CNA classes in Phoenix AZ

In Phoenix a person wishing to work as a CNA must first complete the appropriate training at one of the great CNA schools in the area. The state of Arizona requires that an individual have a high school diploma or GED and that they complete 120 hours of training, comprised of both classroom and clinical training. Most CNA classes take six-weeks to 12-weeks to complete, though this time varies according to the school in which you wish to enroll. After completing training the state exam must be completed in order to receive certification.

Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College is an excellent choice for men and women who wish to earn their Nurse Assistant degree. Gateway is responsible for educating more nurses than any other college in the area, providing you a boost of confidence that you will receive the best education. Those interested in obtaining their certification for a CNA through Gateway must enroll in the one-semester CNA classes in Phoenix AZ. Financial aid is accepted for those who qualify.

Life Care Centers

Life Care Centers have several locations throughout Arizona, including in nearby Glendale. Their training program is offered at no cost to those who agree to sign-on with the nursing home upon receiving their certification. The CNA class consists of 4-weeks of hands-on and classroom training.

PIMA Medical Institute

PIMA Medical Institute offers individuals a CNA training program that many say is one of the best in the entire state. The six-week program provides 120 hours of training, which is required by the state of Arizona. Anyone who has a big heart and compassionate demeanor is perfect for this program.

Arizona Medical Training Institute

AMTI offers programs that meet the needs of those with busy lives. Weekday and weekend programs are offered, with completion in as little as five weeks. During training you will undergo 120-hours of training to prepare you to become the CNA that you know you can be. Approved by the state of Arizona, AMTI’s program consists of 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training. Tuition for the CNA training is $1065. This fee does not include the state exam cost or supplies.

Life as a CNA in Phoenix Arizona

As a CNA in Phoenix you will be responsible for the daily care of a patient inside of a nursing home or hospital setting. Although the roles of a CNA vary, common job duties including bathing and grooming patients, feeding, checking vital signs, disburse medications and more. Pay for a CNA position varies, though you can expect to earn a salary of around $25,000 per year.

All of the above schools are perfect choices for anyone who wants to become a CNA in Phoenix. It is a rewarding job that no one should miss out on! Examine the available choices and decide for yourself which is right for you. In no time at all you will be working in a position that helps others, offers great pay and advancement opportunities and fills you with a ton of rewards.

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