CNA Classes In San Francisco CA

It is a well known fact that one of the most in demand professions these days are certified nursing aides (CNAs) which have a high employment rate from world class hospitals to nursing homes. However, in order for you to become CNA in California, you must first take CNA Classes in San Fransisco, CA.

When you are in San Francisco and deciding to be a certified nursing assistant you should start with getting the right education as well as getting a license. Here are the guidelines that you should follow when looking for CNA classes in San Fransico, licensing and education.

For those people who aspire to be a CNAs someday, you need to undergo at least 75 hours of coursework and 100 hours of clinical work. Then training is necessary. Longer CNA classes can be good but you must know that shorter duration courses are not acceptable in San Francisco.

Licensure examination is next in line and is needed to be passed so that you can next apply or look for a job that you would like. There are two parts of the exam which is clinical and written exam. When you pass, you are added in the CNA registry of the state that you are in. Three attempts are given in case if you fail the first time. If you still did not pass the exam on the third try, then you need to undergo training once more.

When you have felonies, you are barred to be a CNA in the state of San Francisco. The violent crimes are being recorded. Hence, background checks are vitally performed prior to taking the licensure exam for CNAs.

When you have your license, you need to renew it once in every two years time and you also have to pass the necessary renewal requirements. The renewal requirements in San Francisco for CNAs are eight hours of work that is paid in a medical setting which is considered to be qualified. This is needed during the previous year of employment. Aside from that, a negative TB test in the past 6 months, two fingerprint cards, immunization card or proof, two passport size pictures and proof of high school diploma or GED.

The right training center will aid you in passing the licensure examination. Hence, it is vital that you pick the right training center. In San Francisco, there are excellent options for training center like Red Cross Bay Area Chapter which holds their classes in the Red Cross San Raphael training site and has an established passing rate of 96%. Aside from that, City College of San Francisco also has short term intensive training program which has one semester of training and holds their training in the Southeastern part of their campus.

Free CNA Classes In San Francisco CA

If you are unable to pay for your nursing education, you can always look for alternatives. A great place to start is by looking at the California State Board Of Registered Nursing website and California Department Of Public Health.

These website provide information about the exact requirements for CNAs in San Francisco and California in General.

Another way to get free CNA classes in San Francisco, CA is to get employed in one of many nursing homes or day care centers in San Francisco. There are many of them around-

are just some of them. Occasionally these nursing homes provide free training for future nursing assistants and you may be able to qualify for them. It is however, totally up to your employer to offer you this option and it is NOT their obligation.

If they do decide to pay for your free CNA classes in San Francisco, then you will be required to stay with them for at least 12-24 months. If you decide to leave earlier, you may have to pay back the fee for the classes.

The salary for CNAs in San Francisco will reach to about $31,000 in a year. However, it can change depending on many factors. When it comes to employment or looking for a job, you can check out many portals or staffing solutions which aid in providing skilled medical professionals to medical institution. Aside from that, you can also apply to key employers. San Francisco is known to hold the largest and excellent private employers.

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