CNA classes in Pensacola

Pensacola is geographically found in the western city of Florida. It holds a total population of 51,923 according to the 2010 United States Census.  The healthcare industry here has a projecting boom of 30 percent for the next few years. Those who are planning to enter into CNA classes in PensacolaAlso, they can expect a lot of things when you are in Pensacola. It is a place packed with historical sites and landmarks and is known for its fun annual festivals which most travelers would go out and see.


The healthcare industry is a growing industry in Pensacola, Florida. It is evident with the many people who are enrolling themselves in CNA classes in Pensacola. You do not need to register for any other CNA classes; it needs to be linked to the regulations imposed by the Florida Department of Health.  They require you to have at least 65 to 120 hour of both educational instruction and clinical training exposure.

When you are through with it, you can now apply to take the licensure examination for nurse aide. It is divided into two parts, written and skills examination. You need to pass both of the two tests for you to acquire your license. When you give, your name will be seen in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry. When you up to this level, you can now apply in medical facilities found in Pensacola.  This is the most substantial proof that you are qualified to practice what you learned in your training school.


There are two ways which you can acquire Free CNA classes in Pensacola. You can ask for scholarship or loan grants. Some training institutions have such privilege given to those deserving students. You just need to comply with their rules which they have imposed and pass the requirements. You can check out the Florida Board of Nursing.

You can also apply to the significant employers which you can find in and around Pensacola. They often provide you with the job and agrees to shoulder your academic expenses. You need not worry, what you need to do is to pass the exam and get your license so that you can work for them and enjoy the benefits of being a CNA professional. Some of the following medical facilities which you can go to our Florida Medical Center and Westside Regional Medical Center.

It is important to remember that the free CNA classes in Pensacola vary on the employer providing the course. Interested individuals have to make sure that they meet the program requirements and agree to the contract set by the company. Most of the time, healthcare facilities offer a free CNA class to invite more individuals to work as a CNA for them. Therefore, you have to be willing to work in the service for a specified period in exchange for the free CNA training you avail.

Nevertheless, the free CNA training is a perfect opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field and earn a certificate which can be used in studying advanced nursing degrees. You may not be able to leave the employer right away once you sign-in for this program, but you are paid while undergoing the class. The wage will also increase upon getting your certification as a nursing assistant, and employers will provide you with competitive benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation leaves, and many others.


When your option is to enroll in CNA courses in Pensacolayou need to make sure that the institution is state approved and is duly recognized by the Florida Department of Health. Know also the corresponding fees of the course. If you are having a hard time paying the program, you can opt for a class schedule that suits well on you. Working while studying is possible when you take a CNA training program, but make sure that you commit full-time and adhere to the requirements of the course for graduation. By this, you become qualified for the state certification exam, and you can start your career in the healthcare field. Check out some of the best institutions where CNA classes are available in Pensacola.

Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College offers a nursing assistant training program which is a 165 Post Secondary Adult Vocational program made up of two courses in the same semester. This healthcare course provides students with adequate knowledge and technical skills to succeed in the state certification exam and becomes equipped in their future employment.

The first part of the CNA training program is usually a classroom instruction made up of lectures, video presentation, and skills demonstration. Every student will have an opportunity to understand the profession and learn the nursing skills required in the job. Among the topics included are anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, infection control, nutrition, geriatric nursing, patient safety and patient’s rights. Students learn the essential nursing skills like taking vital signs, assisting in activities of daily living, the range of motion exercise, and many others.

The second part of the program is a hands-on clinical training with direct supervision from a licensed instructor. Students will gain a real-life experience in caring patients with diverse healthcare needs. Upon completion of the course, graduates can take the state certification exam which qualifies them for employment in various healthcare settings.

Students seeking admission to the CNA training program of Pensacola State College are required to complete an application at their college and the health-related programs. A high school diploma or GED equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.0 is needed to apply, along with a background check, drug screening, health forms, and complete immunization.

Applicants whose criminal background check and drug screening are deem unsatisfactory will be denied access to their clinical sites which prevents completion of the program. Students must also get a grade of C or better in all courses to graduate.

American Red Cross – Florida

The American Red Cross of Florida is a reputable source of a CNA training program in the state. The course is designed to prepare the participants for the certification exam and potential employment in different healthcare settings. It is combined with a traditional classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice to equip the participants with adequate knowledge and skills. The in-class or academic education will help the students understand the proper way of caring their assigned patients, while the clinical work allows them to practice the nursing skills learned from the classroom setting. Among the topics discussed in the CNA training program are first aid, AED usage, CPR, taking vital signs, infection control, the range of motion exercises, patient safety, the art of caregiving, therapeutic communication, and many others.

The CNA training program of the American Red Cross of Florida is usually offered all year round. The class is limited to a certain number of participants to promote a personalized instruction, and every student will get the chance to understand the profession and perform the required nursing skills. They will be guided by their instructor from the start of the course until the clinical work. In addition to that, the American Red Cross provides state of the art facilities and tools. Thus, students can practice various skills before they experience an actual clinical work in an affiliated healthcare facility.

Scholarships and grants for the CNA training program in the American Red Cross are sometimes available. It is best to visit the office to know more about these financial assistance programs and the available options for students who want to lessen the cost of the CNA training.

Baptist Manor

Individuals who are seeking for a free CNA class in Pensacola can get it at Baptist Manor. Although the program is not offered at all times, the facility provides free training to their prospective nursing assistants. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old to apply, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also have to pass the criminal background check and the health requirements of the program. In addition to that, there will be few seats available in the free CNA training, and the number usually depends on the availability of nursing assistant positions in Baptist Manor. If you want to be considered in the course, always show the best of your abilities and be willing to work in Baptist Manor for the agreed period.

The CNA training program of Baptist Manor is like any other healthcare courses. Participants will go through a classroom instruction which includes lectures, skills training, and video presentations on various nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, a brief background on the standard disease process, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, and many others. They will also be trained in the classroom setting about the essential skills that every CNA must know. This is also a preparation for the clinical practice and certification exam.

Individuals who are accepted in the CNA training program of Baptist Manor will be paid while studying. They will also be offered a full-time or part-time position in the facility as Certified Nursing Assistants. This is a perfect opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field after being trained to become a CNA in Pensacola.

Rosewood Manor

Rosewood Manor is another healthcare facility in Pensacola that offers a paid CNA training program. Individuals who want to achieve a healthcare certificate and earn at the same time should not miss this opportunity. The paid CNA training program is often available whenever Rosewood Manor needs nursing assistants. So if you want to get the chance to study for free, it is best to submit your application personally at their office.

Applicants have to at least 18 years old with a clean criminal record and negative results on TB and drug tests. A high school diploma is the minimum educational attainment, but prospective candidates can also secure a GED equivalent. Rosewood Manor usually accepts applicants who demonstrate a willingness to work in their facility for a specified period. They too look for caring individuals with a compassionate attitude to serve other people. Once selected for the paid healthcare course, participants will work in Rosewood Manor while they undergo their training to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Upon completion of the program, graduates can challenge the certification exam which is a prerequisite to work as a CNA in the facility.

Individuals who pass the certification exam successfully will be able to work in Rosewood Manor. Although there is a contract for this job, nursing assistants who are employed in the facility will receive a competitive salary and employment benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, paid time off, and many others. There is also a tuition reimbursement program available to CNAs who wish to pursue an advanced study in nursing.

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