CNA Classes in Maryland

CNA classes in Maryland can be described as growing mainly because the demand for nursing assistants itself is rising significantly. This is often attributed to the emergence of a Maryland population composed mostly of elderly people. The incidence of debilitating diseases in the state is reported to be rising as well leading to more people who are in need of specialized care.

Program Requirements

Maryland CNA programs typically last 6 weeks with a special focus on the many different variables that affect patients, including infectious diseases. Students are specifically taught on how to keep themselves and their patients safe from infections. As such, subjects like proper nutrition, physiology, and anatomy are given importance.

Since many prospective patients are in the twilight of their years, many Maryland CNA schools also teach their students how to properly assist these people as they are most likely unable to do various physical activities on their own. In particular, the students are given instructions on how they are supposed to lift their patients, give them a bath, and assist in the elimination of wastes.

Chesapeake College

Located in Wye Mills, Maryland, Chesapeake College offers a top-notch nursing assistant course. With the exponential growth in the health care industry, interest in CNA certification in Maryland has increased steadily. Chesapeake’s CNA course will help you break into this exciting industry. It is designed to instill the discipline and skills necessary to function in a healthcare environment by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. Courses are held in a lab classroom and also include hands on experience at a long term nursing facility. Additionally, this course also includes CPR for Healthcare Providers training and is approved by the Maryland Nursing Board. Early registration is a must as class sizes are limited to only eight candidates. Perfect attendance is also mandatory, so candidates must plan to devote their full attention to this course.

Maryland Center for Arts & Technology

The Maryland Center for Arts & Technology offers a high-quality 8-week CNA program in Baltimore, Maryland. Interested applicants must be 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent to meet the required prerequisites. Overall, this program provides basic knowledge and training for patient care and is ideal for aspiring health care professional who seeks employment in long-term care facilities. Graduates of this course will be able to leverage their experience to provide exceptional care to patients through the performance of CNA duties. These duties typically include basic functions such as dressing and grooming patients as well as checking vital signs and reporting results to senior health care professionals.

Certification Examination

Just like in other states, after completing a CNA training class in Maryland, you will be qualified to take the competency exam for nursing assistants. If you are able to pass this, you will be allowed to work in various Maryland-based health care facilities.

Interestingly, the said exam is officially called the Geriatric Nursing Assistant or GNA certification test, and this is mainly because being a nursing assistant in Maryland revolves around looking after the welfare of old people, a rapidly growing population in the state. Many free CNA programs in Maryland are aware of this fact and have consistently emphasized this in their training programs.

Job Expectations

Nevertheless, records compiled by the labor department in Maryland revealed that the average nursing assistant in these parts earns about $13.40 hourly or roughly $27,900 in annual salary. This is clearly above the average salary in the field on a national scale, with a 29 percent growth in the number of available jobs expected as per the estimate of the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning.

Given this, it does not come as a big surprise why more and more people are expressing interest in pursuing a career as a nursing assistant. In order to qualify for the position, however, you need to complete about 100 hours of CNA training which is composed of two major components, namely, the skills-based portion and the classroom learning.

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