CNA Classes in Mississippi

CNA schools in Mississippi can provide the foundation for many rewarding CNA careers. Certified CNA Assistants can complete their training in less than a year in order to receive certification and begin working in one of many settings. Other CNA programs are available for those who want to keep learning after the CNA training is over or for those who want to go back to school and continue their education. CNA classes are the ideal way to stay up-to-date on current medical conditions and practices so that each nurse can maintain a high level of quality care.

Job Responsibilities for a CNA

Certified CNA Assistants provide basic services, supervision, and care for patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNAs work in a variety of healthcare facilities, usually hospitals, CNA homes and assisted-living centers. Because training is lacking for CNAs, they are not able to perform the duties and responsibilities of an RN or LPN. Instead, they are responsible for observing patients, indicating any health or behavioral changes in the patient’s medical history, and reporting issues to their supervisor. They are also in charge of a patient’s personal hygiene, which includes bathing, dressing, and shaving, nail care, making the bed, and changing catheters. CNAs are trained in nutrition so that they may prepare and serve food and monitor a patient’s food intake. They are also responsible for housekeeping duties. In order to work as a CNA, individuals must receive CNA certification.

Accredited CNA Schools in Mississippi

CNA training is required by state law to provide at least 75 hours of CNA program training, however, many schools go well above that limit to provide a more complete, comprehensive set of knowledge and skills. Because nurses work with patients and other medical personnel, receiving a higher level of training is always worthwhile to ensure a nurse is providing safe, accurate care.

CNA Training Center – Mississippi

Students can enroll in a six-week, 130-hour CNA program at CNA Training Center – Mississippi, located in Jackson and Itta Bena. The course includes classroom instruction and clinical training at an area CNA facility. The program is one of a kind, using lectures, games, videos, laboratory sessions, and role-playing to provide students with a complete CNA education. Daytime and evening classes are available for convenience. Total costs of the programs vary depending on the campus location, and the total cost includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies. At Jackson, the program is priced at $2,800, and at Itta Bena, the program is priced at $2,000. Once students complete the training course, they are ready for the state exam and employment. The CNA Training Center’s program is approved by the Mississippi Department of Health.

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Workforce Training at Northeast Mississippi Community College offers a Certified CNA Assistant training program. It is one of many non-credit courses offered by the college in a short-term program format aimed at training and updating skills for new CNAs and ones who want further learning. Specific course information is limited on the college’s website, but interested students should contact the Division of Workforce Training and Economic Development at 662-720-7328.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of CNA

For students who may not want to stop at CNA training, or those who have already attended CNA classes in Mississippi and wish to further their education, the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of CNA offers a number of degrees and opportunities. Programs include a Bachelor of Science in CNA degree (BSN), Doctor of CNA Practice degree (DNP), early-entry degree programs, Master of Science in CNA degree (MSN and Post-MSN), and Doctor of Philosophy degree.

There are many benefits to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. It’s one of the fastest ways to join the healthcare industry. Compared to most other healthcare professions, the training period is significantly shorter in duration. Further, after enrolling and completing your CNA classes in Mississippi state, the credit hours and certification may be used when you want to further your education and become a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

CNA Training in Mississippi

In Mississippi, before anyone can enroll in a CNA training program, they should have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Candidates should also be no younger than 18 years old. The program needs to be at least 75 hours, around 16 hours of which used in hands-on training. It must also be approved by the state department of health. After he has taken the course, he can then work on his certification or license by taking the competency test. Only those who pass can be inputted in the state’s registry for nurse aide.

It’s not unusual for schools and other educational institutions for CNA to challenge applicants with a series of tests. That’s why you need to have a good background in the English language.

Free CNA Classes in Mississippi

It’s very common among healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes to provide regular CNA classes, especially if they have to maintain a certain percentage of workforce. Sometimes they conduct these trainings themselves with the help of their regular nurses or they partner with schools that already have CNA programs in place.

On the other hand, Mississippi is one of those states that require health care facilities under Medicare or Medicaid to reimburse training costs incurred by a student if he is hired within a year after his program completion. The student can also present his cost receipts within 3 months after he has fulfilled the CNA training requirement.

Some of the Medicare/Medicaid health care facilities in Mississippi are:

  • Arbor Walk Health Care Center
  • Attala County Nursing Center
  • Biloxi Community Living Center
  • Wisteria Gardens
  • Heritage Manor
  • Janesville Nursing Home
  • Lake Minnetonka Care Center
  • Madonna Towers of Rochester Inc.
  • Northfield City Hospital

Red Cross has regular CNA classes. Though most of them are paid, sometimes they provide free ones in the form of scholarships. This means you’re given a certain amount to cover all your training expenses. Schools also offer scholarships; an example is Holmes, which has SkillsUSA scholarships, intended for those who’ve won the contest of the same name. Gulfport, Finch-Henry job corps includes CNA as one of its career trainings.


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