CNA classes in Pennsylvania

Those who choose the path towards CNA profession in Pennsylvania will expect a rewarding and exciting career journey in this kind of medical field. When you want to start a career as a CNA professional, Pennsylvania is the right place to go to. It is good that you start that you invest in enrolling into CNA classes in Pennsylvania. This is an important step when you plan on entering in this kind of profession. There are a lot of opportunities waiting in line after you finish and get your license.

Unlike in other places, CNA classes in Pennsylvania can be enjoyed for free by simply applying for grants and scholarships. These are usually extended by various organizations operating within the state and can mean a lot when it comes to covering the costs involved in a standard CNA training program.

School Requirements

The total number of hours that you are required to complete once you get enrolled in CNA program is 114. This is generally divided into 42 hours of clinical work and 72 hours of classroom discussion. Once the required hours are met, the school will grant you a certificate, and this will entitle you to take the Pennsylvania state clinical and written tests for nursing assistants.

CNA classes in Pennsylvania

Usually, the CNA classes in Pennsylvania would take about 13 weeks for you to finish the entire training course. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has come up with a regulation that the CNA classes in Pennsylvania should be 75 hours of classroom lecture and 100 hours of clinical exposure training.

When you are done with the classroom work and clinical exposure lecture work, you need to have the Pennsylvania CNA certification which will be given if you pass the examination. The examination for CNA in the state of Pennsylvania which you need to register via the Pearson Vue should be taken seriously.

Aside from that, you need also to submit paper works which include fingerprints to the Pennsylvania Federal Government and passing of the federal background check. When you are done, your name will appear in the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry.  You need to register in every two years time for you to renew your license and have a proof that you work eight hours within the two-year time span prior to renewing the license.

CNA courses in Pennsylvania

There are a lot of institutions that will offer you the best CNA courses in Pennsylvania. You have to be mindful of the appropriate documents and if they are accredited and recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  Some are the following institutions which you can enroll into:

Lehigh-Carbon Community College

Lehigh-Carbon Community College  is found in Allentown and it is considered to be as the best educational training program for CNA aspirants. They have great instructors and essential data which will guide you in passing the examination and getting your well-deserved license.

Delaware County Community College

Located in Media, Pennsylvania, Delaware County Community College offers a wide variety of programs including their weekend CNA program. This program is designed specifically to prep you to work in a long-term care environment. Some of the basic nursing skills you’ll learn in this program include taking vital signs and assisting residents with basic hygiene, feeding, and dressing. On a broader scale, you’ll learn about first aid, ensuring residents’ rights, infection control, and residents’ independence. You can expect to spend about 30 hours in a traditional lecture setting, 23 hours in the laboratory, and 38 hours in a hands-on clinical setting. The program runs about 10 weeks long and upon completion, you’ll be prepared to take the state certification exam.

Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School

CNA training offered at the Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania will best prepare you for a career working in a hospital, home healthcare setting, or long-term facility. Through a combination of laboratory work and academic lecture, you will learn a wide variety of skills including basic nursing care, anatomy, physiology, infection control and medical terminology. After completing this academic and laboratory work, you will be ready for 40 hours of clinical instruction from a staff of licensed nurses at local hospitals and nursing care facilities. After completing the program, you’ll be ready for the state exam.

Certification Exam

Needless to say, you will have to pass the two-pronged exam in order to be certified as a nursing assistant and work as one in Pennsylvania state. In this regard, there are instances when you no longer need to attend Pennsylvania CNA training programs, and just proceed to take the certification exam. One common scenario is when you already have the required certification from another state, but would like to work as a nursing assistant in Pennsylvania.

Another case is when your certification in another state has expired, and you have eventually found work as a nursing assistant in a nursing home based in Pennsylvania. Under this particular scenario, attending CNA classes in Pennsylvania may no longer be needed. In all likelihood, the state will simply require you to retake and pass its version of the certification exam. Once you are able to do this, you can start working as a Pennsylvania nursing assistant.


Job Expectations

The population of aging people in Pennsylvania is believed to be growing due in part to an increased use of various life-saving equipment. This is the reason CNA classes have begun to flourish in recent years with the prospects of employing various medical professionals, including nursing assistants, forecast to grow at 19 percent on the average all the way to 2018.

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