CNA Classes in Overland Park, KS

Overland Park is the most populous city in Johnson County and the second most populous city in Kansas. The city’s current estimated population is 181,464. Of this relatively large population, about 14,800 are employed in the healthcare & social assistance industry. This accounts for 15.2 percent of employees in the city.

There is a lot of potential for CNA as a profession especially in populated metropolitan areas where CNAs can work in different healthcare settings with varying patient care demands. The outlook is especially good for CNAs as it is expected that the job growth for nursing assistants will overtake other positions. By 2022, an estimated 312,200 new nursing assistant positions will be created.


Midwestern College

Midwestern College offers both online and on-site healthcare education. The have aide programs that focus on the core of caregiving. The campus in Overland Park is just a branch of the college based in Wichita. Both campuses are authorized by the Kansas Board of Regents to operate in the state.

Midwestern College’s Certified Nurse Aide course, on the other hand, is in accordance with the guidelines of the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

The 90-hour course trains students to provide basic nursing care in either hospital or nursing home setting. The classes are instructed and done under the supervision of a registered nurse. Methods of instruction include lectures, discussions, laboratory skills practice, and clinical experience in a nursing home setting.

Only CNA hybrid classes are available at the Overland Park campus. These classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The duration of the course can be between three to six weeks.

Admission requirements include criminal background check, attestation form/high school diploma/GED certificate, TB test result (within last six months), valid ID with photo, and Social Security card.

The course costs around $750 and includes the testing fees and textbook. Additional costs include a $100 application fee and the cost of required uniforms.

Midwestern College is affiliated with a staffing service and maintains a job board on their website.

Contact the Midwestern College Overland Park Campus by phone (913-385-2144) or visit their website above.


Johnson County Community College

The Johnson County Community College (JCCC) was opened in 1969. Over the years, JCCC had built a strong reputation as an excellent educational institution with successful graduates. The community college has more than 50 one and two-year programs that lead to career degrees and certificates. Graduates also have many options for higher education as JCCC has transfer agreements with over 100 colleges and universities in the region.

Under the Health Occupations program is the Certified Nurse Aide Certificate and Certified Nurse Aide Refresher programs. The Certified Nurse Aide Certificate program is a 96-hour course has a classroom, clinical, and online instructions. The course curriculum is geared towards long-term and acute-care competencies. Clinical instructions are conducted in a nursing home setting.

There is a reading level assessment during the enrollment process. On the first day of classes, students should provide a social security card, CPR for Health Care Providers card, and less than a year old documentation for a negative TB skin test result.

The tuition cost is calculated per credit hour. The total cost can vary depending on the area of residence and the mode of payment. Johnson County residents are charged $93 per credit hour while out-of-state students are charged $220 per credit hour.

JCCC has a Career Development Center that can assist students and alumni alike in their career decisions and job placement. There will be trained staff and counselors to assist students with resume building, job listings, internship, interview techniques, and more.

Contact JCCC by phone (913-469-8500) or visit their website above.


Kansas College of Nursing

The Kansas College of Nursing (KCN) is located in Lenexa, in Johnson County just 10 minutes from Overland Park. KCN offers short nursing courses like CNA, CNA Refresher, CMA, CMA Update, and CPR.

 KCN has a 90-hour Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) that is designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment. The mode of instruction includes classroom lectures and discussions, laboratory skills practice, and clinical experience in a nursing home setting.

There are four class options: day (five weeks), evening (six weeks), weekend (six weeks) and hybrid (four weeks). Day classes are Monday to Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Evening classes also meet Monday to Wednesday but from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Weekend classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Hybrid classes will mostly be held online. Students just have to report for laboratory and clinical practice on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The minimum age requirement is only 16 years old. Students are required to be physically fit to lift heavy objects including a 50-pound adult.

The cost of the course is about $790. There should be a down payment of at least $400 upon enrollment. The course fee does not include the textbook, curriculum book, gait belt, and scrubs that can be bought from the school’s bookstore. There is also a $40 fee for the computerized state exam.

Contact KCN by phone (913-248-2838) or visit their website above.


Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute

Located in Merriam, Johnson County, Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute offers high-demand allied healthcare programs. The institute has accreditations from the KBOR, KDADS and the National Association of Health Professionals.

The Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program is a 90 clock hour program that follows the course’s core learning structure and the state-approved curriculum. Topics include patient care safety, mobility assistance, nutrition and diet, nurse assistant care, anatomy and body systems, vital signs, communication in a healthcare context, and ADL assistance.

The course duration is two to eight weeks. Methods of instruction include clinical skills training, laboratory, and externship. Two weeks-long CNA fast-track classes are held Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Six weeks-long weekday classes are held in the evening, Monday to Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. There’s also an option for a seven-weekend class that meets on Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Course-specific enrollment requirements include a CPR Certification and record for vaccinations. The age requirement is 16 years and above. There should be parental approval for minors. The school also requires a state-issued ID, TB skin test, hunter green scrub, gait belt, blood pressure kit, and a complete admission package.

The tuition fee is $700. This only includes a free eTextbook. There is a $100 registration fee and another $100 reservation fee.

Contact the Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute by phone (913-708-8323) or use fill up the contact form on their website.

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