CNA Classes In Seattle WA

Most people look at the benefits one can get from a certain career, but another thing to consider is whether a career allows you to grow, and does it provide a challenging working atmosphere. One of the careers that are presently in high demand is nursing assisting. If you are looking for CNA classes in Seattle WA, you have come to the right place!

CNA classes in Seattle can prepare students for long-lasting careers as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or as they are often referred to as in Seattle, Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC). CNAs are talented individuals who enjoy taking care of others, and they are most often employed in hospitals or assisted living facilities.

CNA Training Requirements

Each CNA training program may have different requirements for students, which can range from vaccinations to educational topics. Most CNA programs in Seattle require students to have a high school diploma or GED, that they are able to pass a competency evaluation, and that they submit to tuberculosis screening and other vaccinations.

CNA training by the State of Washington to convene for at least 85 hours of training, with an additional seven hours of blood-borne pathogens training. After a training program has been completed, students must pass a competency evaluation approved by the Department of Social and Health Services. Certification must be renewed every two years, and a lapse in certification requires the CNA to repeat training.

What to Expect from Your CNA Job?

A Certified Nursing Assistant can be responsible for a number of duties because they are a vital part of providing care for a patient, as well as being an integral part in the way a nursing facility operates. CNAs may prepare and deliver food trays, as well as assist patients in eating. They may take and record a patient’s temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs. CNAs help patients in living independently, and when that is not possible, they help those with mobility issues in ways such as getting in and out of bed or a wheelchair, bathing, standing, and walking.

A CNA must have keen observational skills to monitor, observe and record changes in a patient’s health or behavior. They must also be able to communicate clearly to their supervisors any changes that have occurred. CNAs may also be required to perform housekeeping duties and transport patients to other areas of a facility, depending on the place of employment. Certified Nursing Assistants can work in many settings, including a hospital, a patient’s home, and an assisted-living facility.

Kamanga CNA Training

At Kamanga CNA Training, a Washington state licensed facility, students can train in three weeks to sit for the state competency evaluation. For six hours each of the five days, students will be taught the necessary information to care for patients in nursing facilities during classroom instruction, two laboratory sessions, and 50 hours of clinical training at an off-site facility. The program, which is approved by the State of Washington Department of Health and Social Services, costs $550, which includes books, tuition, class registration, and CPR/first aid fees. School requirements include tuberculosis tests, social security number, and a valid state ID. Training is available at two locations south of Seattle: Des Moines and Tacoma.

A-Plus Nurses Assistant Training School

During a 120-hour training course, the students at A-Plus are presented with intense training in the classroom, laboratory, and at a clinical site. Cost for the class is $650, which includes registration and evaluation fees ($50); books and materials ($30); and tuition, clinical and lab fees ($570). Students who complete the training program are eligible to sit for the state certification exam.

Divine CNA Training Northgate Campus

Divine CNA Training Northgate Campus  offers CNA classes for those who enjoy caring for others in a variety of nursing facilities. Class schedules include daytime and evening classes held Monday through Wednesday, Thursday through Friday, or Saturday through Sunday, and the course can be completed in three weeks or five weeks, depending on the class schedule. The course costs $595 with an additional $25 registration fee. Program requirements include a wristwatch with a second hand, non-latex gloves, gait belt, navy blue scrubs, closed-toe shoes, and a two-step tuberculosis testing.

CNA Certification in Seattle

One requirement in being a CNA professional is for you to get your license after you have passed your CNA classes in Seattle. You can have your license once you pass the examination. What better way to pass the examination by training and equipping yourself with the right education that one institution can cater. Those who aspire to be CNAs should have at least 85 hours training which is state-approved. However, when you already acquired training as a military medical program, RN or LPN, you can take directly a competency examination.

After the training program, the competency test made by the state can be done and your name will be registered in the OBRA registry once you have passed the examination. One must note that convictions and felony can stop you from being a CNA and you also need to have a full background check prior to having your license. For more details, you can learn via the Washington Department of Health.

Free CNA Classes in Seattle

Seattle houses numerous training centers that cater towards CNA aspirants. The important thing to consider is that you enter in a course that is state-approved. You need to at least look for a proof of notification for the approval of the state.

If you are interested in getting  CNA classes for free in Seattle you have several options. The first option would be to get hired by local care home or nursing home. There is growing need for CNAs in all of these institutions, so often they provide free CNA classes as part of their overall training programs for the nursing aides. There are many nursing homes in Seattle, WA where you could find potential employment! Some of the better-known ones are- Seattle Medical And Rehabilitation Centre, Bayview Retirement Community, Kline Galland and PRCN.

Do keep in mind, that there is no point in calling them and asking for free CNA training over the phone. First, you need to find out if they are hiring people at all. If they do, you need to find out what kind of free training comes with it. Only this way you can get free CNA classes through nursing homes in Seattle.

Another great source of information is the Washington State Department Of Health and Washington State Nurse Association. Sometimes they list information about possible grants and scholarships for certified nursing assistants.

CNA Salaries & Jobs in Seattle, WA

When it comes to job hunting for CNA professional in Seattle it is not difficult. You do not need to look far as the internet can do it for you. You can view certain sites like,, and Craigslist or perhaps ask help from the Med Team Support Staffing. Aside from that, and have additional facts. Actually, local job finding is difficult compared to asking help from local staffing agencies. Staffing agencies hire CNAs and other health related professions primarily because they are have been contracted by some medical centers. Hence, this kind of way is an assuring way to get the job.

The other way is via the key employers. Applying directly to the employers can be another option to do. There are notably medical centers and hospitals that are in dire need of CNAs such as Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Kindred Hospital Seattle- Northgate.

The salary that is expected for CNAs in Seattle is around $27,000. Yet the salary can grow or be lower depending on the situation. Skills that you need to learn during training are basic nutrition and diet principles, clinical record documentation, basic infection control, proper skin care, recognition of abuse, confidentiality and communication towards patient, staff as well as the family.

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