CNA classes in Omaha NE

For residents within the city, the first step to a rewarding careering in nursing is successfully completing CNA classes in Omaha, Ne. There are different centers offering CNA training in Omaha. Unlicensed individuals, who wish to take the state’s licensing exam, can receive CNA training in Omaha, NE by enrolling at accredited institutions such as Clarkson College.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to CNA classes in Omaha, NE are encouraged to be in possession of at least a high school diploma. Individuals who have completed advanced nursing degree programs may be excluded from the requisite CNA coursework. There are several colleges and centers that offer CNA training in Omaha.

CNA classes in Omaha, NE are offered to individuals who want to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant. These classes are taught by various institutions throughout the city, providing the proper training to meet the Nebraska Nurse Assistant requirements. It is mandatory that one complete 75 hours of training in order to work as a Nurse Assistant in the state. Of those hours, 16 must be in a clinical setting. Some of the best schools in Omaha that will help you complete this training and prepare for the state exam include the following:

Clarkson College

The Clarkson College offers an intensive CNA program that is designed to prepare students for their career as certified nursing assistants. To enroll for the Certified Nursing Aid program, students are expected to meet the basic requirements namely:

• Students must be able to read and write English fluently
• Applicants must be at least 16
• Individuals must be in strong physical health capable of lifting 50 pounds
• Before applying, candidates must be aware of the eligibility needed for employment and acceptance within the state registry. Individuals with a known history of substance abuse or a criminal record may be considered ineligible for employment—even after completing CNA training in Omaha.

The CNA classes at Clarkson College, Omaha are approved by the state’s department of health and human services. Students can choose from either evening or daytime classes. The training program also includes clinical sessions which may be held on consecutive days at various locations. During the program, students cover relevant coursework such as;

• Patients’ rights
• Guidelines to infection control
• Anatomy
• Patient care
• Overview of common medical terms
• Knowledge of diseases
• Hygiene

Metropolitan Community College

Many people choose to attend Metropolitan Community College to earn the required hours for becoming a CNA. The CNA training class provides students with 82 hours of instruction, with 22 of those in a clinical setting.

In order to attend MCC’s CNA program, an individual must apply through the Health and Public Services office. Because the classes fill quickly, it is best to submit an application as early as possible. You’ll need a current TB test with results, a background check and proof that you can read and speak the English language.  Classes are offered throughout the year to interested parties.

Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska Methodist College offers an exceptional program to Omaha residents as well. Their CNA program offers six-weeks of training at a cost of $575. This fee does not include the state exam required upon completion of the program. Students who want to attend NMC for CNA training must be at least 18 years of age. All of the training is offered by healthcare professionals who want to see their students succeed. With small class sizes and quality instructors, gaining the experience and education necessary to work as a Nurse Assistant is more than possible.

Quality CNA Classes

Quality CNA Classes, located in Omaha, offers convenient classes and clinicals on the same site so there is no traveling all around town to complete your work. Interested parties wishing to pursue a CNA degree through Quality CNA classes should apply as soon as possible. Applications are available online and in person.

CNA Licensing Exam

Once a student has successfully completed state approved CNA classes in Omaha, they may apply for the state licensing exam. The test is made up of two parts a written and practical test—both of which are designed to test a student’s skill and appreciation of nursing rules. Students are expected to pass both sections convincingly before they proceed. Individuals who successfully pass the test are listed in the state’s Nurse Aide registry and can begin to practice in various roles, working at health care facilities. CNAs who remain unemployed for longer than 24 months after passing the test will be deregistered and required to undergo fresh CNA classes in Omaha before they license is restored.

Job Prospects for CNAs in Omaha NE

There are approximately 13,900 nursing assistants employed in Nebraska and a great percentage of these work in Omaha. The average income of nursing assistants in Omaha is $23,600, making it the 33rd highest paid state in the country. The hourly income ranges from $9 to $14 depending on a CNAs position and level of experience. According to estimates from the Bureau of Labor, the number of job opportunities is set to grow by 20% over the next ten years.

Salary for CNAs in Omaha

The average pay for a CNA in Omaha is $10.69 per hour, though the amount that is earned can be much higher or lower than this number, based on the location that you choose to work. Additionally there are many benefits offered to those who choose to become a Nurse Assistant. Simply knowing that you are making a huge impact on the life of another person is a reward in itself, and when you add the great benefits, insurance, vacations and more, you have a career that you will love. And, should you decide to further your education in nursing, starting it off as a CNA is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door.

Which of the above CNA classes in Omaha, NE do you think can provide you the best training? Get in touch with them right away and you will change your life forever working as an Omaha Nurse Aide.

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