CNA Classes in Maine

Certified Nursing Assistants are healthcare professionals that perform several tasks particularly in caring the patients in need. With the aging baby boomer generation, it is no doubt why there is an increasing demand for healthcare professionals. This stable and rewarding career can be done through CNA courses in Maine. If you want to embark this career path, you have to pass the training program as well as the certification to work legibly as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

If you have the passion for taking care of people and are looking for a full-time stable and rewarding job, you could be an ideal candidate for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. With the constant demand for skilled healthcare staff, starting your lucrative career begins by enlisting in one of the many CNA classes in Maine state.


Nursing homes, rehab centers, and long-term care facilities sometimes hire assistants and train them along the way or the schedule formal CNA classes. The great thing about this setup is you don’t only get to attend a class, but you also already enjoy a job. The Country Manor Nursing Home, Broadwater Health Center, Colonial Health Care, Birch Grove Rehab, and Living Center, Presque Isle Nursing Home, Fieldcrest Manor, Ross Manor, and Freeport Nursing and Rehab Center are some of the best places to check when it comes to free CNA training.

Though more often than not Red Cross healthcare training is not free, your local chapter may organize one. You can also visit two job corps locations: Penobscot and Loring. If you need improvement in math and reading, you can attend their academic training, then proceed later to one of their courses, which is a certified nursing assistant.

Free CNA classes are made to entice more people to work in the healthcare facilities in Maine. A lot of schools also has this kind of program through their Financial Aid Office. Students can apply for scholarships or grants if they wish to study at a low cost, but they have to make sure that they pass the criteria of the program and be able to maintain good grades all throughout the healthcare course.


CNA courses in Maine can also be done through the internet. Since it is understandable that other people cannot compromise their current work, they can enroll in online CNA courses in Maine. This kind of training program is very flexible, and requirements are similar to schools and other facilities. However, right after this, you have to complete a clinical training in a certain facility. This is to meet the standards set by the state’s Board of Nursing.  Fees for such training vary and always look for state-approved online classes.

As soon as you finish the CNA courses in Maine, you have to pass the certification exam before you can work in any healthcare facilities. Always keep your license active by renewing it after 24 months. The Board of Nursing will regulate all CNA activities as well as licensing or renewal concerns so keep posted on their latest updates.

Studying an online CNA training program is very helpful especially if you want a flexible type of class. Most concepts and skills are given online, which means that you can study every module at your most convenient time. Video demonstrations and tutorials are also available, plus students can access several online books for their learning. But before you consider this type of education, you have to research if the school providing such program is reliable and state-approved. That being said, you can be assured that your education will not be in vain since you become eligible for the state certification exam later on.

State-Approved CNA Programs in Maine

There are several schools and healthcare institutions that offer CNA training in Maine. However, it is important to take note that the state’s Board of Nursing has increased the required number of hours for CNA training program effective January 1, 2010. Instead of 150 hours, an aspiring CNA should undergo 180 hours of classroom and clinical training. The 180-hour curriculum is consisting of 90 hours classroom training, 20 hours skills laboratory and 70 hours supervised clinical practice.

Make sure that as you enroll in a CNA training program, the facility should be state approved and is accredited by the Department of Health and Human Services of Maine. To be eligible for the course program, you have to be 16 years old and above with a clean criminal record. There will be a background check, fingerprinting and TB check and any violations will disqualify you from the program. In addition to this, you will also be required to present a document that you finished ninth grade.

Most CNA programs in Maine last for a couple of weeks, but sometimes it extends to a year. On the other hand, the program allows high school students to take the competency test and become a certified nursing assistant after graduation. Among the institutions providing such healthcare course are as follows;


This program lasts for 11 weeks and takes place between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. All interested applicants are required to fill out the forms and attend an orientation. They also need to take the TABE test during the orientation. The score should not fall below 11. Those who pass the examination are then interviewed. The Maine Medical Center is the primary source of paid CNA training in the state. The goal of the program is to provide free CNA training to those who cannot afford and are seeking a stable employment in the healthcare field. Thus, if you want to become a healthcare professional but you have no means to undergo a state-approved CNA training, this opportunity is right for you.

The interesting part of applying in Maine Medical Center is you have the chance to become employed as soon as you pass the certification exam. Aside from that, you are also paid while in training. The salary you get from the program will even increase as you receive your certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Maine Medical Center has the best CNA training program in the state, with qualified instructors who are Registered Nurses or LPNs. Students receive a quality education that combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice, and they also enjoy a personalized training from their instructors.

