CNA classes in South Bend

South Bend can be found in Indiana. It is the ideal option for people who are in search of employment. It is near State of Michigan and Notre Dame University. It is the best hub for different regions. Recently, it is a primary location for those who are geared up for working in the medical arena. For CNA professionals, this can be great news. There are also CNA classes in South Bend especially for those who aspire to be one.


Like other states, the CNA classes in South Bend follow a requirement mandated by the state of Indiana. The good news is that compared to other countries, there is only minimum requirements or lower training requirements which is a good thing for it will only take you lesser time to finish.  Only 30hours of lecture and 75 hours of clinical experience is needed to proceed to the next step which is to pass the nurse aide examination.  For clearer discussion, you can visit the Indiana CNA training manual for emphasis.

After completion of classes and training, certification examination should be passed for you to earn the title of CNA. The exam is both hands-on and written test. When you pass, you will be given the license which should be renewed in two years for you to work in South Bend continually.

There is no shortcut to success, as the old saying goes. You get there one step at a time. With the right training and education, which are vital steps towards achieving your dreams and reaching your success, you can get to where you want to be.  There are institutions which have CNA course in South Bend which are as follows. Take note; these programs have certain requirements that should be met. Thus, when you plan to undergo a CNA training program, make sure to gather all your credentials and submit it along with the requirements of the school.

Legacy CNA Training

The Legacy CNA Training offers a state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant training program that allows graduates to find employment sooner. This healthcare course runs for three to six weeks, depending on the type of classes that a student obtains. Legacy CNA Training offers daytime and evening classes. The daytime class sessions last for three weeks, by which one week is dedicated to classroom learning and the remaining two weeks are for clinical training. On the other hand, the evening classes last for six weeks. The first two weeks are dedicated to classroom instruction and the remaining four weeks are for clinical training.

The flexible class schedules of the CNA training program allows students to work while studying. It is also very convenient for those who have personal or business commitments. The Legacy CNA Training has a good reputation in producing quality nursing assistants. Through the years, they had a 99% passing rate on the certification exam, making them one of the top CNA schools in South Bend. This is enabled by the efforts of their clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. Legacy CNA Training also offers a comprehensive review session before the certification exam. Thus, students are prepared for the written and hands-on clinical exams to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The school accepts workforce vouchers and financial assistance programs to lessen the cost of the training for financially challenged students. They just have to visit their Financial Aid Office to know more about such opportunities that will enable them to study a little cost or free CNA training program.

ALR Educational Health Services

ALR Educational Health Services is a reputable institution in South Bend that offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program to qualified individuals who want to work in the healthcare field. The course is consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction and another 75 hours of clinical training in an affiliated healthcare facility. Students enrolled in the CNA training program are required to attend the classes regularly without absences to graduate and receive a certificate of completion. They also have to make sure that they pass all the required exams with a grade of 80% or higher.

ALR Educational Health Services provides quality CNA training program to aspiring healthcare providers. The combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice will prepare the students for the certification exam and potential employment. The course has a small class size which provides a more personalized instruction. Students are also supervised during the hands-on clinical practice to guide them in providing care to their assigned patients or residents.

The CNA training program of ALR Educational Health Services is offered all year round. Prospective students are required to provide a high school diploma or equivalent during the enrollment process. They also have to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing before the start of the clinical training. Individuals who are not capable of paying the entire cost of the program can apply for a Workforce Investment Act program. ALR Educational Health Services accepts this kind of program to give an opportunity for financially challenged residents to undergo a low cost or free CNA training.

RESQ Health and Safety Training

The Certified Nursing Assistant Training program of RESQ Health and Safety Training provides an adequate knowledge and skills required to sit for the Indiana State Certification Exam and employment in nursing facilities, hospitals, and long-term care settings. This healthcare course incorporates theoretical learning with hands-on clinical practice to ensure that graduates of the program become prepared and confident healthcare providers. Several nursing topics and skills are discussed during the program including basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals of patient care, taking vital signs, activities of daily living, and many others. At the end of the classroom instruction, students are required to undergo a clinical training in an affiliated facility with supervision from a Registered Nurse.

