CNA classes in Norfolk VA

While other industries are downsizing due to the economic recession, the healthcare field is tremendously expanding. This is primarily because of the aging population that signifies a demand for more healthcare professionals. To be in this field, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the most efficient step. CNA’s assist patients as well as to the members of the healthcare team. In fact, it can be a stepping stone towards a good and stable career in the healthcare industry. If you want to make this as a lifelong career, CNA classes in Norfolk, Virginia are relatively easy.

CNA training classes in Norfolk, Virginia should only be done at state-approved facilities. Although most of these facilities have varying requirements, they should be able to exceed or somehow meet the guidelines set by the federal government. CNA classes should cover at least 120 hours of training; 80 hours of which is for classroom sessions while the remaining 40 hours is for clinical training. This means that the entire CNA classes in Norfolk, Virginia will reach six to twelve weeks of completion.

The CNA classes will often cover topics related to nursing and patient care. It will teach you how to take vital signs, assess and handle the patients properly as well as handling equipment. Since Certified Nursing Assistants are the primary healthcare professionals to care the patients, they will be exposed to an actual clinical setting under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Any information related to CNA classes can be seen in the Virginia Board of Nursing.


Free CNA classes in Norfolk, Virginia are offered by medical institutions including those that are authorized by the federal government. Usually, the CNA courses will cost around $800 to $1,000, and this does not include fees for the certification exam. If you cannot afford this, you can avail free CNA training but with an assurance that you will work for the institution after getting certified. Grants and financial aids for CNA classes in Norfolk can be obtained through FAFSA as well as Virginia Department of Health.

Some healthcare facilities are also offering free CNA class. You just have to be patient in applying for these programs and demonstrate your capabilities to be a part of their facility anytime soon. CNA schools even have scholarships and grants provided by various organizations and government agencies. Once you enroll in the course, you can check out if they have these tuition assistance programs available for CNA students. You can visit the school’s Financial Aid office, or you can inquire at their Admission’s office. Each scholarship or grant has varying criteria. If you meet their criteria, you might be one of the lucky individuals taking a CNA training program for free.


For individuals who are employed and are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, online and night time classes are being offered by several institutions. CNA night classes in Norfolk, Virginia is a great way to start a career in the healthcare field without compromising the schedules of employed individuals. Two of the largest CNA program providers in Virginia are J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and Tidewater Community College.

Sargeant Reynolds Community College is the largest and newest community college in Virginia that offer flexible CNA programs for those who want to become a CNA. Meanwhile, the Tidewater Community College also offers certificate and degree programs including CNA. If you want to start taking the CNA classes, you have to browse their site and ask for the requirements needed for the training program.

On top of these, you have to pass the CNA classes in Norfolk, Virginia to proceed on the certification exam given by the state. Passing this exam means you are now eligible to work in any healthcare institutions in Virginia.

State-Approved CNA Training Programs in Norfolk, Virginia

These days, it is made easier to find a state-approved CNA training program in Norfolk, Virginia. With several nursing schools available in the state, prospective students can choose the best institution for their needs. Here are some of the listed schools below.

Tidewater Medical Center

Tidewater Medical Center is offering a state-approved Nursing Assistant training program which allows the graduates to sit for the certification exam. The program is designed to equip the participants with the essential knowledge and skills in the CNA profession. Among the topics covered are infection control, client safety, vital signs, body systems, communication, hygiene and basic care, CPR certification, care of the dying client, skin care, body systems, role in healthcare, intake and output measurement, emergency procedures, mental health, and many more. Since the Nursing Assistant training program combines classroom instruction, skills training, and clinical practicum. After the theoretical learning, students are then exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a Registered Nurse or LPN.

The best thing about Tidewater Medical Training is it has state of the art classroom and skills laboratory designed for any medical training. Students can take advantage of the school’s modern projection equipment, life-like mannequins, hospital beds, and closets stocked with adequate medical supplies. They will also learn from on-screen presentations, engaging lectures, informative videos, lively discussions, books, quizzes, and exams. The Nursing Assistant training program of Tidewater Medical Center has 137 hours of instruction, divided into 97 classroom or skills lab training, and 40 hours of clinical practicum.

