CNA classes in San Diego CA

Like most states, California residents who wish to work as a CNA must first receive the proper training and pass a state exam. Additionally, it is required that a negative TB skin test is submitted as well as a background check. Adults at least 18 years of age can find the necessary training to work as a CNA. There are some CNA classes in San Diego, CA all of which provide the training needed to pass the state exam and become a beautiful nurse assistant.

Another growing city found in California in San Diego. It can be consulted on the coast of Pacific Ocean in the southernmost of California. It is famous for its water harbor, beaches, great climate and an emergence of the best healthcare group there is. One healthcare group that is growing in popularity is certified nursing assistants or CNAs. For that, we have CNA classes in San Diego to aid you in reaching your dreams and aspirations.


 When you are considering CNA classes in San Diego, the training programs have to have 100 hours clinical practice in medical facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes and at the most 50 hours classroom discussions. An institution that offers CNA classes in San Diego should have accreditation which is specified by Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS).

After getting the needed education and training, the passing of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program is necessary. When you pass, you are directly registered in the California Nurse Aide Registry. If you take the examination in San Diego, the test for licensing is free of charge especially if you are a resident of California.

The CNA classes in San Diego is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the medical field. Several healthcare facilities are looking for Certified Nursing Assistants who have the passion for serving other people and who are willing to undergo a state-approved training. Interested individuals have to make sure that they complete the program and pass the certification exam to work as Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of California.


There are a lot of academic institutions which provides high-end CNA courses in San Diego that will be beneficial for you in the future. The following are some of the best schools there is in San Diego which has proven to produce the best quality of CNAs there is:


 International Health Group, Inc. School of Nursing has been producing quality CNAs since they opened their doors for CNAs in the year 2006. Their passing rate is 90% and above, and they promise to hone your skills as well as develop your knowledge to let you pass the certification exam. Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field can enroll in a CNA training program at International Health Group, Inc. The good thing about this institution is they help every student achieve their professional and educational goals. Through their personalized training and small class size, prospective CNAs are trained to pass the certification exam successfully and become competent healthcare providers in San Diego, California.

The CNA training program of International Health Group, Inc. School of Nursing is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. All interested applicants must pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing before they are admitted into the program. The classroom instruction will be a lecture on various nursing topics essential for the CNA practice. These subjects include basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, therapeutic communication, medical terminologies, basic pharmacology, and several nursing skills. At the end of the classroom instruction, students will be exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a clinical instructor. This will be conducted in a healthcare facility like a nursing home or hospital.


California Medical College is packed with the best and qualified nurses, doctors and experts who are willing to share their knowledge in their CNA students. It offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which has 210 hours of clinical and classroom instruction. Students who are enrolled in the course will go through this combined training to prepare them for the certification exam and make them the best healthcare providers in the state. They will be trained by the best instructors who are expert health professionals and who have years of experience in the medical field.

The CNA training program of California Medical College takes place several times a year. Interested applicants can seek for admission every after the program, but they also have to make sure that they meet the requirements. Prospective students have to be at least a high school graduate or equivalent and must undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They should also be able to understand, write, and read the English language and must be physically capable of lifting at least 50 lbs. The job of a nursing assistant involves physical demands. Thus, students have to be prepared for the daily routine of their work.

California Medical College offers an affordable tuition rate for the CNA program. However, financially challenged students can seek for loans, grants, or scholarships at their Financial Aid Office. Several financial assistance programs are available for these individuals to help them study a CNA course without worrying about the potential costs.


Kaplan College in San Diego is offering a CNA training program to individuals who are interested in starting a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare field. The program also prepares them for the state certification exam and their future in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Students who are enrolled in the course expect to undergo a rigorous classroom instruction and supervised clinical training. Since it can be completed in a few weeks, students should not commit absences or tardiness to become eligible for graduation.

The classroom instruction covers several nursing topics that are essential in a CNA practice. Once the number of hours is completed, students will undergo a clinical training in a healthcare facility. The clinical practice will be supervised by a clinical instructor who is experts in the medical field and students experience a hands-on training with actual patients in need of nursing services. Among the topics discussed and trained are rehabilitative nursing, body mechanics, charting, assessment, medical terminologies, fundamentals of patient care, nutrition, infection control, and many others.

The CNA training program of Kaplan College of San Diego can be paid through a preferred payment plan. Students can even avail a loan, scholarship, or grant to lessen the cost of the program and to finish it without having to pay anything. These financial assistance programs are available at the school’s Financial Aid Office.


Arbour Hills Nursing Facility is an 89-bed skilled nursing home offers CNA training. Since 1989 the nursing home has been providing superior care to their residents. Nowadays, they offer excellent training to those who want to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of California. Individuals who cannot afford to attend a regular class in a CNA school can apply for the free Certified Nursing Assistants of Arbour Hills Nursing Facility. The program is offered to combat the shortage of nursing assistants in the facility and to encourage more qualified residents to pursue a healthcare career.

