CNA Classes in Nebraska

The majority of Certified Nursing Assistants in Nebraska are paid by the hour. The starting hourly range for CNAs is approximately $13/hour, but as you gain more experience and knowledge, it can increase to $16+/hourly, depending on the facility you’re working. Nebraska has a proud tradition of providing the finest healthcare possible to its citizens, and with an ever-aging population, now is a better time than ever to enroll in one of the many CNA classes in Nebraska.

Nebraska has, as of 2010, closed training course acceptance for aides that are or were being trained by employer-based courses. There are only two providers that give state approved courses – Nebraska Health Care Learning Center and Providence Health Learning Institute. Each provider offers classes in the different areas around the state. To enter a training program and be placed on the Nurse Aide Registry after passing the state exam, the potential aide must be at least 16 years old, speak and understand English, and have a clean criminal record.


CNA programs in Nebraska are under the guidelines of Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services. The minimum required some hours are 75, though if you prefer working in a facility for the mentally disabled, you need an additional 21 hours more for basic resident care.

The state doesn’t implement any state certification. After you’ve passed the skills and written tests, you are added to the registry 30 days after the release of the results. It’s also not essential that you’ve graduated high school or taken a GED; however, you have to be at least 16 years old and display a high understanding and grasp of the English language. Many schools will test you in that area.

A CNA program in Nebraska lasts for around 12 weeks. Metropolitan Community College allocates 82 hours, though students are allowed to miss no more than 5 hours of training. The total number of hours is also divided between roughly 22.5 hours of clinical work and 59 hours of classroom instruction.


Every 24 months the aide must provide proof of employment in a for-pay capacity to remain active on the nurse aide registry. If more than 24 months pass and the aide has not worked, the registry entry will become lapsed. The CNA’s employer is responsible for submitting the required information to the state’s licensure board or for reporting termination of employment if the aide no longer works for the facility. There are no in-service training requirements for the state. Facilities do require in-service training, though this is not necessary to remain active on the state’s nurse aide registry.


To transfer CNA certification from another state, Nebraska requires that aides provide proof of completing a course that is at least 75 hours long and that the certificate is in good standing with that state’s nurse aide registry or equivalent agency. All aides that wish to transfer their certificate to Nebraska must take a one-hour course on abuse and neglect per state regulation; this is mandatory even if the aide has had similar or the same course in the other state. An aide may be disqualified from the registry if they receive a conviction of a crime that is determined by the state to interfere with the moral turpitude of a nurse aide, is convicted of abuse or neglect of a patient or allows their certification to lapse.


A good number of schools sadly don’t provide any financial aid, even grants, since the CNA course is often quite short. However, most of them are willing to provide a payment term that’s flexible. Some offer loans you can pay after you’ve completed the training.

Young adults between the age 16-24 can seek assistance from the Pine Ridge Job Corps Centre. It presently offers Health Occupations classes which of course includes Certified Nursing Assistant training. Like most job corps, the organization extends not only free tuition but also free food and boarding. It also provides career counseling and support for placement. If you have a local chapter of the American Red Cross, you can inquire if there are free CNA class schedules.

For those who are currently unemployed but would like to have a fresh start as a CNA, you can approach the state government for leads on free training. The state implements the provisions of the Workforce Investment Act.

Nebraska also has some Medicare/Medicaid health care facilities, mostly nursing homes that offer free CNA classes. Under the federal law, they are mandated to refund your training expenses such as tuition and books if you have been hired within 12 months after completing the program.

You can inquire more about it in the following places:

  • Alpine Village Retirement Center
  • Arbor Manor
  • The Ambassador Omaha
  • Wakefield Health Care Center
  • York General Hearthstone
  • Park View Haven Nursing Home
  • Regional West Medical Center

State-Approved CNA Programs in Nebraska

If you cannot find a free CNA class in Nebraska, you might as well consider the schools listed below. These institutions are approved by several government agencies allowing its graduates to take the certification exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state. Check out their requirements and know to get yourself enrolled in any of these institutions.

Central Community College

Central Community College has a Nursing Assistant training program which is a 76 hours training that meets the standards set by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. This short healthcare course prepares the students for employment in various healthcare settings and the state certification exam which consists of skills and written tests. The Nursing Assistant training program includes classroom instruction, hands-on skills training in a simulation lab and a clinical practicum in a healthcare facility. Students in the course will be trained by the best professionals who have licensed CNA instructors with years of experience as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. They also receive an individualized instruction which makes them well-prepared for the licensing test.