The CNA training program offered by RESQ Health and Safety Training can be completed in two different pathways. Students who prefer to take the Tuesday and Thursday classes can finish the program within five weeks, while those who choose a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes can graduate after four weeks. The total cost of the program is $999 which includes all study materials, background check, healthcare CPR training, physical and two-step TB screening, navy blue scrubs, state testing fee, and gait belt.

Students can choose to pay the program in different payment options, but the institution also accepts workforce vouchers. Loans, grants, and scholarship opportunities are available at RESQ Health and Safety Training. Students can visit the Financial Aid Office to know more about these financial assistance programs.


You can avail of the Free CNA classes in South Bend via employer or through scholarships. There are academic institutions who are willing to aid or gives scholarships to deserving students. Some healthcare facilities in the state of Indiana are also providing free CNA classes to qualified individuals. Such opportunity may not be available all year round but getting into this program is a good start for a career in nursing as a CNA.

You can also check out Indiana State Department of Health for more information about schools and healthcare facilities offering free or paid CNA training. Make sure that you know the requirements of the program to gain admission and complete a CNA training in a few weeks.


Michiana Health and Rehabilitation is an institution that sets a new standard in rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. This is a great training ground for CNAs who just started their career in the healthcare field. Michiana Health and Rehabilitation gives post-acute rehabilitation services and the finest skilled nursing there is in South Bend. Individuals who are not yet certified as nursing assistants can submit an application and become one of the selected candidates for the free CNA training program. Although this opportunity is not available all year round, interested applicants have to keep watch on the latest opening and should prepare the requirements like high school diploma or equivalent, college transcripts, resume and letters of recommendation. Applicants should also pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.


Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. provides the right place to hone your skills as they are known to care for elderly who don’t have the agility and strength that they have when they were still in their younger years. Despite the fact that this facility hires Certified Nursing Assistants, aspiring and non-certified nursing assistants can still apply and take a chance in their free CNA training program. The program is approved by the state Department of Health and Board of Nursing, allowing graduates to sit for the certification exam and work as a CNA upon passing the licensing test. Individuals who become CNAs are also hired immediately by Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. Like any other nursing assistants, they will be employed full-time or part-time with excellent compensation and benefits as employees of the facility. They can also advance their education in the nursing field and become Registered Nurses in the state of Indiana.


Ironwood Health and Rehab Center is another institution that cares for the elderly. It can be found in South Bend which provides both long-term and short-term rehabilitative services. At times, the facility offers paid CNA training to qualified individuals who want to work for them as nursing assistants. Selected applicants will be trained through classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. They will be taught on various nursing concepts and skills that are within their scope of practice of a nursing assistant. Applicants of the paid CNA training must be willing to work in Ironwood Health and Rehab Center for at least one year. They should also pass the screening process which includes criminal background check, drug test, and TB test. Individuals who are accepted into the program and who completed it successfully can sit for the licensing exam and eventually work as a full-time or part-time Certified Nursing Assistant.


Michiana Healthcare Education Center, Inc. offers various nursing programs including a three-week training course for CNAs. The program aims to train future nursing assistants who are willing to be a part of the growing healthcare team in the state of Indiana. It includes several theories and skills training that will train the students in preparation for the certification exam and potential employment. Interested individuals who like to undergo the CNA training program of Michiana Healthcare Education Center, Inc. need to undergo a physical examination and should provide a criminal background check. They are also required to pass their high school diploma or equivalent, along with their transcript from the last school attended. The CNA training program will provide you the needed information and skills that you need in this medical field. There is a corresponding fee for the program, but students can avail it for free through scholarships offered by various organizations which are also recognized by Michiana Healthcare Education Center, Inc.


Sanctuary at the Holy Cross is an institution that provides the ideal facility to train you to become the right CNA professional. Aside from that, they have professionals who are willing to share their knowledge as to how to care for a variety of patients. The facility has been offering nursing services to elderly individuals. They also have a free CNA training to those who are interested in working in the healthcare field. Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent.  They must be willing also to work in the facility after becoming certified.

The free Certified Nursing Assistant training program is an opportunity to earn a degree in nursing and full-time employment in Sanctuary at the Holy Cross. It is approved by the Department of Health and Board of Nursing. Therefore, graduates can sit for the certification exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant.


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