The CNA training is also a combination of theoretical instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students will learn various nursing concepts and skills to make them equipped and prepared for the certification exam and potential employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Applicants of the program have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. They also have to pass the criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing to be considered for the program.

Arbour Hills Nursing Facility is looking for interested individuals who have the passion for caring for others and who are willing to work in their institution after becoming Certified Nursing Assistants. Applicants will be interviewed and selected based on the program criteria and their willingness to become healthcare professionals. The CNA training programs come in a free cost, but individuals who do not want to work in this nursing facility after the certification exam will have to pay $450 for the program costs.


One of the best in the San Diego area offering CNA training. Since 1987, MiraCosta has been providing the CNA classes in San Diego, CA. Only 20 students are accepted per class, so it is best to apply early to assure you have a spot. There are classes offered twice per semester, as well as a program taking place in the summer. The regular semester program can be completed in six-weeks while the summer program takes eight-weeks. Of the 204 hours provided through the school, 79 of those are in the classroom and 105 hours are spent working in a clinical setting.

Students have to take note that the school discourages absences or tardiness to graduate from the program. They have to complete the required hours of classroom instruction and clinical training as part of the state requirements for the certification exam. MiraCosta College provides one of the best CNA training programs in San Diego, California as can be noticed by their high passing rates. Students will be equipped with knowledge and skills of nursing assistants, and are often prepared for the demands of the profession.

The CNA training program costs $550 excluding the miscellaneous expenses on books, uniforms, state exam fees, and many others. However, students can seek for financial aid programs to study for free. MiraCosta College has loans, grants, and scholarships at their Financial Aid Office. Financially challenged students and those who excel in academics are welcome to apply. The financial assistance provided by the school is also limited, but once you get into these opportunities, you will enjoy a low cost or free CNA training program.


Palo Verde College, located in Blythe, is a short drive for San Diego residents, and one that is well worth the time. Individuals who want to start a nursing career can apply for a Certified Nursing Assistant training program in this school, which is a one-semester course that prepares the students for the certification exam and potential employment in different healthcare settings. Palo Verde College is an accredited, state-approved institution for a CNA training program. Graduates receive the best training and education, allowing them to pass the certification exam successfully and gain a full-time employment right away.

Prospective students can take the CNA training program now and then as the school accepts enrollment every semester. Aside from the high school diploma or equivalent, applicants should undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. The CNA training program of Palo Verde College has a small class size and personalized instruction. Admitted students expect to go through a rigorous and hands-on training all throughout the program. The first part of the CNA class is a classroom instruction that covers several nursing topics that is within the scope of practice of nursing assistants. The second part, which is also the last part of the program, is a clinical training in an affiliated healthcare facility. At this point, students will be handling actual patients under the supervision of a clinical instructor. They will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned from the school, and use it in providing quality care to their assigned patients or residents.

The CNA training program of Palo Verde College is offered at a low cost. Students who are unemployed or who cannot afford to pay the tuition can apply for loans, grant, or scholarship programs available at their Financial Aid Office. There might be requirements in availing these opportunities, but students who obtain financial assistance are assured of taking a CNA training for a fee that does not compromise their budget.


When dealing with the financial situation is bothersome to you. You might find training programs which offer financial assistance in exchange for paying it back as a form of service in their institution. Some employers shoulder your CNA tuition to a certain extent, and if you are lucky, some of them will offer you free educational assistance. Others can find institutions which are willing to back you up on your financial matters like Envision Healthcare Training or ask help from the California State Board of Nursing.

CNAs in California must take the state exam for a spot on the California Nurse Aide Registry and earn their certificate within one year of completing any of the above programs. There are additional costs for the exam that is not included in regular tuition fees.

Upon successful completion of the state exam, positions for CNAs can be found in long-term care facilities, hospitals and in nursing homes throughout the San Diego area and beyond. An average salary of $25,000 per year is offered for those in the San Diego area. This does not include other employment benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, paid holidays, and much more.

With any of the CNA classes in San Diego, CA above you can quickly and easily learn what it takes to become a CNA. Thousands of people have trained to become a CNA through these schools, and you can do it too. The hardest part is choosing which of the schools you will attend!

As the old saying goes, if there’s a will, there is away. Taking CNA classes in San Diego can have a positive and brighter effect on your future. You do not need to worry about finances for there are ways for you to enroll in CNA courses in San Diego with a few help from those who are willing to make your dreams come true. You just have to be motivated in finding a loan, grant, or scholarship to lessen the cost of the program or to take it for free.

Several healthcare facilities in San Diego, California are seeking for potential nursing assistants. In fact, some of them will provide free training in exchange for a one-year full-time employment in their facility. Take your time in finding CNA courses and never give up in applying.

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