CNA classes in Temecula

Temecula is part of the southern part of California. It is near Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. It is centralized in location and is known to be near several military bases. It is a growing town and has a definite demand for professionals in the medical area. Hence, those who are willing to become a medical practitioner, specifically CNA professionals, should enroll in a CNA class in Temecula to earn a license and become qualified in getting a healthcare job. Fortunately, Temecula is the best place to study and work as a CNA professional.

The California Department of Public Health states that those who plan to enroll in CNA classes in Temecula should be at least 16 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. The program must meet the federal requirements with at least 100 hours of hands-on clinical practice and 51 hours of classroom instruction. Schools or institutions providing the program should also have proper accreditation from the California Department of Public and State Department of Health. Any CNA school that is not listed in these government offices should not be considered to avoid exclusion in the licensing exam and future employment in various healthcare facilities.

The CNA training programs in Temecula usually runs for a couple of weeks. Students have to make a full-time commitment in undergoing the training to receive a certificate of completion and become qualified for the nurse aid examination provided by the California State Department of Health. The exam is made up of reading comprehension questions, skills test, and multiple choice. Once you pass the test, your name will be listed in the CNA registry, and you will receive a license which is valid for two years.


In Temecula, several opportunities are available for individuals who are planning to become Certified Nursing Assistants. People who cannot support their education can even avail free CNA classes which are provided by various healthcare facilities and schools. This no-cost training is offered to qualified individuals to produce more nursing assistants in the state and to ensure that the demand for these healthcare providers are compensated.

A lot of schools in Temecula are providing scholarships and grants to students who are undergoing a CNA training program. Some facilities are also willing to sponsor potential CNAs who are eager to endure the training for a couple of weeks. If you want to grab this kind of opportunity, always be willing to work for them after passing the licensing test, or you will be asked to pay the tuition costs. Although you might be obliged to do a return service, this can be a perfect way to receive immediate employment in the healthcare field.

Moreover, some of the employers who can potentially provide a free CNA training are Southwest Healthcare System, Loma Linda University Medical Center and Fresenius Medical Care.


There are some institutions in Temecula that are accredited to provide high-quality CNA courses.  These schools have been approved by the California Department of Public Health, and these are as follows;

Arroyo Vista Nursing Center

Arroyo Vista Nursing Center is a healthcare facility in Temecula which can be a good source of CNA training. If you are planning to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and you want an immediate employment at the same time, prepare your credentials and apply at Arroyo Vista Nursing Center. Although they do not provide free training at all times, you can still take a chance to apply. The facility often requires applicants to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, and appropriate health screenings. They also accept candidates who have the compassionate attitude to serve other people and can work with a team of healthcare professionals. Since the training leads to permanent employment, prospective applicants should be willing to work in Arroyo Vista Nursing Center for a specified period.

The CNA healthcare course is also a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Participants will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience of a nursing assistant. Since the program is a paid training, students will receive tuition assistance, uniforms, textbooks, and supplies. However, they have to pass the licensing exam after completing the CNA training program. This would allow them to work in the facility right away.

Temecula Valley School of Nursing

Temecula Valley School of Nursing is offering a CNA certificate training program that allows graduates to sit for the certification exam and become a qualified healthcare professional in the state. The program runs for 24 days and combines theoretical learning and hands-on clinical rotations. Students have to prepare for the rigorous training and must avoid committing absences or tardiness. Among the concepts and skills learned during the program are anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals in nursing, the art of caregiving, communication and interpersonal skills, taking vital signs, monitoring the patient’s conditions, and many others.

Individuals who are enrolled in the CNA class of Temecula Valley School of Nursing can choose to study in the morning or evening, whether during the weekdays or weekends. Class size is limited and interested students have to enroll as early as possible to reserve a seat in the program. The admission process is often selective and competitive. Enrollees should have a social security card, a valid driver’s license, a valid photo ID, a copy of a CPR certificate from the American Heart Association, and a copy of physical exam which is done within the last 60 days. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, and a criminal background check are also required.

The program fee at Temecula Valley School of Nursing is $1,800, and students are required to pay $300 during enrolment to guarantee a seat in the CNA class. Training supplies and equipment are provided by the school already. Financially challenged students can also seek for tuition assistance in Temecula Valley School of Nursing. The institution approves students receiving government funding from the Riverside Workforce Partnership, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and other government grants or awards.

Trinity Health Academy

Trinity Health Academy is a premier provider of nursing and allied health education, professional development, and continuing education courses. Individuals who want to start a career in nursing can pursue a CNA training program and become one of the qualified Certified Nursing Assistants in the state. Trinity Health Academy provides quality instruction through their qualified licensed instructors and advanced degree practitioners who have years of expertise, clinical service, and authorship in their respective disciplines. Students are trained and supervised by the best people to equip them with knowledge, skills, and experience in the healthcare industry. Graduates of the CNA training program are even provided with review classes to prepare them for the certification exam, and allow them to earn their license on their first take.

The CNA classes of Trinity Health Academy is composed of classroom instruction, lab training, and hands-on clinical practice. Students learn various nursing concepts and skills like infection control, nutrition, fundamentals in nursing, the art of caregiving, anatomy, and physiology, common medical terminologies, necessary emergency procedures, and many more. Upon completing the required hours for in-class work, students are then exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from the licensed instructor.

To gain admission to the CNA training program, Trinity Health Academy requires all their prospective students to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and undergo a criminal background check and the necessary health screenings. Students with criminal liability or communicable disease will not be admitted to the program. There are only a few seats available in the CNA class of Trinity Health Academy. Thus, interested students are encouraged to apply before its deadline closes.

Mt. San Jacinto College

Mt. San Jacinto College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which is a full-term class that provides an opportunity for students to experience the nursing field and gains a credential to start a career as a CNA. The program runs for one semester with 160 to 180 hours of classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. It prepares the students for the state of California Certification Examination and potential employment in various healthcare settings like hospitals, skilled care nursing, acute care facilities, home care, and assisted living facilities. The CNA program of Mt. San Jacinto College currently admits 30 students per semester. Interested students have to meet the program requirements and apply before the number of seats are filled completely.

The application process and admission to the CNA training program is often competitive. Prospective students have to attend a CNA information workshop and must possess an MSJC student ID number. Other than the high school diploma or GED equivalent, enrollees are required to submit a CPR certification from the American Heart Association, complete immunization record, a physician certificate of physical health, and a proof of negative TB test. They are also required to undergo and pass the Department of Justice fingerprint clearance.

Graduates of the CNA training program in Mt. San Jacinto College are often prepared for the certification exam. They become competent and confident enough to pass the licensing test as they undergo a rigorous training with assistance from their clinical instructors. At the end of the healthcare course, students receive adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in the clinical field.

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