CNA Classes in Tennessee

When you enroll in CNA classes in Tennessee, the required number of hours that you have to meet is 75 hours. This is usually the standard required hours for a typical nursing assistant training course, but may be generally shorter if you try to compare it with the sessions being held in other states.

In return for this rather short training course, aspiring nursing assistants are expected to render 16 hours inside the classroom trying to learn new knowledge about infection control, resident rights and independence, interpersonal and communication skills, and emergency procedures involving Heimlich training.

Training Requirements in Tennessee

Many of the CNA schools operating within Tennessee are also known to have links with a number of convalescent hospitals. This is where the students will be assigned along with their trainers working under varying work shifts. During this part of their training, the students need to exhibit competency in handling different nursing tasks, many of them hands-on in nature. The competency tests number around 25, and after these have been completed, a concluding Competency Evaluation will be conducted where the students are given a test focusing on 5 different competency tasks.

Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald

Located in Hohenwald, Tennessee, the Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald offers a variety of full-time and part-time programs – including their Certified Nursing Assistant program. Once you are enrolled in the CNA program, you may opt for daytime or evening classes and experience a combination of academic lecture, and hands-on laboratory and clinical classes. You will learn everything you need to know about subjects such as physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, and anatomy in addition to many other areas of study. You can expect to invest six weeks in this program (about 100 hours) and upon completion of the program, you’ll be well-prepared to take your state certification exam.

Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton

At the Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton, you may choose from a variety of medical programs – but none more comprehensive than the certified nursing assistant program. This program will prepare you for a career working in a hospital or long-term nursing facility. Your coursework will take you about 135 hours to complete – which includes both academic and clinical coursework, and you may attend on a full-time or part-time basis. Some of the skills you will learn include mental health, infection control, basic nursing skills, and resident rights. Completion of this course will get you ready for the state certification exam.

Certification Exam in Tennessee

State laws provide that they take the required competency examination within 24 months or two full years after graduating from their training program. Otherwise, they may need to go through the process of coordinating with the concerned agency so they can take the next available exam.

In addition, nursing assistants who were able to pass the competency exam have to take note that the accompanying certification is good only for 2 full years. As such, there is a need for them to seek re-certification once the original certificate has expired, and this should be made once every two years thereafter.

Getting recertified as a nursing assistant in Tennessee is not as easy as it may appear. In order to be successfully re-certified, you will have to present sufficient proof of service rendered as a nursing assistant for at least 8 hours or one full work shift at any given time when the initial certification was still active. The service rendered must have been extended in a health care facility duly registered with the Tennessee Division of Health Care Facilities.

If your certificate expires after the two-year validity period, and you opted not to seek re-certification, the Tennessee federal government will provide you two full years to change your mind. Beyond that period, you will have to undergo re-training in one of many CNA programs in Tennessee apart from taking the competency exam a second time. This is because under Tennessee laws, you have ceased to become a certified nursing assistant and your name in the state registry for nursing assistants has been placed in the inactive category.

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