Students who want to get into the training should have a high school diploma, GED equivalent, or a college transcript, as well as a current CPR certification from the American Heart Association. They should also pass the background check and PPD test and must have a Hepatitis B vaccination. The program costs around $880 which includes the tuition, non-refundable registration, books and materials, and criminal history check. Students with financial constraints can apply for scholarships or grants through the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Training Solutions

Training Solutions is offering a Nursing Aide certificate program which prepares the students for the certification exam and potential employment in different healthcare facilities. This healthcare course can be completed in four weeks, with 120 hours of instruction divided into 80 hours of theory and 40 hours of clinical practicum in a local nursing care facility. Instructors in this program are highly-trained healthcare professionals who have valuable experience in the clinical field. They will ensure that their students completed the program with confidence to pass the licensing test. Thus, they have consistently obtained a high passing rate in the state certification exam.

The board exam or the certification test for nursing assistants is a two-part exam that has 70 multiple choice questions and five CNA skills. Students are given 30 minutes to complete the selected skills to perform. Individuals who passed the exam will hold a title of a CNA and will then become eligible to work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare facilities. They will become listed in the state of Virginia CNA Registry.

The admission process of the Nursing Aide certificate program in Training Solutions happens now and then. Students who are interested in getting into this healthcare course must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the required background check and health screenings. The program has a small class size that is why only a few applicants are accepted every enrolment.

Centura College

The goal of the Nurse Aide program at Centura College is to prepare its students to become Certified Nursing Assistants who are knowledgeable and highly-skilled in promoting safety and comfort to patients or residents in a healthcare facility. The program has 160 hours of instruction which also includes 40 hours of clinical practicum. At the end of the healthcare course, students will be prepared for entry-level employment in hospitals and other long-term care facilities, and they will also become prepared for the state certification exam for nursing assistants.

Centura College provides a high-quality training program to aspiring nursing assistants. The 160-hour instruction runs for six weeks of rigorous training in both classroom and clinical settings. Students become effective healthcare professionals through various teaching strategies and hands-on skills enhancement. They will learn how to provide comfort to their clients while treating them with dignity. In addition to that, they will be able to assist other members of the healthcare team in planning and delivering the best care basing on the appropriate nursing process.

Admission to the Nurse Aide program takes place several times a year. Interested individuals have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and undergo a Reading and Math assessment tests. There is also a mandatory orientation session before the start of the class to know more about the program and the CNA profession. Most importantly, prospective students have to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Plus, they have to provide proof of immunization on certain vaccines, valid photo ID, driver’s license, liability insurance, and Social Security card.

American Red Cross – Norfolk

The American Red Cross in Norfolk is offering a CNA training program which takes around four to eight weeks of completion. This healthcare course includes an in-class work and hands-on clinical rotations which is held at one of the affiliated facilities of Red Cross. Undergoing a CNA class in this institution is an excellent opportunity to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field. All classes are taught by experienced nurses who are experts in the medical industry. They will make sure that graduates became competent and prepared for the state certification exam and employment. Among the topics covered are body structures and functions, the art of caregiving, the importance of therapeutic communication, infection control, nutrition, common medical terminologies, CPR, first aid, AED usage, and many more. Upon completing the theoretical instruction, students are then exposed in an actual clinical setting with supervision from their licensed instructor.

The American Red Cross is known for its high-quality training programs which allow the students to gain sufficient knowledge and skills for the healthcare profession. To enroll in the CNA training program, prospective students have to attend a local orientation information session as well as a reading and math assessment tests. They also have to pass a background check and physical form or TB test conducted by the Red Cross. Students may also be required to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Tuition assistance programs are available at the American Red Cross. Students can apply it to their Financial Aid Office.

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