CNA Classes in Missouri

Because the classes are short, a CNA program is one of the best ways to break into the healthcare industry. It also pays well, as entry-level CNAs can take home about $25,000 a year. With the demand for well-trained and experienced nursing staff being greater than ever, now is a great time to consider enrolling in CNA classes in Missouri, and starting a promising career today.

CNA Classes in Missouri

Residents who wish to work as nursing assistants within the state are expected to have completed CNA classes in Missouri. Certified nursing assistants are tasked with providing direct care to patients in healthcare facilities. They work closely with nurses and doctors and provide physical assistance and emotional support to patients and their families. According to the Bureau of Labor, the number of nursing aides will increase by 20% in the next decade making it the fastest growing occupation in the country.

CNAs practice under the guidance of the Missouri State Board of Nursing, and have to be included in the state’s nurse aide registry. It is also one of the many states that require Certified Nursing Assistants to take the training and pass the evaluation exam.

CNA programs in Missouri should be no less than 175 hours: 100 is intended for the on-site training while 75 hours are for classroom lectures. Moreover, they have to cover key skills such as fire safety, CPR, basic nursing, vital signs, communication, and body care. Though a GED or a high school diploma is not mandatory, you might as well get either of them as schools and even employers will look for them.

Some individuals don’t have to go through the training provided they have met the CNA state requirements. These include graduates of LPN and RN, out-of-state licensed CNA, foreign students who have obtained their nursing degree outside and are processing their license for U.S. practice, and inactive Missouri CNAs.

The majority of the classes are conducted offline or in traditional classrooms, but the Center for Workforce Development through Ozarks Technical Community College offers hybrid classes (a combination of offline and online discussions).

CNA Schools in Missouri:

Ozarks Technical Community College

The Ozarks Technical Community College offers a certified nursing assistant program that is accredited by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior services. Applicants to the CNA program are required to be at least 18 years old. They must also be physically fit to handle working as nurse aides. Other requirements include a negative TB skin test that is not older than six months as well as medical report freeing the student from any chronic illness. A criminal background check will also be conducted for security reasons.

Classes can be taken online as well as the classroom. The college also offers an intensive accelerated program for students who wish to take the exam quickly. Upon completion of the CNA class, the students will eligible to apply for the state test.

Metropolitan Community College

The Metropolitan Community College has six campuses spread across the state and offers a state-approved CNA program within its Penn Valley Campus. Running for over 100 hours, the program can be completed in 8 to 13 weeks depending on the student’s schedule. During the program, students cover courses such as infection control, patient observation, medical terminologies and patient care. Other areas include nourishment, first aid, CPR and medical ethics. The CNA curriculum is made up of several hours of clinical experience and theoretical class work. Students who successfully complete the CNA program will be eligible to take the licensing exam.

Skills needed to be a CNA

Individuals who attend CNA classes in Missouri are trained in the different skills and procedures that they’ll need during the job. Some of the skills expected from CNAs include;

  • Documenting the care of the patient
  • Assists the patient
  • Recording patient’s vitals and updating their chart
  • Ensures the patient’s safety and hygiene
  • Works with the team members of a health facility

Many employers offer special programs where they pay for a student’s education in exchange for the aide’s guaranteed service upon completion of their course. Once the aide becomes certified, their income is appraised in line with state regulations.

Job Prospects For CNAs in Missouri

Students who have successfully completed their CNA training in Missouri and passed the certification test have a high chance of getting a job. The state of Missouri has a high demand for nursing aides, with close to 3% of the country’s CNAs employed within the state. Statistically, Missouri has the 11th highest population of CNAs with over 40,000 nursing aides working in the state. The average annual income for CNAs in Missouri is $21,850. The salary ranges from $16,400 for low workers to $29,350 for experienced workers. The hourly wage ranges from $7.50 to $14.11.

Free CNA Classes in Missouri

CNA classes can cost more than a thousand dollars, which can be very steep for any student. Fortunately, free CNA classes are available. Jefferson College offers different types of scholarships that can be used for their program. One is adult re-entry scholarship, which is intended for those who want to go back to school. Waynesville Career Center, meanwhile, has funds for students who are already working as CNAs in various healthcare settings.

It’s common among health care facilities and institutions to extend free training classes for CNAs as a way of attracting great professionals into their fold. These can include Health System of VIA University of Missouri, Abbey Care Center, Armour Oaks Senior Living Community, Benchmark Healthcare of Greenville, Camdenton Windsor Estates, Westridge Gardens Nursing, and Rehabilitation Center, Worth County Convalescent Center, and Twin Pines Adult Care Center.

You can also begin your search right in your own local community. Churches, schools, and halls do advertise free CNA training once in a while. You may drop by the local chapter of Red Cross and determine if they currently provide something that’s free of charge. The St. Louis Job Corps has a great CNA program for the underprivileged youth. If they are accepted, they enjoy free tuition and accommodation.

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