CNA classes in Manhattan NY

Manhattan is a city in New York which is considered to have the densest and smallest population. Aside from that, it is also defined as the culture and economic center in the United States of America. Manhattan provides a lot of tourist attractions, museums, landmarks, and universities. On top of that, the city offers several opportunities for healthcare professionals and individuals who want to start a career in the medical field. There has been a surge of demand among healthcare providers nowadays, and the best way to start in this field is to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Facilities like hospitals and nursing homes are in need of CNAs, and this does not include other medical settings which also provides various nursing services to its patients. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant may be quite demanding because of the nature of the job, but it opens a lot of career growth and opportunities. In fact, most nurses start with a CNA position then eventually proceed to advanced nursing courses. They took each program one at a time and was able to get a stable, rewarding, and fulfilling career in the healthcare field.

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Manhattan, New York, it is very important to review the credentials of the school providing it. The CNA classes in Manhattan NY would usually run 13 to 14 weeks which is four months in total. In line with the New York Department of Health, there will be a total of 130 hours of CNA lecture and training which is a prerequisite number of hours for CNA educational training course. The New York Department of Health often regulates and accredits the nursing schools in the state. If you wish to undergo such training, you have to make sure that it is recognized by this government office so become eligible for the certification exam later on.

Graduates of a CNA training program have to pass the CNA licensure examination which will be taken via the Prometric Services. The examination is both hands-on and written. It can be stressful to take the test, but it is a great reward to pass it. Passers of the certification exam will then be listed in New York Nurse Aide Registry which makes them qualified for a CNA position in various healthcare settings.


Education is the best thing that you can do when going to achieve your dreams. You need to learn the vital things first and be able to develop the skills needed in the profession that you embark. Fortunately, there are Free CNA classes in Manhattan NY built on persons who are willing and passionately enough to reach for their dreams and the only thing hindering it is the financial disabilities. These free CNA training programs are financed by several private organizations and public offices to entice more people to work in the healthcare field. Check it in the school where you enroll a CNA course. Most of them have scholarships and grants in their Financial Aid Office with corresponding requirements that have to be met. Take note that these opportunities are also limited so you can check it from time to time and see if you qualify.

Furthermore, you can get hired by key employers who own medical clinics, nursing homes or hospitals and are in search of CNA professionals. Even without a CNA certificate, you can still apply, and these facilities will provide you training. Some of them will even send you to a CNA school. However, you have to be willing to work for them after passing the licensing exam. This is usually their agreement to anyone who wants to apply for a free or paid CNA training.


When deciding which institution to enroll in that provides CNA courses in Manhattan NY, you need to take into consideration of the regulation imposed by the New York Board of Nursing. The following approved and renowned institution which provides the right kind of CNA courses in Manhattan NY is the following:

Manhattan Institute

Individuals who are enjoying helping others and who possesses a caring and hardworking attitude can undergo a Certified Nurse Assistant training program at Manhattan Institute. The school offers a two-part CNA class in their NYC Medical Career Institute. The first part of the program is a classroom instruction wherein students learn all aspects of patient care through practical demonstrations, audio, and video presentations, as well as lectures. The second part is a clinical training or externship wherein students work directly with patients or residents in a healthcare facility with supervision from a Registered Nurse who is a licensed CNA instructor and a staff member of Manhattan Institution. Every instructor handles ten students, allowing them to provide personalized instruction throughout the clinical rotations. Participants will also gain an opportunity to work side by side with nurses, CNAs, and other medical professionals in the New York City area.

Furthermore, upon completion of the classroom instruction and clinical training, graduates can sit for the certification exam which is conducted by an independent testing organization authorized by the New York State. The exam has two parts, and it includes a multiple-choice examination, and a practical test wherein participants have to demonstrate various nursing skills. Manhattan Institute provides high-quality training to prospective nursing assistants. Class size is small that is why interested applicants have to enroll as early as possible to reserve a seat. The requirements of the program are a high school diploma, valid identification, social security card, TB clearance, negative drug test result, and a criminal background check clearance. Scholarships and other tuition assistance programs may be available in Manhattan Institute through their Financial Aid Office.

TIA School of Allied Health

Any person who is interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can consider TIA School of Allied Health. This school is approved by the NYS Department of Health and NYS Education Department to provide a Nursing Assistant program which allows graduates to sit for the certification exam. TIA School of Nursing is a premier school in New York City for individuals who are interested in working in the healthcare field. It is nationally accredited by Council of Occupation Education and has an A+ rating of Better Business Bureau. The course starts with a classroom instruction and ends with clinical practice. Among the topics discussed are anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, medical terminologies, fundamentals of nursing, emergency procedures, and many others. Students are also trained to learn various skills like taking vital signs, feeding, grooming, bathing and other activities of daily living.

The CNA training program of TIA School of Allied Health has a small class size and high-quality training environment. There is no high school diploma required to gain admission in this healthcare course, but an entrance exam is necessary. In addition to that, prospective students have to undergo and pass the criminal background check and appropriate healthcare screenings. The CNA training is affordable and has easy payment plans. Participants in the program can also seek for scholarships and grants to undergo a low-cost or free CNA training. These tuition assistance programs can be availed in TIA’s Financial Aid Office.

The City College of New York

The City College of New York has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which prepares students for the certification exam and employment in various healthcare facilities. The program lasts for 130 hours and combines classroom instruction and clinical internship. The Certified Nursing Assistant training starts with lectures and video demonstrations on anatomy and physiology, emergency procedures like CPR certification, and fundamentals of patient care. Several skills are also taught including a range of motion exercises, taking vital signs, assisting in activities of daily living, and many others. The last two weeks of the program is a clinical internship which takes place in a local healthcare facility. Students can work with other members of the healthcare team and will have an opportunity to provide direct care to patients or residents. Upon completion of the program, graduates can sit for the licensing test provided by the New York State Board of Nursing.

The CNA training program of the City College of New York has a selective and competitive admission process due to the limited class size. Interested applicants have to meet the program requirements and must be able to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check clearance, a negative drug screening, TB clearance, valid identification, and social security card. Tuition fee does not include books, medical exam, uniforms, and testing expenses. Students can avail scholarships, loans, and grants to lessen the cost of the training. These tuition assistance programs are available in their school’s Financial Aid Office

New York Medical Career Training Center

The Nurse Assistant course of New York Medical Career Training Center is a healthcare program for individuals who have the desire to help others and are comfortable working with patients or clients in facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and skilled-nursing settings. It runs for 130 hours which is a combined 100 hours of classroom instruction and 30 hours of clinical internship. Students enrolled in the Nurse Assistant course will be prepared for the certification test and employment as a CNA in a healthcare facility. During the program, participants will learn the skills of a nursing assistant and will have an opportunity to gain substantial experience in the medical field. They will have a better understanding of the profession as they undergo hours of lectures on anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, fundamentals of nursing, emergency procedures, nursing procedures, and many others. At the end of the classroom instruction, students are then exposed in a nursing home with supervision from a Registered Nurse.

New York Medical Career Training Center provides top-quality CNA training to aspiring healthcare professionals. Students who want to gain an admission should be able to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a valid driver’s license, and a social security card. They should also pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test. The Nurse Assistant program has only a few seats available to prospective students. This is to promote an individualized instruction which ensures that graduates are fully-equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience.

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