CNA Classes In San Jose, CA

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there is a promising future in certified nursing field in the next ten years. There is an expected increase of about 20-34 % for CNAs in San Jose, CA.

This means that when it comes to finding a CNA job in San Jose, it becomes easier with the high demand for CNA professionals.

When searching for work as a CNA in San Jose, you can check out the internet for CNA specific job search like,,, and are amongst the many job posting in the internet. Staffing agencies can be another option when you are in a lookout for job. Known staffing agencies in San Jose include,,,,, and

Prior to application, screening process should be passed and you need to demonstrate that you have the right background, training and license in order to work as a CNA in San Jose.

CNA description consists of bathing, dressing, grooming, moving patients, and feeding them with the direction of the nursing staff. You should know that CNAs are being acknowledged by the DHS or Department of Health Services.

CNA Training Classes In San Jose, CA

In getting the license, passing the exam is mandatory and appearance in the DHS registry is a requirement. Aside from that, passing of an approved course from the institution that is accredited is also a requirement. Mandatory criminal background check as well as health screenings are amongst the needed things that you need to pass prior to taking of the examination. 150 hours of clinical training and classroom is necessary. Licensure exam is different per state, despite the fact that you are going to work anywhere in California, you should know that you need to at the most pass the examination that is given in that state prior to working or employment.

Training centers in San Jose are plenty. Aside from that, it is known to host colleges, professional schools, adult training schools, health care facilities, community centers and career institution. Those who would opt for CNA training in San Jose would choose to be enrolled in the following health centers like St. Francis Career College which has a career focused college that has an additional allied health program, TLS Education Center that has classroom and online training, and Westmed College which has career center and is known to be a preferred allied health college.

The known key employers in San Jose that hires CNAs in particular are Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center which is considered to be as the largest healthcare employers, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center which is ranked as the second amongst the key employer and is a major employer in San Jose, and lastly the Stanford Hospital which is the top hospital in San Jose and is affiliated with its college.

Free CNA Classes In San Jose, CA

If you are looking for free CNA Classes in San Jose, it is best to check out local nursing homes for possible employment. If they are interested in hiring you, they may be able to pay for your CNA classes in San Jose, so you can get them for free! Some of the better known nursing homes in San Jose are- Carlton Senior Living, Pacific Gardens, Atrium.

There are many others, but these are good places to start. So how do you go on to get those free CNA classes then? First you need to contact the nursing homes by sending them an email or calling them. Find out if they are hiring and for what positions.

As you will be looking for entry level jobs, make sure you tell them that. If they are hiring, find out what kind of training comes with it. If they need CNAs, sometimes they will pay for your CNA classes so find out if that is an option. Also make sure you know about their terms for these free classes. Almost all of them do require you to work for them for at least a year, if you receive any free CNA training via them.  If you decide to leave early, you will be required to pay back the money.

The average salary earnings of CNAs in San Jose would be about $38,000 which is considerably higher compared to the national average rate for CNAs.

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