CNA Classes in Newport News, VA

So you want to pursue a career in healthcare? More than the monetary rewards, a career in healthcare offers a rewarding experience of helping others. Nursing assistants or Nurse Aides perform basic nursing duties under the supervision of other health professionals in a healthcare team setup. These duties can include mobility assistance, bedside care, vital signs measurement and recording, feeding, and patient condition monitoring.

Aside from developing the necessary skills, pursuing a career in healthcare especially as a nursing assistant requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to provide tireless service. Nursing assistants directly interact not only with patients but also with their families.

Riverside College of Health Careers

The Riverside College of Health Careers is one of Riverside Health System’s facilities in Virginia. The college’s main mission is to provide quality education for individuals who want to enter the healthcare field.

Riverside College of Health Careers’ Nurse Aide program is approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing. The program has day, evening, and weekend class options offered in the college’s Gloucester or Newport News campus. Day classes are for six weeks, Mondays through Fridays. The hours may vary but the classes are usually from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Evening and weekend classes are for about 10 weeks. Students can select from weeknight classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. or every other weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) usually from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Admission requirements include graduation from an accredited high school with a GPA of at least 2.0, GED certificate (in the stead of a high school diploma), a passing school in the entrance exam, and proof of previous healthcare experience. For more information on admission and program requirements, consult the college’s admission checklist and essential program requirements.

The admission process is competitive. The college will only accept applicants they think are best qualified for the program and for consequent employment within the Riverside Health System.

The tuition fee is $700. Additional program costs include a $10 application processing fee, an estimated $35 for a background screening, $46 or more for drug testing, $5 for student parking fees, $40 for an optional textbook, an estimated $60 for uniform and shoes, $98 for credentialing, and other expenses that comes with classes.

Contact the Riverside College of Health Careers by phone (757-240-2200) or visit their website for more information.

Divine Home Care Nurse Aide Training Center

Divine Home Care Services, LLC offers personal care services since 2004. The facility prides on their staff’s compassion and client-first driving mentality. They operate 24/7 with round-the-clock staff ready to provide personal care, housekeeping, safety/medication reminders, and skilled nursing services. Aside from these services, Divine Home Care Services also offers Personal Care Aide (PCA) and Nurse Aide (NA) training courses.

Both training courses are offered through the facility’s Nurse Aide Training Center. The NA training course is taught by an experienced RN. The course itself is only for 5-8 weeks with day and evening class options. The schedule for classes especially the clinicals can vary from batch to batch.

 The minimum age requirement for admission is 18 years old. Applicants must also provide a $20 money order for the background check, state-issued ID or Driver’s License, and a Social Security Card. Students must also be English literate and have the physical capability to perform the required tasks. On the first week of clinicals students are also required to present their recent TB (PPD) test results.

The course fee is around $850, covering the uniform and textbook. This can go up if the student needs a plus-sized uniform. Applicants can pay a down payment of $350 and pay the rest over the course of the entire training course. They can also select from weekly or bi-weekly payment options.

The seats are limited so interested applicants are encouraged to make reservations.

Contact Divine Home Care Nurse Aide Training Center by phone (757-768-6021) or visit their website for more information.

Professional Technical Learning Center, LLC

PTLC is an accredited training facility that offers customized and hands-on instruction for individuals wanting to enter a career field or advance in their present careers. PTLC’s staff can assist individuals in pursuing a specific career track or generalized career pathways. These career pathways are delivered through Healthcare Career Packages (Entry Level, Intermediate, and Advanced Level)

Nurse Aide Course is included in both the Intermediate and Advance Level Health Career Packages as a prerequisite for courses like the Medication Aide (MA) course. The 120-hour course is approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

Applicants need to be at least 18 years old, must pass a background check, and proficient in reading and writing in English. Specific requirement for the course includes being detail-oriented, having interpersonal and time management skills, knowing how to use proper body mechanics. The latter is important since students are required to have the physical stamina to lift or transfer weights of at least 50 lbs.

The course costs around $750. The NNAAP Exam fee is $94 and is paid separately. Applicants can select an entire Health Career Package upon registration. By doing so, they can receive 10% off the $1,363 Intermediate Level package. There is also a one day NA Exam Prep course that costs $62.5 for PTLC graduates.

Contact PTLC by phone (757-806-6212) or email them ( for more information.

Here are other schools and facilities that are approved to offer CNA training:

Virginia Health Services

240 Nat Turner Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-596-6268

All Ways There Home Care Training Services

705 Mobjack Place, Suite B, Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-591-0020

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