Applying for the paid CNA training can be made online or by visiting their facility. Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to pass a proof of immunization on certain vaccines, a criminal background check, drug screening, and two-step TB test.

Maine College of Health Professions

Maine College of Health Professions has a Certified Nursing Assistant course that is designed to provide knowledge and skills essential for students to become Certified Nursing Assistants. The program curriculum follows the Maine guidelines like infection control, care of patients at different age groups, caring for the patient’s physical systems, and entering the healthcare field. Students in this healthcare course will be introduced to the concepts of ethical and legal aspects of care, patient safety, communication, and documentation. Classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practicum will be given to students in the CNA course. Classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Maine College of Health Professions offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program in a small class size. Only a few students are accepted per class to facilitate an individualized training and ensure that graduates are prepared for the state certification exam. Individuals who want to get into the program have to be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing to be considered in training. Maine College of Health Professionals has a good reputation in producing qualified nursing assistants in the state. Students have to attend the classes without absences and should meet a certain grade requirement to graduate.

Scholarships, loans, and grants are also available in the college to help those students who struggle financially to finish the CNA course. These tuition assistance programs are available at their Financial Aid Office.

Maine Adult Education

Maine Adult Education is also a source of CNA classes. Individuals who are interested in working in the healthcare field, particularly those high school graduate adults, can apply at Maine Adult Education. This institution has several kinds of adult education programs, which also includes a Certified Nursing Assistant training program. The program is a short healthcare course that allows students to take the state certification exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in various medical settings like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and many others. It is a combined classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practicum which is taught by experienced instructors who are Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses.

Maine Adult Education provides quality education to aspiring nursing assistants. People who want to get into the program must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to be free from communicable diseases and criminal record as it is a part of the program requirements. Having a social security card, a driver’s license, valid ID, and a liability insurance are also needed for the CNA training program. Normally, only a few students are accepted per training due to the small class size that is why interested applicants have to apply as early as possible to reserve a seat.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training provided by Maine Adult Education is free. Students will not pay anything for the program, except that they have to provide their transportation for their clinical practicum. Apart from that, they also have to be present in training and must meet the grade requirement for graduation.

American Red Cross – Maine

The American Red Cross in Maine has been providing various training programs such as first aid, CPR, AED, and CNA training. Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field are encouraged to apply for the Certified Nursing Assistant training which can be completed for several weeks. The program is a combined classroom instruction, skills training in a simulation lab, and hands-on clinical practicum in a local healthcare facility which teaches a lot of concepts and nursing principles. Among the topics discussed are anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals in nursing, basic emergency procedures, communication and interpersonal skills, activities of daily living, care for elderly, intellectual disability nursing, and many more.

All CNA instructors of the American Red Cross have licensed healthcare professionals who have years of clinical experience and who are either Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses. Students become competent nursing assistants who are prepared for the certification exam and ready to work in various healthcare settings. However, due to the number of applicants for the CNA training and the limited class size, interested students have to apply as early as possible and be able to meet the required documentation or criteria of the program.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, clean criminal background check, drug screening, and negative two-step TB test. They also need to present a valid ID photo, social security card, valid driver’s license, and a liability insurance. Scholarships and grants are also available at the American Red Cross, but it depends on the funding and eligibility of applicants.

Port Resources

Port Resources is a source of Certified Nursing Assistant training program in the state of Maine. The program runs for 180 hours of classroom instruction and clinical practicum with supervision from a Registered Nurse. It allows the graduates to sit for the certification exam and it also prepares them for potential employment in various healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, the CNA training program of Port Resources is not available for single applicants. Companies or organizations can hire Port Resources to provide a CNA training in groups, depending on the available schedules and number of trainees.

Port Resources has several Registered Nurse Educators who will teach and train potential nursing assistants who are ready to embark a career in the healthcare field. They are also partnering with local Medical Facilities to provide an excellent hands-on skills training for their students. Upon completion of the program, graduates can sit for the certification exam and will be eligible for registration in the CNA registry. Nevertheless, the Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Port Resources has prerequisites to meet. Individuals have to attend an information session, pass a background check, pass the CASA test or basic literacy test, and provide a high school diploma, GED, or college transcripts. They also have to present a Social Security number and valid state identification.

The CNA training costs around $1,105.00 and already includes books, testing fee, and tuition fees. The program has 90 hours of classroom instruction, 20 hours of skills laboratory, and 70 hours of clinical training. Students have to complete the program without absences to graduate and be qualified for the certification exam.