the state. There are also some facilities that provide free CNA classes in exchange for years of employment. Applying for this program will not only help you finish a CNA course, but it will also offer a full-time or part-time job as a nursing assistant.

Licensing Requirements of Nursing Assistants in Madison

Like any other medical careers, a CNA training program is necessary to start a career in the healthcare field. In the state of Wisconsin, Certified Nursing Assistants are called nurse aides, and they have to complete a simplified CNA program in the area that adheres to the state’s specific requirements. One of the conditions is to undergo at least 120 hours of training, with 32 hours spent on hands-on clinical practice. Anyone who completes a CNA training program that is less than the required number of hours will not be eligible to sit for the certification exam.

Background and health screenings are also essential in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Prospective students have to be free from any criminal record and communicable diseases to gain admission to the program and become qualified for licensing. Once the requirements are met and the certification exam is passed, successful applicants will be listed in the CNA registry which is commonly required to get a job in different healthcare facilities.

CNA Training Programs in Madison, Wisconsin

There are numerous schools scattered throughout the area that can help you become a CNA in a few weeks of time. Some of the very best of those institutions include the following:

Madison College

Madison College is one of the best CNA classes in the Madison, WI. The three credit program consists of 120 hours of training, preparing students to work as a nurse assistant after completion of the state exam. To receive training from this school,  individuals must pass a criminal background, and health check (including a negative TB skin test,) scored an 80 on COMPASS Reading, a 40 on ASSET Reading or an 18 in ACT Reading. It is also important to apply before the deadline closes because the CNA training program is often limited to some participants.

Students expect a personalized instruction from clinical instructors. They will learn the proper way of communicating with patients, families, and other members of the healthcare team. Aside from that, the instructors will help the students know more about the patient’s rights, the proper way of caring dementia patients, and primary nursing and personal care skills.

Madison College offers a CNA training program all year round. Students can seek for financial aid programs to lessen the cost of the course and ensure to finish it without hassles. The institution provides loans, grants, and scholarships to deserving individuals who cannot afford to cover the expenses of the program.

Wisconsin CNA Training Center

Wisconsin CNA Training Center is another excellent choice to obtain the required training to work as a CNA. Here students can complete the 120 hours of training through classroom and hands-on work. Three to eight-week programs are offered.  A cost of $725 is required to attend The Training Center, with a $70 hold fee due at the time of application. An application can be completed online and submitted by mail or in person.

The CNA training program in this institution provides a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to start a career in the healthcare field. Participants have to submit a high school diploma or equivalent and must pass the criminal background check and health screening. Accepted applicants will be trained in the classroom and a clinical setting with direct supervision from a licensed instructor. They will be prepared for the certification exam which takes place after completing the course.

Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College

Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College had 642 graduated from their 2011 CNA program. It could be you the next to share in this glory. The Nurse Assistant program at this college offers an eight-week program. Both day and evening classes are available, helping more people find the time to earn their training and still maintain their lives. A total of 3 college credit hours must be obtained through the college to take the state exam. Financial aid may be available to help with the costs of the program for those who qualify.

Prospective students who want to enter in the CNA training program of Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. It is also essential to pass the criminal background investigation and health screening which includes TB and drug testing. Students who gain admission in the CNA course are trained by the best instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They are also exposed in an affiliated facility to experience a hands-on training with patients having various healthcare issues.

Touchstone Living Centers

The small class sizes offered through Touchstone’s CNA training allows all in attendance receive the personalized attention they need for success. Classes are limited to just 12 students to ensure this is met. The program through Touchstone consists of 124 hours of classroom, clinical and lab instruction. It takes approximately five weeks to complete the application.

New CNA classes in Madison, WI frequently begin throughout the year. To attend, an application must be completed. Forms can be found on the web and in person at the Winnebago Street location. Cost of the classes is $695, fees that are due before classes begin. This price includes textbooks and other needed items but does not cover the value of the state exam.

CNA students of Touchstone Living Centers have to meet the program requirements. A high school diploma may be needed to apply, but those who do not possess such document can secure a GED equivalent. A clean criminal record and health screening are also outstanding. CNA students have to be clear from any criminal offense and communicable diseases. Individuals who do not meet these requirements will not be admitted to the CNA training program.

Neway Directions

The CNA training program of Neway Directions is designed to help students obtain a certification as nursing assistants. Individuals who are interested in entering the healthcare profession can study on a full-time or part-time basis. Students who choose to study full-time can complete the course in as little as three weeks, while those who consider part-time can finish it in six weeks.

The CNA training program is a short healthcare course that covers several nursing concepts and skills training. Students enrolled in the program receive individualized attention from their instructors. They will also have the opportunity to earn credits which can be used in advancing their education in nursing. Among the topics discussed in the program are anatomy and physiology, essential nutrition, infection control, essential nursing procedures, medical terminologies, and many others.

Neway Directions is also offering scholarship programs and financial assistance to deserving students who have excellent academic grades or those with economic struggles. The course is available almost every month, and applicants applying for financial aid should visit their Admission’s or Financial Aid office for more information.

American Red Cross – Wisconsin

The American Red Cross of Wisconsin is one of the most reputable institutions offering CNA training programs. The course is designed to help the students learn the essential skills needed to provide quality care to patients and residents. It also combines traditional classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice to prepare the students for the certification exam. The CNA training program of the American Red Cross provides adequate knowledge and skills to entry-level healthcare professionals. The curriculum is often rigorous due to its fast-paced training, but every student who is enrolled in this program receive individualized attention.

The instructors have licensed nurses who will guide every student in their academic and clinical practice. Several topics are included in the training including First Aid, AED usage, CPR, infection control, taking vital signs, therapeutic communication, the range of motion exercises, patient safety, and other essential nursing procedures. The American Red Cross in Wisconsin also provides financial assistance programs to qualified students. However, these opportunities are not available at all times. Students can also avail a Workforce Investment Act program and inquire if the American Red Cross accepts such kind of assistance.

Blackhawk Technical College

Blackhawk Technical College is offering a Nursing Assistant and Nursing Assistant-Advanced courses. This program is a perfect pathway to other health-related courses such as BSN, Diploma in Nursing, and many others. Graduates receive 3-credits from this healthcare course, and they will have a chance to challenge the state certification exam.

The CNA training program usually runs for 120 hours. Students undergo a classroom instruction first which also includes a skills training in their simulation lab. After this part of the program, these aspiring healthcare professionals will then have an opportunity to undergo a hands-on clinical practice under direct supervision of a licensed instructor.

The advantage of getting a CNA training program at Blackhawk Technical College is that students experience an individualized instruction in a conducive learning environment. All clinical instructors are focused on helping the students achieve their professional and career goals. Even after completing the course, graduates are trained and prepared for the state certification exam.

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