CNA Classes in Orlando FL

Orlando Certified Nursing Assistants have the advantage of possessing one of the most stable jobs in today’s workplace. After enrolling and completing one of the CNA classes in Orlando, they are eligible for hiring by various healthcare facilities, including nursing homes, long-term care centers, and hospitals. Many of them eventually proceed onto other nursing degrees such as Licensed Practical Nursing or Registered Nursing. CNAs in Orlando, Florida earn an average of approximately $27,000 a year, though the potential for higher pay increases if they work in large healthcare institutions. Nursing assistants also have the option of working in another state without having to retake the competency test, provided the state has a reciprocity agreement with Florida.

Are you interested in working as CNA in Orlando, Florida? If so you must know that training through a Florida approved school must be taken and a state exam completed to earn certification. Luckily CNAs are in high demand in the city, and there are many different facilities in which you can find training. The following list offers a glimpse at some of the best of those training centers.

Orlando, which is a city in Florida, is known to be home in a variety of industries. The important industries which are known to be part of the booming industry in Orlando include tourism and hospitality.  Due to the immense number of visitors and residents in this city, there has been an overwhelming huge demand of medical practitioners such as CNA professionals.  Becoming a CNA career, one must take the first step at enrolling in one of the CNA classes in Orlando. Being a CNA professional in Orlando is both a lucrative and rewarding career to embark.


The Florida State recommends at least 120 hours of concentrated training for Certified Nursing Assistants. These include lectures, labs, and clinical work – where they perform duties and interact with patients while being supervised by an actively licensed Registered Nurse in the state. The state also allows CNAs to enroll in programs that are not officially regulated. They are, however, very thorough in background checks, and do not permit students with criminal records to practice the profession. Moreover, if students fail the exam three times, they have to enroll in a state-recognized training program to proceed.

There are exceptions to the training and exams. For example, CNAs from outside Florida state can work in Orlando as long as they have an active license in their previous location and have met the requirements of Florida. They are still subjected to a background check, however. Note that medical nursing assistant and home health aide training does not count towards CNA class requirements since the previous two are unregulated professions.

Class durations are quite varied, though they tend to be longer if prep review is part of the curriculum or tuition package. Some schools also offer free training if you have failed the exam once. A typical CNA program in Orlando lasts between 3 to 5 weeks. Finally, with the growing trend for online studies, many schools also offer CNA training online.

The CNA courses in Orlando are being regulated by the Florida Department of Health. You need to be keen to the right kind of institution which will give you what you need to succeed in this profession. The following are some famous and well-trusted training system:

Gabriel Health Institute

Gabriel Health Institute offers a one-week CNA class In Orlando FL at the cost of $295 without CPR certification and $360 with it. This week of training offers students the choice of morning, afternoon or evening classes in both English and Spanish. It also allows them to work while studying, giving them the financial capacity to pay their training and attend to other financial commitments. Gabriel Health Institute also has a money-back guarantee to those who aren’t satisfied with their training.

Moreover, the CNA training program like any other healthcare programs is a combined classroom and clinical training. Students go through hours of lectures, simulation lab exercises, and much more to make them equipped with the concepts and skills needed to become competent nursing assistants. The clinical practice will take place in a healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed clinical instructor. Students will handle actual patients and deliver the appropriate nursing care needed by these individuals. They will be able to practice or develop their skills which are necessary for their scope of practice.

The CNA training program of Gabriel Health Institute happens now and then. Interested individuals have to meet the program requirements and ensure to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They also have to be physically capable of meeting the demands of the CNA profession. Graduates of the program will become eligible for the state certification exam and will have their names listed on the CNA registry upon becoming certified.

Central Florida CNA

Central Florida CNA offers a short 4-day training program that teaches entirely the necessary skills needed to work as a CNA after passing the state exam. The course is taught in a state-of-the-art facility by highly qualified instructors. It has a more personalized instruction to facilitate learning and ensure students that they become prepared for the state certification exam.