Central Community College requires all prospective students to be at least 16 years of age with no convictions of a crime involving moral turpitude. They also have to speak, write, and understand the English language and must pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and two-step TB test. Due to the small class size of the program, individuals who meet the program requirements cannot guarantee admission. However, the Nursing Assistant training program is offered several times a year, so anyone who was not able to seek admission can reapply as soon as one program is completed.

Nevertheless, Central Community College has a good passing rate in the certification exam over the years. Students who completed the program become competent nursing assistants who are prepared to start a career in the healthcare field.

Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska Methodist College offers two different options for individuals who are planning to pursue a Certified Nursing Assistant program. The first option is a four-week on-campus program which features a small class size taught expert instructors who encourage a hands-on type of learning. The second option is a six-week hybrid certificate program which is mostly online coursework wherein students are expected to be on the campus once a week to participate in interactive learning activities. Both programs emphasize in caring all types of patients with special attention dedicated to the aging process, identifying the emotional and physical aspects of aging, and helping patients or residents achieve and maintain an optimal level of well-being.  Day, night, and weekend classes are available, allowing working students to study without compromising their commitment. After completing the training, students become eligible to take the competency exams to qualify for the State of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry placement.

The admission process of Nebraska Methodist College is limited due to the small class size. Prospective students have to be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and two-step TB test. The Certified Nursing Assistant program is offered several times a year and admission should be done as early as possible to reserve a seat. Nevertheless, tuition assistance programs are available for students with financial constraints. These programs can be obtained at the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College offers a Nursing Assistant training program which is approved by the State of Nebraska Department of Health. The program is a short healthcare course that teaches basic nursing skills like bathing, ambulating, feeding, toileting, and transferring. It covers several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, medical terminologies, the art of caregiving, fundamentals of nursing, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and many more. Upon completing the program, graduates can sit for the certification exam to be placed by the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry. The Nursing Assistant training program is combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Clinical are held in Lincoln at a long-term care facility or hospital in the last few weeks of the training.

Southeast Community College admits students several times a year. Interested students have to be at least 16 years old and must pass the criminal background check and health screening. They should also be able to speak, write, and understand the English language and be physically capable of lifting at least 50 lbs. There is no high school diploma needed to apply in the program, but applicants who are accepted into the CNA training must commit to study full-time and must receive at least 70% on the final course exam. They also have to attend a mandatory orientation session before the start of the class.

Southeast Community College has an excellent reputation for producing Certified Nursing Assistants who are ready to start a career in nursing. Passing rates in the certification exam are high, which signifies a quality education provided to all students.

Clarkson College

The Nurse Aide training program of Clarkson College prepares non-licensed individuals to render effective and safe caring services to patients or residents in a variety of healthcare settings. This short-term healthcare course provides classroom instruction, skills training, and actual clinical experience in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed instructor. Students in the program will be trained by the best clinical instructors who are Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses. They will know how to become a team player, communicate effectively, and interact with patients or co-workers. Among the topics discussed in training is infection control, providing personal care, assisting patients with restoration and rehabilitation, emergency procedures, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, fundamentals in nursing, and the art of caregiving.

Clarkson College’s Nurse Aide training program is approved by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and it also meets the standards of state Board of Nursing. Interested individuals who are planning to enroll should be at least 16 years old. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required, but those who have not graduated in high school yet should obtain a recommendation from their school counselor. It is also necessary to undergo and pass a criminal background check, TB test, and drug screening.

The program costs around $495 which can be paid by cash, money or credit card. This fee includes tuition, textbook, written and skills competency examination, and course handouts and materials. Students with financial constraints can seek for scholarship or grants from the school’s Financial Aid Office. They can apply for these tuition assistance programs to study at a lesser cost or for free.

American Red Cross – Nebraska

The American Red Cross in Nebraska has prepared a lot of people to save lives through their health and safety education and training. Apart from their first aid and CPR programs, this institution is also offering a Certified Nursing Assistant course. Individuals who want to start a career in the medical field can begin with an entry-level position through a CNA training program. This accredited course combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice which is taught by expert Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Participants in the program will not only learn the essential nursing concepts, but they will also experience actual clinical practice in one of the affiliated medical facilities of the American Red Cross. Among the topics discussed in training are infection control, the art of caregiving, nursing fundamentals, activities of daily living, monitoring vital signs, care for elderly, and many more.

Prospective students of the CNA training program have to be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to pass the Red Cross background check, two-step TB test, and drug screening. Anyone with a criminal record or communicable diseases will not gain admission. Furthermore, applicants who are accepted into the program will have to attend a mandatory orientation session before the start of the class. They also need to make a full-time commitment to studying to receive a certificate of completion and become qualified for the certification exam.

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