CNA classes in Sacramento

Sacramento is considered to be the capital city of California, United States of America. Statistically, it is considered to be as the 35th largest city in the United States of America and the sixth largest city in the Region of California. It is packed with a lot of tourist attraction as well as the perfect place for job seekers especially in the healthcare field.  Its healthcare sector professionals are considered to be as the booming industry. It has a vast opportunity for licensed nurses as well as CNAs. In fact, those interested to become a CNA in the future can find interesting CNA classes in Sacramento.


CNA classes in Sacramento


For those aspirant CNAs, there are CNA classes in Sacramento as one of your options to consider. According to the California state, there must be a total of 75 hours of nursing assistant clinical training and course work. Approximately 150 hours of training to 175 hours of experience are one of the requirements in some courses offered in Sacramento.


After you have completed the requirements, you are tasked to take the board examination provided by the Sacramento state. The examination consists of oral and written examination. You get three attempts in taking the examination. If you pass, you will be registered in California Certified Nurse Assistant Registry and the license should be renewed in every two years’ time.


Free CNA classes in Sacramento


There are free CNA classes in Sacramento especially for that person who is willing to learn yet isunable to find finances to back them up.  You can either have grant or scholarship or perhaps let your employer pay for you as you study to become a CNA.  For more information, you can check out California State Board of Nursing or can have the option to contact local nursing homes for nursing assistant staff vacancy.

CNA courses in Sacramento


There is a far better place to get your CNA courses in Sacramento. Some of the approved training centers located here are as follows:


  • Twin Rivers Adult School

This school is located at the North Highlands of California and it is 10 miles away from Sacramento.  It offers 360 hours of CNA training program.  They provide hands on experience in hospitals and nursing homes alike.

  • Kash Career College

This is a college that is primary known for producing great medical professionals like certified nurses. They provide easy on the budget payment plans as well as installment plans. They offer you a flexible schedule for you to choose from either have morning, afternoon, evening or weekend program. Aside from that, they also offer fast track program.

This is actually a career training program. It is located in Mather, California which is approximately 15 miles east area of Sacramento. It offers program that are provided in hospital and nursing home facilities and ambiance. Programs under this course include anatomy, nutrition, infection control, surgical and medical procedures, vital sign assessment and personal care.


CNAs are a growing healthcare group. If you are interested in becoming one, you can have the option to undergo CNA classes in Sacramento. For those who are not financially capable, you can ask help via scholarship grant or ask your employer to pay for your educational fees. This medical field is worth it once you have passed the examination and acquired your license. So do yourself a favor, Start your medical field career right on track with these simple tips.