The CNA class is divided into two segments. The first segment is a technical education wherein students acquire the concepts of nursing. Among the topics discussed are basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, activities of daily living, medical terminologies, and many others. There will also be questions about nursing skills which every CNA student should acquire and practice. They will be taught about the proper way of feeding, bathing, and assisting a patient in his or her daily activities. They will also learn proper body mechanics, manual handling, vital signs taking, appropriate assessment, and much more.

The second segment of the CNA class is the hands-on clinical practice which will take place in an affiliated healthcare facility. At this point, students are exposed to an actual patient under the supervision of a clinical instructor. They will have to complete the required number of hours for the clinical training and classroom instruction before they can graduate and become eligible for the certification exam.

Central Florida CNA provides a lot of opportunities to anyone taking this healthcare course. However, students have to take note of the potential cost of the program. Financial assistance is available to students who are financially challenged and those who excel in academics. Refresher course is also available to Certified Nursing Assistants who have not practiced their profession for a long time.

Matrix Educational College

Matrix offers a five-week CNA class in Orlando, FL. The program is designed for parents and those who may be unable to attend due to time restraints or restrictions. On-site childcare is available for those who may need it, with both day and evening classes available. The daytime class is completed in five-weeks while the night class is full in eight weeks. The total cost of the program is $775.

The CNA training program of Matrix Educational College is an excellent opportunity for adult individuals to start a career in the healthcare field. Its flexible schedules and personalized instruction allow every student to learn at their own pace. However, they have to take note that the program discourages absences and tardiness. The required number of hours for the classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice should be met to graduate and become qualified for the state certification exam.

Matrix Educational College accepts a few number of students per program. Interested individuals have to apply beforehand and should pass the selection process. Along with their high school diploma or equivalent, prospective students should submit results on a criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. They have to pass the requirements of the program because they cannot be admitted to the college and will not become eligible for the certification exam once they fail to meet it. Furthermore, admission to the CNA program of Matrix Educational College takes place several times a year. Prospective students can enroll for the course anytime of the year as long as they meet the program requirements and apply before the deadline of application closes.

Concorde Career Colleges

Concorde Career Colleges has been offering different healthcare programs for anyone wanting to work in the medical field. Students who wish to start a nursing career can undergo a CNA training program in this institution. The program is a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice to ensure preparedness among its graduates who will be taking care of patients or residents in different healthcare settings. Due to the limited class size, students receive a more personalized instruction all throughout the course. However, they also have to expect a rigorous training from clinical instructors because of the short amount of time.

The CNA training program of Concorde Career Colleges is an affordable healthcare course. Students who are currently working can still pursue their employment because of the flexible class schedules offered by the school. Individuals who are financially challenged, particularly those who are unemployed or who cannot afford the tuition cost, can also seek for loans, scholarships, or grants. CNA students who are even excellent in academics can apply for these programs. These opportunities are available at the school’s Financial Aid office.

Concorde Career Colleges is known for transforming students to become the best healthcare professionals in Florida. They have a higher passing rate for the certification exam, and most of their graduates can acquire a good position in the healthcare field. Enrolment takes place several times a year, but prospective students must ensure to meet the requirements to be considered.

Cypress Creek High School Medical Academy

Cypress Creek High School Medical Academy is known to offer a CNA training program for high school seniors and graduates who want to work in the healthcare field. The course runs for a couple of weeks and covers a classroom instruction and clinical practice in an affiliated healthcare facility. Students have to pass the program requirements to be admitted. They have to undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing before enrollment. They also have to pass the interviews to be considered for the CNA training program.

Graduates of the course will become eligible for the state certification exam. They also become equipped and competent nursing assistants who can deliver quality services to patients in various medical settings. The CNA training program of Cypress Creek High School Medical Academy is a short and rigorous course that covers essential nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminologies, fundamentals of patient care, basic nursing skills, and many others. These themes can be learned through different teaching strategies employed by competent clinical instructors.

Students in the CNA training program will also be guided and supervised during their hands-on clinical practice. They can learn several skills during this training, and they will become prepared for the certification exam as well.

Florida Healthcare Academy

The Florida Healthcare Academy offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which allows the students to acquire the nursing knowledge and skills needed in providing quality services to a diverse group of patients. It also equips them for the state certification exam which takes place after completing the course.

