CNA classes in Plymouth MA

Plymouth is located in Massachusetts. It is known for its historical background which is rich in culture as well as folklore. It is also the site of where several prominent events were held. Aside from that, it is now known for its booming industry in the healthcare area. Healthcare professionals are indeed in demand in Plymouth MA. Such professionals like CNAs are increasing in demand here. Those interested in this kind of profession can take CNA classes in Plymouth MA. They offer the best kind of educational training that you will need in this kind of area.

The CNA classes in Plymouth MA are based on the grounds stated by the Massachusetts Department of Health. Usually, it will take a total of eight to twelve weeks time for you to complete the training course program. You need 100 hours of clinical work exposure and 75 hours of educational classroom work.  Compared to other CNA classes, when you take it here in Plymouth MA, you do not need to submit GED or high school diploma to qualify.  You will only need to have an up to date immunizations, TB results, and criminal background check. These are usually the requirements that you need to submit before admission. You can check out some other requirements, which may vary per institution, via the Massachusetts Board of Nursing.

When you are done with the training and education course program for CNA aspirants, you can take the licensure examination for CNAs. There are two types of the exam the written or oral examination and the clinical skills examination. You need to pass both examinations for you to get your license. When you pass, your name will be registered in the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry which is a very important thing and a clear and valid verification that you can indeed practice as being a CNA professional in Plymouth MA.


For those who are financially not stable but are interested in having a CNA career, you can check out the Free CNA classes in Plymouth MA which either in the form of employers hiring you or scholarship or loan grants given by generous institution or persons. You can avail of scholarships or loan grants via institutions which offer them, or you can view them at Massachusetts Board of Nursing. They have certain requirements and criteria for you to qualify for this kind of grants.

Another thing that you opt to is to get hired by key employers in Plymouth MA. There are dozens of them here which are willing to give you free educational experience in return for being employed in their healthcare institution. You can check the listing of their Massachusetts Government Portal.


The CNA courses in Plymouth MA should be in line with the Massachusetts Department of Health regulations. You need to verify their status if they are approved and recognized by the Government as well as the Massachusetts Board of Nursing. Instilling and entrusting your future to them is your right and privilege. You need to really to invest in a good and credible institution that is worth your money and effort.

Quincy College

Quincy College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program which is a 10-week non-credit healthcare course that prepares students to sit for the Massachusetts CNA exam and become included in the Department of Public Health registry. The school has a 100% passing rate on the written aspect of the CNA exam and more than 80% in the clinical testing. Students who want to enroll in the program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a health form with current immunizations, background check, and Accuplacer test passing score. They also have to make sure that they apply as early as possible to reserve a seat in training.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program at Quincy College has a small class size with individualized training. It starts with classroom instruction and ends with a clinical practicum in a local healthcare facility. The topics included in the program are anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, communication and interpersonal skills, care for the elderly, care for the death and dying medical terminologies, and basic emergency procedures. The clinical aspect of the training is a supervised instruction with a 1:10 instructor to student ratio. Students can seek assistance right away especially when they need to learn more about the procedures necessary in providing quality care to patients or residents.

The admission process of Quincy College takes several times a year. Prospective students must be able to attend an orientation session to know more about the program. Nevertheless, tuition assistance programs are also available in the institution to help those students with financial constraints.

Life Care Center of Plymouth

If you are looking for a free CNA class in Plymouth, Massachusetts, try to inquire at Life Care Center of Plymouth. This healthcare facility offered a no-cost and paid CNA training to qualified individuals who are willing to work for them for a certain period. The program also combines classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice with supervision from a licensed CNA instructor. Participants in the training will get the chance to know more about the profession and the responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant. They will have a better understanding of the body structures and functions, common medical terms used in the profession, care for the elderly, providing nursing care to the residents, and many more. Aside from that, they will also be given review classes and skills training to prepare them for the certification exam. Passing the state certification exam for nursing assistants will allow the students to become a licensed healthcare professional who can work in Life Care Center of Plymouth.

The free CNA training program in this skilled nursing facility has a small class size. A limited number of students are accepted per training to facilitate individualized training. Prospective applicants must be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED and a clean criminal background check. They also have to pass the drug screening and two-step Mantoux test. Selected candidates will be interviewed and screened based on the qualifications or criteria of the facility. Those who are invited to the training will be paid per hour and will be offered immediate employment upon passing the licensing test.

American Red Cross in Massachusetts

The American Red Cross in Massachusetts is also having a CNA training program for individuals to start a career in the medical industry. The programs emphasize academics and skills training which prepares its students for the CNA certification exam and help them achieve their dream of working in a hospital, nursing home, or any healthcare facility. All classes are taught in a classroom through the knowledgeable and caring professionals who will assist the students in learning critical concepts and gaining confidence at work. These classes are designed as small and daytime courses which enables the participants to receive personalized attention. After completing the classroom instruction, students in the CNA program will then get a hands-on experience by working with patients or residents in a healthcare facility. These rotations are supervised by a Registered Nurse who is licensed by the state as a CNA instructor.

The advantage of studying at the American Red Cross is it allows you to get high-quality CNA training at a reasonable cost. The topics covered in the program helps you develop the skills applicable to different healthcare settings. Doing this will build your foundation of knowledge and good habits, which are essential in specializing or taking additional training. As of the moment, the American Red Cross’ CNA training includes instruction on First Aid, CPR, AED usage, taking vital signs, anatomy, and physiology, fundamentals in nursing, the range of motion exercises, assisting in activities of daily living, communication, and interpersonal skills. Instructors in the program will also help you in the transitioning process, from being a student to becoming an employee.

Coastal Career Academy

The Coastal Career Academy offers a Nurse Assistant training program which is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Health. Students in this healthcare course will learn the essential concepts and skills to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Among the topics included are anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, care for the elderly, emergency procedures, vital signs taking, death and dying, communication skills, activities of daily living, and many more. At the end part of the program, students are exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed CNA instructor.

The Nurse Assistant training program of Coastal Career Academy aims to produce competent nursing assistants who are willing to become employed in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, long-term care settings, and many more. The program has a small class size, and every participant receives personalized instruction. They even get 15 hours of review classes to prepare them for the certification exam. Individuals who want to enroll in the training must be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also need to complete an enrolment agreement form and undergo a criminal background check and two-step Mantoux step which is taken within a year.

The Nursing Assistant training program allows the graduates to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Massachusetts Department of Health. They will also become eligible to sit for the Nurse Assistant Competency Exam given by the American Red Cross. The program costs around $750 which includes books and fees. Students are responsible for providing their uniforms, watch with a second hand, immunizations, and CPR training.

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