CNA Classes In RI- Rhode Island

Finding CNA classes in RI should not be very difficult. There are numerous schools and facilities that train individuals to work as Nurse Assistants scattered throughout the state. These schools provide training inside of the classroom, in clinics and in various locations throughout the state.

This training is mandatory if you wish to work as a Nurse Assistant. Additionally, those who want to become a CNA must also take the state administered the exam and have their name placed on the Rhode Island Nurse Aide registry.

Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to complete a CNA class. Additionally, a high school diploma is required, a criminal background check and a negative TB skin test.

CNA classes in Rhode Island are just like those held in other US places in that they need to have the prior approval of the state where they plan to be held. In many of these CNA classes, the instructor is usually a nurse duly registered under Rhode Island state regulations. However, it is not entirely uncommon for other health care experts to be taken in as training instructors for as long as they are qualified.

Certification Requirements

Prior to enrolling in any Rhode Island-based CNA classes, interested students are first required to pass what is referred to as the placement pre-test. This is an exam that has been designed to determine the reading comprehension level of the prospective applicant. Students who are able to pass this particular pre-test will then be given the permission to enroll in one of the CNA schools from accredited state colleges.

The typical Rhode Island training class for nursing assistants lasts anywhere from 7 to 12 weeks, and this will depend mainly on the time when you want to attend this. Normally, these classes are offered both during the day and in the evening and are composed of 88 hours devoted to classroom learning. There are an extra 32 hours of clinical practice under the direct supervision of the assigned instructor. Overall, the number of hours that you need to meet in order to complete the program is 120.

Some of the best CNA classes in RI can be found in the following facilities:

Woonsocket Area Technical Center

The Woonsocket Area Technical Center training program is located on Aylsworth Avenue. Those who attend this program are provided all that is needed to enter the exciting world of a CNA. The school offers both classroom and clinical training consisting of 100 hours of training.

Cranston Alternative Education Program

CNA classes in Cranston Alternative Education Program are held on Monday and Wednesday evening through Cranston. The program lasts between 14 and 16 weeks, with costs of attending $650. A registration fee of $25 is also required. The course includes both classroom and clinical instruction, covering a total of 100 hours all taught by qualified instructors who want to see their students be the best in their new role as a CNA.  The school is located on Sharpe Drive in Cranston.

Nursing Placement, Inc.

Every three months interested students can obtain CNA training through Nursing Placement, Inc. The facility is located in Pawtucket, RI, with daytime and evening classes offered. The six-week training program consists of 100 hours of instruction; 20 hours inside of the classroom, 80 hours working in a clinical setting. Valuable experience can be gained when you attend this program.  NPI has been around since 1976, giving future students the assurance of knowing they are attending a well-known and trusted school in Rhode Island.

Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island offers great programs including the certified nursing assistant program. With locations in Lincoln and Warwick, Rhode Island, the Community College of Rhode Island enrolls an upwards of 16,000 students. If you choose to enroll in the CNA program at the Lincoln location, plan to invest in courses during the daytime for seven to nine weeks, or in the evening for ten to twelve weeks. If you are attending at the Warwick location, classes are only available in the evening and last 10 to 12 weeks. The entire CNA program incorporates the traditional theory and laboratory work with 32 hours of clinical hands-on training in local area hospitals.

Cranston Alternate Education Programs

As a public institution located in the city of Cranston, Cranston Alternate Education Programs offer many courses to incoming students – one of the most successful of these programs is their CNA program. If you are interested in attending this institution, plan on investing in at least two evenings a week for your coursework. This training includes instruction in subjects such as anatomy, infection control, rehabilitation services, and clinical safety. There is also hands-on clinical work to be completed in Cranston area nursing facilities and hospitals. Upon completion, you will be well-equipped to complete the state certification test.

Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center

As a public institution located in Newport, Rhode Island, the Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center offers its students top training in CNA certification. The program is offered the daytime and lasts for one week while the evening program meets three times out of the week. You are trained in clinical instruction, as well as anatomy and laboratory. If you are interested in enrolling in Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center, sign up quickly because the school only takes a maximum of 25 students.

Certification Exam

Once students are able to complete the requirements, the next step is for them to take the certification exam. They need to pass this exam since this is a prerequisite before they can be allowed to work as nursing assistants in various Rhode Island-based health care establishments. If and when they get certified, the annual average salary that they can possibly receive as nursing assistants is approximately $28,000, and this is in Rhode Island alone.

After you complete a CNA course in RI, the required certification exam can be taken either in a third party testing site or on-campus. The latter option is available at the Community College of Rhode Island which offers the advantage of getting six credits for a separate certification program in renal dialysis.

Once you attend one of the above CNA classes in RI, you must then take the state exam. The tuition cost for the schools does not include the fee for the state exam. After completion of the test, you will then receive your certification and can begin your new job.

Positions for CNAs offer average pay of about $24,450 per year, although there are a number of factors that can affect the earnings that you will make, such as experience and the location in which you choose to work.

It is up to you to take the first step toward earning a certificate for a CNA. Any of the schools listed above can provide you with outstanding training that will help you take the test with ease and obtain your new job in no time at all. It is easy, fun and a position that you will be able to appreciate for a lifetime with so many rewards that come along with it.

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