The CNA class is composed of theory and clinical training. Students in the first part of the program will be taught various nursing concepts on anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, proper nutrition, infection control, manual handling, nursing skills, and many others. After the classroom instruction, students will be exposed in a clinical setting wherein they are supervised and trained to handle actual patients or residents in need of nursing services. They will also be working alongside with other healthcare professionals like nurses, CNAs, and doctors.

The CNA training program of Florida Healthcare Academy costs $790. It can be paid through a specific payment plan organized by the institution. Financially challenged students can seek for loans, grants, and scholarships to lessen the cost of the program and to finish the course without worries. Books, uniforms, and other miscellaneous expenses are not covered in the tuition cost of the CNA program. Nevertheless, applicants of the program must be at least 17 years old with a clean criminal record, negative TB test, and drug screening. They should also enroll beforehand to earn a slot in the CNA training program of Florida Healthcare Academy.

Important Points to Remember

The right education and training can take you to places. When it comes to the CNA classes in Orlando, it follows the Florida Department of Health.  They usually have simpler and straightforward requirements for entry-level CNA aspirants compared to the other state requirements found in the United States of America.

The Florida Board of Nursing recommends that you need to have a quality educational training. When you are done with the course program, you can take the Florida State Examination which is provided by the Prometric.  When you pass, you can automatically see your name in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry. When you acquire your license, you can then enter the workforce and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Florida.

Any of the above schools can help you learn the ropes of working as a CNA and help you gain the knowledge to pass the state exam. While there are many other programs available in Orlando as well, these are among the best programs being offered.

Once you have completed training, you must take the state exam to be included on the Nurse Aide Registry in the state. Positions for CNAs are available in multiple locations throughout Orlando and Florida, including at long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and home health care agencies to name a few.

Depending on the site that you choose to work, pay for a CNA can vary from $10.50 to $13.00 per hour. In addition to the pay, CNAs are offered a world of benefits. It is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door to healthcare without committing to months or years in school.However, if you do decide to continue your education, getting certification as a nursing assistant can significantly improve your experience.

If you are ready to take on a new challenge and help others as you go, you better take a look at the schools offering CNA classes in Orlando FL and choose the right one for your needs. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant will not only give you a permanent employment, but it will be stepping stone towards a better career in nursing. A lot of CNAs these days take this as their first step in the healthcare field to pursue an advanced study later on in their career. Since they earn credits for the CNA course, they can use these credentials in applying for a Diploma, Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral programs in Nursing.


Like with most states, there are several options for free CNA training and classes that are available for individuals who are financially at a disadvantage. To start, you can approach the nearest American Adult Education Center in your area. They help facilitate the approval of training in States and can provide further details free CNA classes or direct you to nearby institutions that do.

You can also receive free nursing assistant training from many nursing homes and hospitals, especially if you apply within a year after completing the program. If you pass the exam, you can then request a reimbursement, although the amount may be paid in an installment or pro-rated basis. Spouses of deceased, active-duty, and veteran military personnel may apply for tuition assistance in Initial Student Florida Financial Aid.

Those who have financial problems can have Free CNA classes in Orlando given the fact that they submit the requirements and qualify for the criteria set by the state. You can have the opportunity to have a loan or scholarship grant. Either of the two will do. You can visit the Florida Board of Nursing with regards to such awards and Free CNA classes in Orlando. The CNA classes would usually teach you with regards to correctly moving and lift patients, assisting medical staff with nurses and physicians, bathing and cleaning wounds, dressing patients, communicating with the family and patients and accurately documenting the needed information.

Aside from that, key employees who usually are owned medical facilities. They are understaffed and are looking for CNA employers for their institution. They are willing to finance your educational expenses in return for the services that you will have to offer them. There are a few great employees who are willing to provide such privileges. Some of the best institutions which can allow you with such benefit include Orlando Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital Orlando.

Check out the local healthcare facilities in your area and know how to get started in their free or paid CNA training. Make sure that you also meet their program requirements and employment criteria to be offered a free CNA course and full-time employment. This opportunity might not be for everyone but if you are interested, you can submit your application beforehand, and they will contact you as soon as a free training is available.

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