CNA classes in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is found in Florida. Those who are retiring would often choose Florida. Hence, with the growing number of people who are entering the retirement stage, there is a dire need for medical practitioners such as CNA professionals. There is the anticipation of a demand for 3600 new CNAs in a year. With such statistics, more and more academic institutions have been offering CNA classes in Tallahassee especially for those interested individuals. This is good news especially for those who are in Tallahassee, Florida.


There are Free CNA classes in Tallahassee if you know where to look. You can have two options to choose. You can either apply in an institution that will give you scholarship grants. These scholarship grants are specially provided to gifted persons or those who excel academically but require financial assistance. Check it at any of the CNA schools in Tallahassee. Most scholarships and grants have requirements and criteria to meet. It can also be limited to few students, so you have to apply before it becomes unavailable. Furthermore, you can even ask assistance from the Florida Department of Health. This government office will give you an idea on where to get a free CNA class and how to get the opportunity. They also provide a good list of programs that the government has for aspiring nursing assistants.

The second option is to get hired by a potential employer who will act as a financier to your educational finances. They provide you with the free CNA classes exchange for the services which you will render to them after you pass the board and get your license.  Some of the employers who own medical facilities in Tallahassee Florida includes Tallahassee Memorial HospitalHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee and Capital Regional Medical Center.

Make sure that you know the free CNA class you are applying. There are a lot of employers who are searching for nursing assistants who can work in their facility for an extended period. If you think that you have the qualifications and you want a stable career in the healthcare field, then this opportunity is something that you should seek. Take your time in understanding the agreement made by the employer who provides the free CNA class.


With accordance to the Florida Department of Health, all approved programs should have 120 hours of training and lecture. Before clinical work, physical examination, criminal background check, and current immunizations should be passed and submitted.

After finishing of the training course and the needed documentation is passed, the student can take the Nurse Assessment Examination. It is done at Prometric site. If you pass the test, your name will appear in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry. By then, you can practice working as a CNA, nurse assistant or home health aide in Tallahassee.

Furthermore, education is the best weapon to use in entering this chosen medical field. Here at Tallahassee, we provide you with the best institutions that cater CNA coursesThe following are some of them which are approved by the Florida Department of Health:

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross in Tallahassee has a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which takes around four to eight weeks to finish. The program includes in-class work and hands-on clinical practice, and students are supervised by expert clinical instructors all throughout the course. Individuals who are interested in getting into the CNA training of the American Red Cross should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, with a clean criminal background check and negative results on TB tests and drug screening. Only a few students are accepted into the program that is why prospective students should apply before its deadline closes.

The CNA curriculum of the American Red Cross emphasizes on quality academics and hands-on skills training. Students will have a better understanding of the profession, particularly in the art of caregiving, fundamental nursing principles, medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, patient’s safety, resident’s rights, therapeutic communication, and anatomy and physiology. These aspiring nursing assistants will also be equipped with technical skills required in a CNA practice. Among the skills taught in the program are taking vital signs, assessing the patient’s condition, assisting in the activities of daily living, use of medical equipment, and many others.

Students enrolled in the CNA training program should not commit any absences to avoid missing some of the relevant concepts and skills practice. They should also earn at least 85% grades in all aspects of the training. Moreover, scholarships may be available but are often limited. Interested students have to check it at the American Red Cross’ admission office. Healthcare employers can also sponsor a free CNA training at this institution. Try to check it at some of the potential company that you will be working anytime soon.

Southeastern School of Health Sciences

The CNA training program of Southeastern School of Health Sciences prepares students to pass the certification exam in Florida. This healthcare course is a fast-paced and rigorous program that provides an opportunity for the participants to know the anatomy and physiology, common disease process, patient safety, infection control, the importance of nutrition, and many others. It will also allow them to practice and acquire the essential nursing skills of a CNA like taking vital signs, proper body mechanics, the range of motion exercises, use of medical equipment, feeding, bathing, grooming, lifting and transporting patients, and many others.

Prospective students of the CNA training program have to submit a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Passing the criminal background check and health screening are also necessary to gain admission. Anyone with a criminal record or communicable disease will be denied access. Nevertheless, there is no previous experience required to obtain the CNA training program, but enrollees have to take note of the limited class size. Few students are admitted in the course to promote an individualized training and ensure that graduates are prepared for employment.

The cost of the CNA training program is $480. It does not include the state exam fee, uniforms, medical supplies, and books. Students have to provide their transport in going in and out of their clinical affiliation. Attending an orientation before the start of the class is also essential as part of the requirements.

Tallahassee Community College

The Nurse Assistant certificate program of Tallahassee Community College is composed of 120 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students will be prepared for the nursing assistant competency examination and will be equipped with essential knowledge and skills about the profession. The program is usually made of three parts. The first part is a classroom instruction that includes lectures and video presentations on various nursing courses like anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, medical terminologies, common nursing procedures, and many others. The second part is a skills training in a simulation lab where students are trained on the essential nursing skills like taking vital signs, performing the proper body mechanics, an adequate way of assisting the patient’s activities of daily living, and much more. Moreover, the last part of the program is a hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed instructor.

The CNA training program of Tallahassee Community College is a limited enrolment and limited-access program. Interested students have to apply before the start of the class and meet the program requirements such as high school diploma or GED equivalent, drug screening, level 1 criminal background check, completed health form, and CPR certification. These conditions should be submitted as early as possible to reserve a seat and gain admission to the CNA training program. The college limits the number of students per CNA class to promote a more personalized instruction and provide better chances of passing the certification exam.

Goodwill Career Campus

Goodwill Carer Campus is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which prepares students for the state certification exam. The program is a short healthcare course that combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students go through hours of lectures on various nursing subjects like anatomy and physiology, patient’s safety and rights, fundamentals in nursing, infection control, nutrition, and many others. The classroom instruction also includes a skills training in preparation for the hands-on clinical practice. At the end of the training, students learn how to take the vital signs, use standard medical equipment, assist in activities of daily living, perform a range of motion exercises, and many others.

The CNA training program also has a hands-on clinical practice which is executed with supervision from a licensed instructor. All students in the program will have a chance to practice the nursing skills learned in the classroom instruction, and use it in providing safe and effective care to the patients or residents. Goodwill Career Campus offers an excellent training to aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants. Aside from having the best instructors, they also have state of the art facilities which students can use.

Prospective students in the CNA course have to meet the program requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, complete immunization record, drug screening, TB test, an ability to read, understand, and speak the English language. Students are also required to attend a mandatory orientation before the start of the class.

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